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Forget the Fear of Maths with These Steps

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 14, 2022
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Learn How to Overcome Maths Phobia with These Unique Steps

There are a handful of people in the world who are not intimidated but rather fascinated by Mathematics. It is a subject that deals with numbers and logic. When you conquer both, no one can stop you from scoring excellent marks in this subject. Despite this fact, Mathematics turns out to be a nightmare for many.

To overcome the Maths phobia, you can follow what the experts suggest. There are excellent ways to learn the concepts and principles of Mathematics. You will also be able to remember them better and find ways to utilise them while answering fundamental questions. Here is the list of steps to follow and overcome the fear of Mathematics.

What is Maths Phobia?

The fear related to Mathematics is called Maths phobia. It causes anxiety in young minds when they face critical Mathematics problems. It can also get triggered when a new chapter is being taught. This phobia can result in feeling inferior in class. It should be addressed with proper care and remedial steps.

The psychological symptoms of Mathematics phobia are:

  • Lack of proper dedication and motivation to study Maths

  • Irregular studying schedule

  • Negative self-talk

  • Procrastinating while doing Maths problems and homework

  • Difficulty in remembering mathematical concepts

  • Relying more on memorising solutions rather than grabbing the concepts

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The Fear of Mathematics

Factors Contributing to Maths Phobia

1. Personal Experience

Feeling lost while studying and solving Maths exercises at an early age can contribute to the development of Maths phobia.

2. Mathematics is Hard to Digest

When the idea of the toughness of Mathematical concepts is conveyed and imbibed somehow in the young minds, it automatically causes reluctance to study this subject. Eventually, it results in a phobia developed over the years.

3. Improper Teaching and Guidance

The improper teaching methods can also contribute to these problems. When students find themselves helpless and nowhere to seek resort to learn the concepts, the phobia kicks in. They find themselves in a dark abyss alone triggering the symptoms of this phobia.

4. Level of Accuracy

Mathematics deals with numbers. Hence, the answers will always have to be accurate. There is no place for errors while solving mathematical problems. This can be one of the factors that develop a phobia of mathematics.

Steps to Get Over Maths Phobia

1. Acknowledge the Fear of Maths

Many people think that students showing fear of mathematics are just an excuse to not study this subject. Well, actually the fear of this subject is documented. There are pupils who are unable to process mathematical concepts the way others do.

Due to certain situations, students start to develop a fear and close themselves to learning the advanced concepts. They also show reluctance in studying the conceptual chapters. This is where a student needs to acknowledge his fear and proceed with a plan. He will also need the constant support of this school teacher, tutor, and parents.

Acknowledging this fear will enable students to overcome it faster. They need to face this challenge, not run away from it.

2. Breathing Exercises

The fear sets in with different symptoms. In most cases, students feel breathless when they face a mathematical problem they cannot solve. This is where keeping your mind calm will work like a charm. This is the first step to learning how to overcome phobia.

Learn how to calm down your mind when you are dealing with such issues. Be well rested when you start studying a new chapter of Mathematics. Believe the fact that studying a new chapter is challenging for all. Do breathing exercises to calm down your alarmed mind and find how easily you can study this subject.

3. Practice will Make You Perfect

The main mantra for success in learning Mathematics is practice. This is the best application of your time to overcome the fear of Mathematics. When you learn a new concept, a definition, or a formula, try to interpret it in your own way.

Use your ideas to practice mathematical problems on your own and learn how to utilise the knowledge. This is how you will develop confidence and find out how to overcome this fear. Once you do this and achieve success, you will be able to develop skills to do the same for other chapters. This is what experts recommend to parents regarding how to remove fear from a child's mind.

4. Real-life Applications

A brilliant way to overcome Maths phobia at an early age is to apply the concepts in real life as much as possible. Your everyday activities will help you overcome the fear and will guide you to develop a strong foundation to learn advanced concepts related to the same topics.

5. Ask Questions and Get Your Queries Resolved

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is not a sign of weakness. It is a unique way to improve. Whenever a doubt arises, let it pass to the mentor. You can ask questions to your class teacher, tutor, and parents. You can also discuss the same questions with your fellow students. In fact, group studies will also help you overcome this fear when you find that your friends are also facing the same issues.

6. Patience is the Key

Be patient with your issues. It is hard to completely learn and master the concepts overnight. You will have to be patient and dedicated at the same time. Avoid frustration and focus on the bigger picture.

Win over Maths Phobia Easily

Follow the steps mentioned above and maintain your focus. Stay dedicated to the cause and increase your time span for studying Mathematics. The more you procrastinate, the bigger this problem will become. Hence, muster courage and face this challenge. You will find exceptional development coming your way in this subject.