Importance of NCERT Books in JEE Main & Advanced Preparation

by Aparjita Das, May 15, 2020

If you are preparing for JEE Main and Advanced exams what books will you treat as Bible? The answer is obviously the NCERT books. Why? There are several reasons underlying the importance of NCERT books for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. You will come across a number of books for the JEE exams but none can match the comprehensiveness of NCERT. If you go through the following discussion you will be able to understand why choosing only NCERT books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation should be your topmost priority. 

But before that, have you ever thought why does it become so difficult selecting the right books for the exam?

Think about your Class 12 academic year. You can literally see JEE exams knocking at the door. You are so much stressed and over-burdened that you can’t choose what is right and what is wrong. That is exactly when you need proper guidance. You will find several easily available books in the market as well as on various websites. That will make you even more confused about what to do. Without a second thought, you should go only for the NCERT books first to prepare yourself properly for the JEE Main and Advanced exam. 

How NCERT Books are important for JEE Main and Advanced preparation?

You may ask the inevitable question that why should you choose NCERT books above all. The answer to the question is -

1. JEE Main and Advanced question papers consists of several questions which are directly picked from the NCERT books. What kind of questions? Generally, the one-liner questions are picked from the text of the paragraphs. Hence, you are required to go through the entire theory thoroughly to tackle these questions. 

2. You will find a summary at the end of each chapter in the NCERT books. The summary is very important as far as the JEE Main and Advanced exam are concerned. Why? In the summary part, each and every important point of the entire chapter are covered. It is the best way to revise the whole chapter in a very short span of time.

3. If you are a sincere JEE Main and Advanced aspirant you should read the NCERT books because only NCERT books and NCERT Solutions will build up your foundation for the preparation.

4. Are your basics not clear? You will face a massive problem while appearing in the JEE Main and Advanced exam. What should you do? Just read the NCERT books again and again to clarify your basics. 

5. NCERT books are written in very lucid language so that they are very easy to be understood. 

6. If you are weak in Chemistry NCERT book is your solution. Organic reactions and other organic conversions are often asked from NCERT book directly.

7. Although the Physics portion does not carry much theoretical questions, the chapters like Modern Physics and Electromagnetism always pick theoretical questions directly from NCERT books. 

Is it now clear why you should rely upon NCERT books primarily for scoring good marks in JEE Mains and Advanced exams? It is always about cementing your base at the beginning. Get your concepts of each topic cleared with the NCERT books for Class 10 first after that, you can expect to build on those concepts. So, go grab your copies of Class 10 NCERT books and start studying from them diligently. 

Importance of NCERT Books in JEE Main & Advanced Preparation