Online Learning Apps To Keep Your Children Engrossed in Studies During Global Coronavirus Shutdown

by Archana Rao, March 27, 2020

As the total number of confirmed cases of the pandemic crosses 383,242, the world is now living in confinement to evade the spread of coronavirus disease.  At a time like this, parents all over the world are concerned about two things. Firstly - How to protect their child against COVID-19 and secondly - How to keep them occupied during this confinement. 

Meanwhile, more academic professionals are encouraging students to switch to online learning apps. Resultantly, the platform is quickly emerging as a knight in shining armour for both students and their parents.

Notably, a learning app that uses smart graphics and makes learning fun and engaging can keep children engaged for a long time. Consequently, parents should pick an online app that facilitates quality and unrestrained learning from the safety of one’s home. 

Wondering how to weigh the effectiveness of such a learning medium? - It’s simple! Just check the features that accompany the app. 

Things to Look in an Online Learning App

Do you want to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience for your child during the lockdown? If your answer is ‘Yes’, t1hen get them registered at an online learning app that comes with these features –

1. An experienced Teaching Faculty

The expertise of the teaching faculty would play a significant role in imparting best quality education to students. By enrolling in a live online class conducted by teaching experts, students are more likely to improve their understanding of various subject matters more effectively. In turn, it would improve their quality of learning.

2. Interactive and Engaging Medium

An interactive learning medium not only just encourages students to get their doubts and confusions cleared on the spot but also prompts active involvement. This feature benefits students’ learning experience in more than one way. To begin with, it increases engagement value and improves students’ retention capability significantly. 

3. Best Quality Resources 

Besides extending live classes, online learning apps also provide study resources that boost an effective learning experience. Therefore, the overall efficiency of such learning apps also depends on the quality of the study resources they offer. 

4. Wide Range of Study Material

Online learning apps that offer a wide range of study solutions and learning guides are the best to ensure a wholesome learning experience.  For instance, our learning app offers students well-crafted study solutions for all subjects. Anyone can access free study material and important reference book solutions of all classes in the form of PDF downloads from our online library. It would offer students the opportunity to improve their fundamentals of different topics all at one place. 

5. Ease of Use

Opting for a learning app with a user-friendly interface would prove useful for both parents and students. It would not only enhance the ease of accessing study materials but would also enable younger students to join online classes without much supervision; thus, facilitating a much convenient way of gaining knowledge.

6. Benefit of Assessment

Popular online learning apps offer timely feedback and facilitate regular assessment in the form of a performance report. Such an endeavour enables students to track their performance and offers parents valuable insight into the effectiveness of the learning medium. Notably, the timely suggestions and feedback further allow students to make required adjustments to their study plan. 

By downloading an online learning app that comes with these features, you would provide a safe learning haven to your child during the outbreak of the new coronavirus disease. Also, it would improve their understanding of different subjects effectively.

How to Benefit from Online Learning Apps?

Help your child to strategise the online learning process to ensure a holistic and disciplined approach towards gaining knowledge. Here are some tips that may come in handy in achieving the same –

1.  Create a Dedicated Learning Space

At a time, when everybody is present at home, it may be difficult for children to concentrate on their studies. Therefore, to make sure your child stays up to date with their lessons, create a dedicated space for your child to continue their lessons.  Ensure that the space is quiet, distraction-free and organised to create a holistic learning environment. 

2. Formulate a Study Plan

It is essential to follow a well-crafted regime to maximise the benefit of online learning. Hence, help your child to plan their study session in a way that is both goal-oriented and feasible. Subsequently, move onto creating a subject-wise and chapter-wise study plan to ensure all important topics are touched upon regularly.  This will help students to proceed with their study plan systematically. 

3. Focus on Time Management 

The most desirable feature of an online learning app is the flexibility it offers to students. However, to make the most of this setup, students should practice time management. To ensure it, you can help your child by creating a time table. Make sure to divide the study session in a way that it includes a lecture, revision of old chapters, and solving compact exercises. Also, set deadlines and minimise distractions to improve your child’s time management skills effectively.

4. Encourage them to Ask Question

The best way to get one’s doubts cleared is by asking questions. So, encourage your child to take an active part in live online classes and encourage them to clarify their topic-related queries through questions and discussions. It would not just help them gain a better insight into the topics discussed but would further encourage them to come out of their introverted shell. 

5. Make Room for Revision

In order to keep your child engrossed in studies, make sure to give them adequate breaks. It will prove effective in lowering their distractions and would help them to focus more on their studies. Additionally, the breaks would serve as the best means to recharge their mind and body. Also, encourage your child to engage in productive activities frequently and also prioritise their well-being.

How to Ensure your Child’s Well-Being Amidst COVID-19?

The practice of social distancing and personal hygiene is widely recommended by medical experts to combat the spread of coronavirus infection. Regardless, while in confinement, children are more likely to become anxious. Therefore, it is important for you to take care of their mental and emotional well-being, as well.

Here are a Few Tips to Ensure the Same –

  • Communicate with your child so that they do not feel overwhelmed or anxious. Also, talk to them about their feelings and help them rationalise their fear. 

  • Educate them about COVID-19 and teach them the standard coronavirus prevention measures to take care of them more effectively.

  • Limit their exposure to news channels and social media showing graphic details about the new coronavirus disease.

  • Divert your child’s mind from all the ongoing chaos. Help them relax and comfort their fears by encouraging them to try different activities. For instance, they can enjoy a hobby, learn something new or play indoor games with family members. 

Also, keep track of their dietary habits and sleeping pattern for their overall well-being. Take special care to boost their immunity so that they are better equipped to deal with the coronavirus infection and the impacts of the lockdown. 

Also, allow them to take short breaks during their online learning sessions to boost their productivity and to recharge their mind. Rest assured, by enrolling at Vedantu App, your child would improve their learning experience to a great extent.

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Online Learning Apps To Keep Your Children Engrossed in Studies During Global Coronavirus Shutdown