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International Yoga Day 2023 - Date, Benefits & Facts

By GokulnathJune 19, 2023
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Learn Some Interesting Facts About Yoga On This International Yoga Day 2023

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the International Yoga Day in 2014 by putting forth his suggestion in a speech at the UN General Assembly. His suggestion to celebrate this day was warmly accepted by the nations. International Yoga Day is observed on June 21 every year to promote health and fitness across the globe.

Celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 by Pledging Fitness to Yourself

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Importance of Yoga

Practised by Indian sadhus and rishis since the early 5th Century, Yoga has been considered an instrument that proves to be highly beneficial in obtaining a healthy body and mind. Unlike conventional medication, Yoga holistically targets all areas of the mind and body, putting the two in harmony and synchronisation so that humans can be their optimal selves and operate at a higher level of consciousness. 

With improving health, the body gets more and more flexible and resistant to pain to a certain degree. The mind is also conditioned well with the regular practice of Yogic asanas. Pranayama is a type of practice that is useful in regulating the processes of the internal organ systems, playing the role of a superior and able supplement to the asanas that you will be practising. The physical practises generate energy in the body, which later transforms into Dhyan or meditation. Meditation, in turn, promotes calmness, peace, and stability in the minds of the practitioners.

Benefits of Practising Yoga

Yoga has several benefits for the body and mind. If practised correctly for a long period, Yoga can be highly beneficial. It can improve several health problems that normal medicines struggle to deliver solutions for. Yoga has been practised in India for ages, and the benefits are not just propagated orally but also backed by science and technology as well. Check out the following list of benefits that Yoga has to offer. You can take up the Yogic exercises as suggested by an expert to experience the usefulness of this magical practice for yourself.   

  • Improves Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

  • Relieves Back Pain 

  • Can Ease Arthritis Problems

  • Promotes Heart Health

  • Helps You Relax and Promotes Better Sleep 

  • Can Help Gain and Retain More Energy and brighter moods

  • Aids in Managing Stress 

  • Helps Build Connections with Any Community 

  • Advocates Proper Self-care


Modern Approaches to Promote Yoga in 2023

  • Holding Yoga Workshops - Yoga workshops can be a great way to instil the power of practising Yoga. A single day or a few hours of Yogic practice under a trained professional can lead to a lifelong interest and curiosity in the field.

  • Free Trial Classes - Everybody loves free stuff. That is applicable in the case of free Yoga classes as well. Drawn by the absence of trade, people are sure to fall in love with what Yoga has to offer.  

  • Online Yoga Classes - With COVID hitting the masses, gymnasiums have been facing difficulty keeping offline attendance. Here’s where online classes come into play. Online Yoga classes will enable people to practise Yoga in the comfort of their homes and stay fit and healthy at the same time. 

  • Blogs to Guide through Proper Posture while Practising Yoga - Blogs and articles can be an excellent source for people to gain sufficient knowledge about Yogic postures and procedures. People must follow the appropriate ways of doing Yoga. Blogs on such practices can help them greatly in kick-starting their Yogic journey.  

  • TV Shows for Yoga - TV shows promoting and explaining the benefits of Yoga is the need of the hour. Imagine an entire show being dedicated to the propagation of Yoga practices to the masses. Wouldn’t you be watching it and getting healthy in front of your television set? That’s right. Hopefully, something like that will gain prominence soon enough. 

  • Yoga Apps - There is an app for everything nowadays. Then why not for Yoga? Yogic apps are the new way to spread the knowledge and power of Yoga in all households today. The app can track your daily practices as well as guide you through each posture properly, with video modules and written instructions.

International Yoga Day 2022

Facts about International Yoga Day

Here are some important facts that one must know about International Yoga Day: 

  • When is the International Yoga Day Celebrated?

Ans. International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21.

  • Who Started Yoga Day?

Ans. International Yoga Day was first proposed and practically started by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • When was the first International Yoga Day observed?

Ans. The first International Yoga Day was first observed around the globe on 21 June 2015. Since then, it has diligently been celebrated in all nations on the same every year.

To conclude, International Yoga Day is celebrated by people around the globe and is a mark of dedication and diligence that people have started taking seriously. We must make good use of these modern-day Yoga approaches and practice them in our best interests. Let’s start today and get healthy and fit together.