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Optimal Child Development: 20 Tips for Parents

By Satabdi MazumdarOctober 11, 2022
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What Can Parents Do for Children’s Optimal Development?

Children’s psychology is complicated. Sometimes they go through emotional crises silently. However, if parents help them to build a strong and self-reliant personality, it will go a long way. So, parents should focus on building their confidence, values and competence to build their personality. Not only that, but parents should also help kids to develop an authentic sense of self, instigating their self-belief.

Considering the various challenges kids face, we have discussed optimal child development 20 tips for parents in this blog, so the parents can get a proper insight into how they should raise their children.

Tips for Developing a Child’s Personality

Tips for Developing a Child’s Personality

20 Useful Tips for Developing Kids' Personality

There is no thumb rule for children’s personal development. As parents, all you need to do is be thoughtful and supportive towards your kids. However, supporting children’s personal development is not easy as long as you do not have the right information about this. Therefore, check out the twenty tips we have mentioned below. You can also add some of your own rules to them.

  1. Encouragement is one of the most important things to building a relationship. It is the same for everyone. As parents, you can encourage your kids to become whatever they want and be in life. Ask them to contribute to a good cause in society so they can get encouraged to understand what they truly desire. This is also one of the best ways you can follow for supporting children’s personal development.

  2. As parents, become the first ones to appreciate your kids’ achievements. No matter what it is, whether it is a dance competition or a good grade in a subject, praise them for all the good things they do.

Help Children to Make Friends

Help Children to Make Friends

  1. Do not keep a watch on kids all the time thinking what if they might do something wrong. Respect children’s privacy so they can do their work and make new friends.

  2. Talk to your kids and help them understand others' perspectives, religion, books, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, feelings, etc., so they can expand their way of thinking and become better people in the future.

  3. Everyone knows that children’s thought process is a lot different from ours. Sometimes it may not match yours. But that does not mean you should stop listening to them. Instead, learn how to listen to them calmly, so they can say everything they intend to. However, try not to force them to say anything they do not want. It can make them feel that you do not respect children’s privacy.

  4. Sometimes kids are very demanding, wanting their parents to fulfil their desire. However, as parents, you need to decide which desire to cherish and which to leave unfulfilled. So, juggle various demands of the kids and fulfil their desires while keeping a healthy balance in your relationship.

  5. Kids too, have to fulfil various needs in life, resulting in a stressful life where they have to juggle various demands. So, kids need to rest, play, and exercise. So, sometimes ask them to be kids and nothing more.

  6. As parents, you need to understand your children’s needs, talents, interests, and concerns. So, your expectations should be realistic and clear so they can be suitable to your kids’ strengths and weaknesses. You can offer your kids various choices so they can do a task by choosing a flexible range of options.

  7. You need to provide them with realistic and unbiased feedback for their actions. For example, if they misbehave with an elder or a contemporary, make them understand the consequences and teach them the right way to behave with someone. It is an optimal child development 20 tips for parents you must follow.

  8. Encourage children to build up a caring nature so they can learn to care about those who are close to them and care for them. For example, you can teach them how to take care of their friends, and respect their mentors, coaches, teachers, family members, etc. 

  9. There are various quotes from resilience. However, you are responsible for making the kids understand how resilience is essential for going forward in life so they can overcome multiple difficult situations in the future.

  10. Emotional health is the most important thing to building up a positive mindset in a child. Look out for them by paying attention to their several complications and obstacles so they can get encouraged to build up a positive attitude in life.

  11. Ask kids to read more books, watch more documentaries. These may not look necessary right now, but when it comes to overcoming unexpected ups and downs in life, the growing intellectuality and emotional independence can help them to move forward, proving every word of a quote of resilience to be true.

  12. Kids are faster at picking up responsibilities. So, you can show them that they can be proactive and competent.

  13. When children show enthusiasm about even the smallest thing, appreciate them. It helps them to want to know more.

  14. While teaching a specific thing, do not forget to be supportive of their needs. Meaningful and motivational activities are the most meaningful ones. So, provide children with assistance if they need any extra support. 

  15. As children grow up with time, talk to them and help them make better, more intelligent, and smart decisions in life.

  16. “We become what we think we are.” This saying is true for everyone, even for kids. So, as parents, you should try to develop their thinking process by talking to them and giving them good books, helpful to become more intelligent and better.

  17. Dilemmas and confusions are two of the most realistic things in life. So, when your kids are going through any dilemma or confusion, make sure they can get the opportunity to communicate with you.

  18. At the time of changes, risks and problems, make sure to prioritise their feelings and personal concerns.


Most parents work nowadays. So, they do not get to spend much time with kids. However, the lessons kids get from their parents will reflect in their thoughts forever. That is why we believe parents are the perfect people to develop their kids’ mental and physical capabilities.

So, if you want to develop your children as better people, follow the tips mentioned above. Learning and applying them can help your kids face unexpected life challenges in the future while maintaining a bond with you.