Know the Right Ways to Keep Your Child Away from the Clutches of COVID-19

by Asmita Kundu, March 20, 2020

Owing to the rampant threat of Coronavirus or COVID-19 contagion, the entire population of the world is now more or less under house arrest. As per the latest corona updates by 18th of March, a total of 1,99,324 cases have been identified across the world with a total death toll rising to 7,994. Also, because of the latest development, the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

In such a situation, when stepping outside is risky, individuals, especially parents of young children, are in a continuous state of paranoia. Though adults are considered to be more prone to be affected with the COVID-19, some cases have been identified in children as well. Their primary concern at the moment is how to protect their family, especially their young ones from the contagion of coronavirus disease. 

Notably, a lot of myths and speculations pertaining to COVID-19 are doing rounds. This makes it a must for parents to be extra careful while gathering information about the coronavirus infection. To begin with, they should stay calm and learn about the effective ways to protect their loved ones from the infection.

Top Coronavirus Prevention Tips

“Prevention is the best cure.” – This particular saying stands true when it comes to combating the spread of coronavirus infection. Since medical science experts are yet to find an accurate coronavirus treatment, the best bet is to prevent exposure altogether.

Regardless, instead of panicking over the situation, parents should follow these few useful tips to combat the risk of being exposed to coronavirus infection.

Practice personal hygiene

Parents should teach children to wash their hands frequently with hand wash or soap and water. Also, they should keep a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol concentration. Notably, washing hands proves more effective than using a hand sanitizer. However, one may encourage kids to use it when washing hands is not an option, especially in public areas. Also, prevent children from touching their mouth, eyes and nose, and teach them to cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.

Maintain a safe social distance

The most effective way of preventing exposure is by maintaining social distancing. Avoid visiting crowded public places, like shopping malls, theatre, parks, crowded public transports, etc. Staying indoors is the best option to beat the spread of coronavirus disease. Parents should encourage children to maintain at least 3 to 6 feet distance between them and a person who is coughing or sneezing to limit their risk of exposure.

Disinfect surfaces and toys

Typically, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted when individuals come in direct contact with an infected person’s respiratory droplets. Also, one is likely to get infected if they come in contact with a contaminated surface. Though the virus may survive on the surface for a few hours, disinfectants are believed to eliminate them effectively. Hence, make sure to disinfectant frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, remote control, mobile phone, key case, etc. Additionally, parents should disinfect their kids’ toys and items they come in regular contact with.

Seek medical attention

In case children manifest symptoms like cough, runny nose, sore throat and fever, parents should get in touch with a pediatrician immediately. However, if their child shows these symptoms, including difficulty in breathing, one should inform local medical authority and follow their advice. Additionally, it is recommended that parents put on a mask on their children. They should do so in the event, if the child is suffering from flu or is manifesting coronavirus symptoms. Regardless, in all of such cases, availing a professional medical opinion is a must to remain on the safe side.

Do not panic and stay Informed

Everybody should make it a point not to trust unverified information online and take necessary measures as suggested by qualified professionals. Also, parents must educate their children about coronavirus infection and coronavirus prevention measures to lower their fears and anxiety level. Most importantly, individuals should not harbour irrational fear and try to gather verified information from reliable sources. However, refrain from exposing kids to morbid news reports and graphic information to prevent the risk of triggering anxiety or irrational fear.

Since children live by example, make sure that you and other family members practice these tips. It will directly encourage the kids to do the same and beat the risk of coronavirus infection significantly.

Things to Tell Your Children about COVID-19

Parents must educate their children about COVID-19 to help them rationalize their fears and to tackle the same cautiously. While talking to adolescent teens may be easier, explaining the virus and its impact to toddlers and pre-teens may not be quite easy. For instance, explaining to them why they cannot go to school, play at the park or visit their grandparents may be too overwhelming for both parents and children.

Therefore, if you are wondering what to tell your kids about coronavirus, start with the following.

  1. Start from the basics, i.e. what is a coronavirus and its symptoms. Make sure to avoid hyperbolic language.

  2. Discuss ‘good hygiene’ and how to maintain it.

  3. Ask them how they feel about the whole thing. (Be careful as not to pass on your fears to them)

  4. Encourage them to lead their healthy life while following the requisite precautions.

Discussing the COVID-19 would help them to understand the situation better and would lower their anxiety level significantly. 

Keep Calm! Practice Positivity

Instead of obsessing over the coronavirus disease, practice physical hygiene and refrain from circulating any rumor or half-baked information. Contrarily, one can use this global time-out to ponder over the simple and positive things in life and use the time in these ways - 

  • More time with loved ones: Children can stay indoors as much as possible and spend time with their loved ones. Elders should attempt to do the daily chores together and inculcate a sense of safe environment for their children at home. It would not only lower their level of paranoia but would also provide them with a sense of calm and security.

  • Opportunity to bond: Parents should take this opportunity and bond with their children through everyday activities. For example, they can help their children with their homework or help them to enroll into Vedantu’s free Masterclasses. It would not just make their learning experience easy but would also help parents to track their child’s preparation. Additionally, they may share indoor experiences like painting, reading, cooking, etc. and spend quality time together.

  • Hone a hobby or passion:  Take this time to help your children hone a hobby and engross their mind in some productive activities. For instance, they can read books, play chess, practice playing a musical instrument, do yoga, etc. Similarly, encourage your other family members to do the same.

These are just some ways of keeping your child’s mind equipped with positive thoughts and energy. Nonetheless, parents should make a point to avail regular updates about the coronavirus outbreak to be better prepared for the situation.

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Know the Right Ways to Keep Your Child Away from the Clutches of COVID-19