Preparation and Study Strategy to Follow During Lockdown to Step up Your Score in NEET 2020

by Gowthamy Alagiri, July 15, 2020

NTA conducts National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET). Basically, they conduct this exam for imparting admissions to MBBS and BDS seats presented in all Medical and Dental faculties of India. NEET is relevant for both government medical faculties and private medical colleges. There is a very massive competition among the students and it is simply important for the scholars to be well prepared before giving a hit. It is envisioned that greater than 15 lakh students attempt the NEET 2020 exam every year. The stage of opposition for this exam is without a doubt high. So, clearing this exam needs lots of tough work and dedication to beat the competition. Students require to put together a smart plan well in advance to try the examination.

Students do not have to panic, instead, they can utilize this time productively for their preparation. Considering the current situation as a blessing in disguise, learners must use this time in boosting the preparation and investing the time in identifying their loopholes and strengthening their mental and physical health. 

It is always good to invest your time in evolving your skills and stepping towards excellence for a brighter future. The need of the hour is to stay positive and use the extra time effectively to churn out something productive and better. Comprehending points will absolutely help you in using the time well:

Draft a Workable Schedule

When you need to attain something, the first thing is to plot out your timetable. Schedules shall be made in a way that revision, mastering and checking out pass hand in hand. It also permits you to speedy run through brief notes, formulae and ideas. Give an equal amount of time to every subject and work upon to strengthen the standards and their concepts by attempting mock checks and previous years’ examination papers. In-depth mastering is the mantra rather than rote studying.

Go Online for Quality Teaching 

The current scenario has certainly raised the importance of technology. There are Online platforms working genuinely to provide a virtual classroom ambience with complete notes, expert opinions, online classes, mock tests, etc, for optimum preparation. Vedantu is one such platform that enables students to learn effectively from the safety of their homes. 

Choose the 3-tier Revision Method 

Revisiting in time should boost retention and productivity. Here, a learner can pick out to work in a three-tier method. A topic carried out on a given day can be revised after 3 days and then the identical topic can be refreshed towards the end of the week. In this manner, a student is in all likelihood to get a stronghold on topics and subjects.

  • Conceptual application of Key Formulae: Today’s ambitious surroundings wishes one to learn and conceptually comply formulae in NEET kind questions. This may be in addition bolstered on the time of revision. Students who consume a lot of time in fixing questions can practise and increase their speed.

  • Attempt Mock tests Often: Mock Test is like a practice race that prepares learners for the actual race with the proper temperament of the exam. For accurate analysis of modern preparedness, mock checks play a vital role.

  • Be relaxed and Stay enthused: For optimal performance, it is critical that your mind and frame are in shape. Studying for hours with none wreck in between may not reap preferred results. Frequent breaks are essential for the brain to assimilate, regain the lost energy and re-energise the mind and frame for the next learning session. So, live calm and determined toward your goal.


After attempting the preparation of NEET 2020, it's time to analyse performance, find out the loopholes, give a boost to susceptible areas and put in gold standard efforts to supply the best. Time is crucial- it should be utilized efficaciously and productively. Wise utilisation of this extra time and working towards getting a good hold on standards is the need of the hour.

Accurate Strategy and Proper Time Management are the gear that every student needs to use in this present day lockdown and are the steps closer to reaching excellence. Moreover, fulfillment always depends on that particular day’s performance. So, one must practice and no longer waste even a single hour. 

Preparation and Study Strategy to Follow During Lockdown to Step up Your Score in NEET 2020