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Top Online Classes and Skill-Based Courses for Kids

By AiswaryaApril 15, 2024
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Is your child a mini-Einstein with a thirst for knowledge, a budding Picasso with a paintbrush for a wand, or a future YouTuber with a knack for storytelling? They've got the potential, but after-school activities feel like a black hole, sucking the fun out of learning. 

Top Online Classes and Skill-Based Courses for Kids

As parents you know kids struggle a lot because of the unavailability of personalized and quality education that too at an affordable price and at a time convenient to your child’s schedule. That's where Vedantu's online classes come handy. Your child’s journey to becoming a knowledge ninja, creativity comet, or tech-whiz starts now! 

So, buckle up, because we're about to launch your kids into a learning rocket fueled by some skill-based courses and top online activity classes for kids!

Here we go!

From Pixels to Playgrounds: Rise of Online Learning

Remember those days when learning stopped at the school bell? Online classes are the superheroes who changed the game. We're talking engaging, interactive adventures that come with the power-packed online classes. They'll uplift your kid's potential all from the comfort of your living room!

Especially during the pandemic, online classes kept young minds curious and engaged, proving that education can be both awesome and accessible!

Importance of Right Extracurricular Activities

Textbooks are cool, but let's be honest, sometimes learning feels a bit… flat. Enter online classes as they take your child's education to a whole new level! 

Through interactive online classes, kids can:-

  • Become Social Butterflies: Team sports, clubs, and group activities nurture essential social skills like communication, collaboration, and healthy competition

  • Discover Hidden gGms: Maybe your child is a coding whiz in disguise, or a budding artist waiting to bloom. Extracurricular activities lets children explore different interests and discover hidden talents

  • Confidence Takes Flight: Mastering a new skill or excelling in an activity builds confidence that spills over into all aspects of your child's life

  • Develop Essential Skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking

Vedantu’s perfectly curated online classes for kids offer all the aforementioned benefits at super affordable rates.

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List of Online Activity Classes for Kids

The online classes are a kaleidoscope of learning activities, ready to ignite your child's unique spark and nurture their ever-evolving talents. Here's a glimpse into the incredible variety you'll find:

1. Coding Classes

Coding Classes

Imagine your child weaving magic with lines of code, crafting the future one click at a time with the online activity classes! These courses ignite problem-solving skills, kindle creativity, and empower kids to become architects of the digital world.

  • Platform Spotlight: 

    • Vedantu - Where Innovation Meets Education: Your kids can learn languages like Python and Java in a fun and engaging environment. Vedantu offers a vast library of courses, including beginner-friendly coding classes for children

    • Udemy: Expert instructors and personalized learning lessons make coding classes one of the top-most enrolled online classes

2. Virtual Magic Classes

Virtual Magic Classes

Online magic classes spark your child's imagination and develop valuable skills like focus, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and self confidence. They also develop public speaking skills since presenting magic tricks involves presenting to an audience and the ability to think on the spot.

  • Platform Spotlight: Outschool's live magic classes of small class sizes and interactive sessions ensure personalized attention

3. Photography Classes

Does your child have an eye for capturing moments? The online photography classes and activities equip kids with skills like patience, perseverance and observation skills.

  • Platform Spotlight:

    • ActivityHero: Hands-on classes that get kids outdoors, exploring creativity with local landmarks and insights

4. Online Finance Classes

Online Finance Classes

Children develop practical life skills like budgeting, saving, and making smart financial choices with the help of the online finance classes. The knowledge through these classes boosts confidence, independence and teaches financial responsibility to your children.

  • Platform Spotlight: Vedantu and Khan Academy. Interactive lessons and quizzes at Vedantu make learning engaging and informative

5. Cooking & Baking Classes

Does your child love experimenting in the kitchen? Nurture their culinary skills and confidence with online cooking and baking classes. Besides, cooking and baking activities strengthen family bonding as you spend more time with your kid. 

  • Platform Spotlight:

    • Outschool: Live, interactive cooking classes where kids can learn valuable skills and cook alongside the instructor

    • Sawyer: Discover a variety of cooking and baking classes, from basic skills to themed menus, catering to specific dietary needs

6. Abacus Classes

Enhance your child's mathematical skills with online abacus classes. Improve mental math, concentration, problem-solving abilities, making numbers fun and fascinating. 

7. Music Classes 

Music Classes

Music classes nurture creativity, discipline, and cognitive functions, turning children into maestros of musical wonders.

  • Platform Spotlight: National Geographic Kids' music courses strike the right chord! Explore instruments, rhythms, and musical expressions with captivating lessons

8. Art Classes

Art Classes

Art classes inspire self-expression, boost confidence, and cultivate artistic skills, turning your child’s visions into vibrant masterpieces. These courses introduce new techniques in painting, drawing, sculpting, and more. It also improves fine-motor skills.

  • Platform Spotlight: Vedantu’s creative online activity-based classes and iRobot education’s artistic robots

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9. Public Speaking & Confidence Building

Public Speaking & Confidence Building

Words become powerful tools! Your child can learn engaging presentation skills, practice delivering speeches – perfect for that upcoming school project and overcome stage fright. 

10. Entrepreneurship Classes

Entrepreneurship Classes

Does your child dream of being their own boss? Entrepreneurship classes ignite innovation and problem-solving, turning dreams into business ventures.

  • Platform Spotlight: ActivityHero - Young Entrepreneurs Academy, offers entrepreneurship courses that are perfect for young children!

11. Science Courses

Science Courses

Science is all around us, and online science courses can ignite your child's curiosity about the world. Through experiments, kids learn to observe, analyze data, solve problems scientifically, and develop critical thinking skills.

  • Platform Spotlight: Vedantu's online science courses for students in class 6-10. Our courses cover complex scientific terminologies in an easy to understand manner

12. Future is Here: AI Explorers

Artificial Intelligence is the future! AI is rapidly transforming our world, and online AI Explorer classes prepare your child for tomorrow's tech-driven world. 

  • Platform Spotlight: Through GoNoodle, kids get to explore how AI impacts daily lives and the trending technological updates through fun and interactive activities and challenges

Importance and Benefits of Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms open a universe of exciting ways for your child to explore their interests and become lifelong learners. Here are some of the best benefits of these platforms:

  • They Offer Flexibility: Kids can learn even the toughest concepts right from the comfort of their home. And most importantly, they can learn at their own pace 

  • They Take Learning to a New Level: Forget textbooks! Online platforms take learning to a whole new level with a mind-blowing variety of subjects. From coding to virtual magic shows, there's something for every curious mind

  • They Offer Personalized Learning Experiences: Online platforms cater to individual needs with personalized learning experiences. Interactive activities, engaging content, and one-on-one support help your child grasp concepts effectively and build confidence

  • They Learn While Having Fun: Ditch rote memorization and boring lectures! Online platforms make learning an interactive adventure. Imagine mastering math through fun games or a new language with interactive exercises

Looking for a platform that makes learning personal, affordable, and engaging? Look no further than Vedantu! We combine the best of both worlds: personalized online classes with top-notch instructors and a vast library of free learning materials. 

Courses for Kids 

  • English Superstar (Age 4-8): Level based holistic English Program

  • Spoken English (Class 3-5): See your child Speak fluently

  • Learn Maths (Class 1&2): Turn your child into a Math wizard

Also explore our one-to-one live classes (Premium Tuitions) where your child receives the personal attention they deserve.


Online learning opens a world of possibilities, but remember, balance is key! Encourage healthy offline activities alongside virtual exploration.

The future of online education is dazzling! Imagine even more personalized learning, cutting-edge tools, and maybe even virtual field trips!

Enroll your kids in courses that can spark their curiosity at Vedantu – we have tailored courses for kids and teens alike. Book a free demo session with us today!