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V.O.T.E. : 5 Mind-blowing Advantages of Joining a Group Challenge Squad

By Asmita KunduApril 07, 2021
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Here are the advantages of joining a V.O.T.E. group challenge on Vedantu. You can form your own squad or join your friends’ squad to prepare for this talent exam. Studying in groups is always beneficial, as healthy competition encourages students to put in more effort. In order to form or join a squad and take the V.O.T.E. weekly challenges, you have to register yourself for V.O.T.E. and create your V.O.T.E.R. Card.

There is no registration fee for V.O.T.E. However, only those students with a V.O.T.E.R. Card can join or form a squad on Vedantu. Learning becomes fun and engaging when a sense of competition is instilled among the students. Here's a list of 5 mind-blowing advantages of joining a group challenge.

5 Mind-blowing Advantages of Joining a Group Challenge Squad for V.O.T.E

Solve Challenging Quizzes with Your Friends

While preparing for V.O.T.E., you will come across several interesting challenges and quizzes that are rolled out on a daily and weekly basis. Your squad can earn VCoins by solving these weekly challenges. The more VCoins you earn, the higher your squad ranks on the Leaderboard. A squad can earn 1000 VCoins by cracking the weekly challenge.  

Moreover, when you solve challenging quizzes with your friends, several ideas for solving a particular question may come up. This opens up a scope for learning, as you explain a concept to others and get to know various other approaches to problem-solving. 

Improve IQ With Challenging Quizzes

Our mentors and subject experts have framed the quizzes and challenges in such a way that brings out the best in you. Since V.O.T.E. is a comprehensive assessment of your academic potential, those of you who take this online admission exam will have a strong understanding of the fundamentals. 

When you start solving the Daily and Weekly Challenge quizzes with your squad of friends, the IQ levels of every squad member starts improving. You will solve the quizzes faster than usual and your analytical skills will also be enhanced. Hence, it is more beneficial to prepare for this mental aptitude test with your squad.

Win Exciting Prizes

The experience is way more fun when you and your squad play together to win exciting prizes. Every time your squad wins VCoins, all of you can win scholarships. Every day, 100 students from each grade will win exciting prizes for solving the Daily Challenges. You can get a chance to win a pair of gaming headphones, kindle, Google Nest Hub, and many more prizes for solving the Daily Challenges. That’s not all- there are mega prizes for solving the Weekly Challenges. Every Monday the top 5 winning squads will be announced and rewarded. There are special prizes like free access to our doubt app, Vedantu merchandise, free Micro Courses, and many more surprise rewards for the top 100 students. 

Get to be Vedantu’s CEO for a Day

One of the exclusive rewards of V.O.T.E. is the once in a lifetime opportunity to become Vedantu’s CEO for a day. You are eligible for this reward if:

  • You are a student of Grade 10  or 11, to be promoted to Grade 11 and 12 respectively.

  • You are preparing for JEE/NEET 

  • You hold an All India Rank 1 in any of these above-stated categories

  • You qualify for Round 2 of V.O.T.E. 

Win a Trip to NASA

Here’s the ultimate reward you can win by participating in V.O.T.E. If you are among the top 5k students qualifying for Round 2 of V.O.T.E., and get an All India Rank 1 from your respective category, you will be eligible for a trip to NASA. The trip will be completely sponsored and you will not have to make any payments whatsoever. Hence, giving your best in V.O.T.E. can help you bag your dream trip to NASA.     

The Vedantu Online Talent Exam will be held in two rounds. The exam dates for Round 1 are March 28, April 4, April 11, April 18, 2021. Round 2 will be held on April 25, 2021. Register for the Vedantu Online Talent Examination, and gear up to win exciting rewards!