Is Appearing for the International Olympiad Beneficial?

by Asmita, July 25, 2020

Olympiad exams are kind of a competitive exam at the school level. There are quite a few types of Olympiad exams and a few them are - 1) National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), 2) National Science Olympiad (NSO), 3) International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), 4) International English Olympiad (IEO), 5) International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO), and 6) International Company Secretaries Olympiad Olympiad (ICSO). Olympiad exams are being conducted every year by various independent organizations - Science Olympiad Foundation, National Olympiad Foundation, British Council etc.

Olympiads / International olympiad exams are totally based on the school curriculum and are conducted by various independent organizations. These competitive exams aim to provide exposure to students and make them ready to face any challenge in future.

Appearing for the international Olympiad is not a cakewalk. If any student is appearing for the international Olympiad, he/she has to prepare beyond school level. But it is not an extra burden as many parents think the way it is. Preparing for International Olympiad exams is kind of a blessing in disguise for the aspirant. They just have to put a little extra effort besides their routine studies. Instead, the result and recognition they will receive from it are huge. 

However, we have jotted down all the points regarding why appearing for the international olympiad is beneficial for the students. Take a look below. 

In-depth Understanding:

With the help of the International Olympiad, every aspirant can strengthen the fundamentals of core subjects like Math, English and Science, which will not only help in acing the Olympiads but also help in getting a good score in the school exams as well. 

Showcase Your Skills:

This is an international platform for all the aspirants to showcase their skills and talent in their strongest subject apart from the regular school grades. This is an excellent international recognition at such a young age so that it will help them to gain confidence and work hard for every upcoming exam in their life. 

Improvement in Class Results: 

Not only the Olympiad exam but also this exam preparation helps in improving the class exam result. Preparing for Olympiads also helps to improve the conceptual understanding and ensure that the students hold command over the tricky concepts.

Improves Reasoning Ability:

These kinds of international level exams help the students to inculcate their approach towards analytical thinking which is useful in any examination. Olympiad exam does not only improve logical reasoning but also helps in brainstorming into newer concepts which will help to boost the analytical and reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and confidence. Overall, it helps in the development of a student at a tender age.

Identify the Brilliant Minds:

Olympiad exams help to identify young geniuses because it brings the best out of a student. It is not an exam on a particular subject. There are so many International Olympiad exams that are being conducted on various subjects every year i.e. Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge and Computers. This should not be confused with any other exam because this creates a platform for all the students to create a future talent pool. 

Provides a Big Platform: 

International Olympiads is generally being conducted by various organisation i.e. Science Olympiad Foundation, National Olympiad Foundation, British Council etc. These exams provide a big platform where any student can showcase their talent at state, national and international levels.

Gain Additional Knowledge: 

Preparing for the International Olympiads will not only help to score well for the particular exam but also gives an opportunity to the students to sharpen the skills. This exam is not as similar as the school exams because it will help you in improving your critical thinking, reasoning skills. So that students can gain additional knowledge and early exposure in this kind of competitive exam. That will sharpen the minds of the young students. 

Build Confidence in the Student: 

International Olympiads are not very easy to crack. Hence these motivate the students to strive for better and develop a sense of confidence which will help them in future. 

On top of everything, appearing for the International Olympiad will give an opportunity to shine on an international level and also immense satisfaction to represent their state/ country. Nothing could be a more rewarding experience for a student at such an age.

Is Appearing for the International Olympiad Beneficial?