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IOQJS: A Smart Way of Nurturing Young Minds

By Prabhat SinghNovember 20, 2021
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IOQJS: Introduction

Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science (IOQJS) previously known as NSEJS (National Standard Examination in Junior Science, is one of the 6 highly contested Olympiads in India. It serves the purpose of being the entry-level examination in India for the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). IOQJS is conducted under the auspices of IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers).

This exam walks along with the International Olympiad movement of finding out the best brains & talent in Science and Mathematics among Junior School Kids, not only that it also aims at nurturing these kids and helping them scale up their problem-solving aptitude by testing their learnings. Building problem-solving aptitude early on in your academics will eventually enhance your JEE & NEET performance.

Stages of IOQJS

The exam was famously known as NSEJS since its inception, however after the covid authorities merged the first two stages of NSEJS and made it IOQJS. Part two of the exam is still known as INJSO as before or some experts call it IOQJS Part-II.

The stages of the exam (after covid) are as follows:

  • Stage-1: IOQJS Part-1

  • Stage-2: INJSO/ IOQJS Part-2

  • Stage-3: Orientation Cum Selection (OCS) Camp

  • Stage-4: The Final Team selection (4-6 members)

Final stage the International Junior Science Olympiad

5 Steps That Can Help You Emerge as an IOQJS Scholar

1.) Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Knowing the exam pattern and syllabus helps you build the most effective and efficient strategies for the exam. Every year the exam pattern of the IOQJS/NSEJS is decided by IAPT.

The Exam Pattern for IOQJS 2021-22 is as Follows:

Questions: A total of 80 Questions (MCQs) in almost equal numbers from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Note: As per the latest guideline by IAPT there will be no direct question from mathematics in IOQJS 2021-22 Part-1.

Time: 2 hours

Every correct answer gives you 3 marks whereas each wrong answer will result in a negative marking of 1 mark

Syllabus of IOQJS

The general understanding of the past trends showcases that there is no set syllabus as far as this exam is concerned. As this exam is conducted for students of class 10 or below therefore it is suggested that one should be aware of the topics from 7-10 class. A few of the most important topics as per Vedantu Elite IOQJS Mentors are:

IOQJS Syllabus


Important Topics





Work, Energy, Power


Effects of Current



Structure of Atoms

Chemical Reactions

Metals & Nonmetals

Carbon Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Acid, bases & salts


Cell-Basic Unit of Life

Biological Diversity

Health & Diseases


Heredity & Evolution

Natural Resources

Food Production

2.) Start Testing Your Preparation with Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Tests

One cannot be ready for what is about to come in the exams, but we should always prepare in every way possible and one of the best ways to prepare for IOQJS 2021-22 is to prepare by solving Previous Year Questions (PYQs) and taking part in mock tests.

This way of preparation is trusted by experts and suggested by most of the previous Olympiad Scholars. It helps you test your concepts, learnings and knowledge of the subjects. It also highlights the areas where you need to improve on and where you can rely more on, in order to score good marks.

So, if you want to boost your performance and enhance your final marks in the exams, come and start preparing for IOQJS 2021-22 with the specially designed IOQJS mock test series. This series is designed under the guidance of India’s leading IOQJS mentors. Also, for trustable PYQs please visit IOQJS PYQ.

Preparing for this exam is not easy as the smallest of concepts can trick you in the exam and therefore if you’re searching for a credible source for your preparations here is your chance. Come be a part of Vedantu's prestigious ABHIMANYU Batch and ace IOQJS easily.

3.) Set a Daily Time Table & Assess your Strength and Weaknesses

Revising a topic and then preparing others won’t help you in any way, it will only affect your concentration and will eventually degrade your performance. Therefore, firstly you should mark a solid plan and follow it regularly to attain the maximum result.

Once you’ve chalked out the study timetable or plan, it is time for you to conduct a self-survey to find out what is that you can learn easily, or what topics are going to be difficult for you to understand and so on.

Doing this before setting a timetable can work wonders for you as it will give you an idea of how much time you can give to each topic and how much can keep for revisions.

4.) Never Compare Yourself & Your Preparations With Others

In the midst of examination, it is quite evident that you start looking for what everyone else is doing and then you get relaxed and anxious at the same time. Doing this will surely harm your efficiency. Don’t get by seeing someone behind you and don’t get anxious as well by watching some ahead of you.

It is going to happen when some of your friends must have completed the syllabus and they must be revising. You don’t have to panic seeing that. It’s okay if they are ahead, big deal, you will also complete the syllabus. Also, don’t get super happy watching friends who are behind you in preparation; there is a huge possibility that they can outrun you as well. So, without getting affected by your peers keep on working and keep on preparing.

5.) Take Good Care of Your Health

There are a lot of students who start taking exams very seriously. They leave all their sleep and food for preparing and it then somehow starts getting accumulated and BOOM! You are sickened and can’t prepare for the exam and all your dreams are shattered, Right?

This is the problem with every second student preparing for an exam, students please stop doing this. You will only be able to top or clear the exam when you sit for the exam, also, doing this will help increase your preparation speed; it is eventually going to affect your health and will hurt you more than anything else. So, take very good care of your health and sleep properly, eat properly, spend some time out of the books that will help you refresh.