NCERT Books Are All You Need for Class 10 Science & Maths Board Exam preparation

by Asmita Kundu, May 19, 2020

Are you a class 10 board exam aspirant? Then you must have one question baffling your mind that why NCERT books is all you need for class 10 Maths and Science board exam preparation. There are different reasons for this. Our article aims at answering this question point-wise so that you don’t have to face any confusion. 

But before we do that let us tell you why choosing the perfect study material is so important for your class 10 science and maths board exam preparation.

Significance of that Perfect Study Material

Have you faced any confusion before starting preparation for class 10 science and maths regarding the selection of study material? You must have. Science and Maths are the most scoring subjects as far as the class 10 board exam is concerned. Proper selection of study materials will definitely accelerate your preparation strategy. If you choose wrong study materials, in the beginning, you will face lots of problems which may affect your marks in the examination. 

Why is NCERT Book is all you Need for Class 10 Science and Maths Board exam Preparation?

According to the experts and toppers, NCERT are considered to be the best books for class 10 Science and Maths board exam preparation. Why? The reasons are explained in the following:

1. NCERT books are generally organized by experts and trainers after extensive research on topics of every subject. Hence, the information provided in the NCERT books is genuine in all aspects.

2. Are NCERT books enough for conception building? With respect to class 10 science and maths building of conception is a very important thing. NCERT books focus on in-depth learning, developing of topic-wise conception and written in very lucid language.

3. Are the syllabus of NCERT books has parity with the CBSE curriculum? You will find that NCERT books are prepared to keep in deep adherence to the CBSE curriculum. You can see from the previous year questions that maximum questions from science portion are picked directly from the NCERT books. 

4. Since science and maths are completely dependent upon your basics, you are required to develop your basics as strong as possible. How? With the aid of NCERT books and NCERT Solutions, you will definitely be able to build up a strong basic. 

5. Class 10 science and maths portion follow a particular type of pattern. In Inorganic part of Chemistry, equations and questions are picked directly from the NCERT textbooks. What about Physics and Maths? Since Physics and Maths are problem-based, you need to practise numerous problems to cope up with the question pattern. Again NCERT is here for your rescue. You will find several problems of different types form NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars.

From the above discussion, you can clearly understand that you need only NCERT books for the preparation of class 10 Science and maths. Hopefully, you have understood the reasons too. You may use reference books to supplement your preparation but the basic study material for you should be the NCERT textbooks. Read them and practise problems from them repeatedly to score great marks in Class 10 science and maths board exams.

NCERT Books Are All You Need for Class 10 Science & Maths Board Exam preparation