NCERT Books are the Best for Class 12 Board Exams Preparation- Know Why

by Asmita Kundu, May 19, 2020

CBSE Class 12 students have to hear this from Day 1 of their admission to Plus Two: NCERT books are the best for Class 12 Board exams preparation. Their seniors tell them, their teachers keep reminding them. But if you are a student you must try to know for yourself why they so. - What is there in the NCERT books that make the best for Class 12 board exams preparation. A clear idea on this will help you choose the right books for your boards.

What is the Perfect Study Material for Class 12 Board Exam?

Given the wide choice of books and study materials available offline as well as online, it is obvious for you to get confused when you are just starting your preparation for the class 12 board exam. But you cannot afford to stay indecisive for long and resort to a trial and error method to choose the right books. Remember- a perfect combination of study materials can push forward your career way ahead while choosing the wrong one can devastate it.  

Why are NCERT Books the Best for Class 12 Board Exams Preparation?

NCERT books are considered as the best books for class 12 board exam preparations because of the following reasons.

1. Genuine Information: 

Every NCERT book is prepared by expert teachers and trainers after performing meticulous research on topics of each subject. Hence, the information provided in the NCERT books is authentic.

2. Generates in-depth knowledge in simple language: 

NCERT books are prepared with a target to provide proper guidance to all the students irrespective of their IQ level. The books are written in a very simple and lucid language. Each and every topic is explained with utter clarity which is very useful to understand the complicated topics. 

3. Strictly Adhere to CBSE Curriculum: 

Are you a CBSE class 12 board exam aspirant? Then if you go through the NCERT books you need not be worried about any aspect. NCERT books are prepared in accordance with the CBSE syllabus and topics. Maximum questions in CBSE class board exam are even picked directly from the NCERT books.

4. Builds up a Strong Basic: 

Are you weak in basic of subjects? Go for the NCERT books. You can clear your basics and fundamentals with the aid of NCERT books. The books help you to understand the concepts easily which will help you to succeed in the class 12 board exam.

5. Covers with Numerous Problems: 

Apart from Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are also fully problem-based subjects. NCERT books offer numerous problems along with their NCERT solutions. NCERT books and NCERT exemplar are the best thing to practise the problems for the class 12 board exam.

So, now you understand why the NCERT books are considered as the best books for the class 12 board exam? Every single aspirant wants to score decent marks in the examination. If you study the NCERT books properly you will not only get good marks in the class 12 board exam but also achieve in-depth knowledge of the subjects which will help you in various other competitive exams.

NCERT Books are the Best for Class 12 Board Exams Preparation- Know Why