How Working Parents Can Deal with the Menace of the Novel Coronavirus

by Anusha, March 16, 2020

The outbreak of Coronavirus has put the entire world in topsy turvy. Being one of the highly-contagious viruses that the world has come across so far, the new corona epidemic has put people’s health at serious risk. However, this is not just a health hazard that has created a stir and havoc in global health organizations, media and the masses, it is hugely affecting our day-to-day lives as well. 

The novel coronavirus also called the Covid-19 is a great menace for its obvious reasons. If you are a working parent, you must be having a hard time to deal with the outbreak. Managing households with the job is anyway a painstaking task. To top it off, the novel virus has made the juggle even harder. There is a need for social distancing to curb the spread of the disease and that is understandable. All the public places including malls, theatres, schools, etc. have shut down for the same reason. Even, most of the companies and employment sectors have come up with the proposition to work from home to cope up with the repercussions of the pandemic. 

Although these closures are an initiative to implement social distancing and travel restrictions that aggravate the chances of the spread of the virus, it has compounded the problem of work-life balance in working parents. The schools and day-care closure means parents have an added load to take care of their children while fulfilling their work commitments. That is not the only concern though. Parents tend to overstress when their kid’s health or education is compromised. And no matter how much you complain about your kids giving you the hardest time of your life, you are always concerned about their well-being more than yours! 

So, how can you deal with the gargantuan task of being a great parent cum worker amid the breakout of corona? How can you manage your work deadlines at home while managing all the household responsibilities? How can you take better care of your kids so their health is not compromised? We have tried to answer these questions in this article and hope it helps.

Learn the Art of Patience: Well, it may sound a little too far fetched and cliched. But being patient is a trait that can make you a good parent or take you a long way in your professional space. Parents need to accept that parenthood is hard. Ask any stay-at-home parent and you would know that it is certainly not easy to manage your kids, their studies, their health, or their demands all-together. So, patience is the key. Parents must understand that their kids should not suffer the burden of their work or shouldn’t be prey to their frustration especially if they are quite young and can’t relate to it. Try to work out a schedule with your partner that allows you both to pay heed to your work. 

Distribute and Delegate: Like any great company, any good household works on job delegation. Gone are the days when mothers have to be more responsible for the upbringing of their children or towards the functioning of their homes. The modern-day house runs on equality and at the time of crisis like this, both parents should be equally participating in household chores. Communicate with each other about how you can work this whole thing out together. 

Do not Overcompensate: The situation demands you to work from home. We cannot afford to stop working as we have to keep the economy running. What can help in this situation is keeping an open communication channel with your subordinates (in case you are managing a team or the company) or with your employer or boss. Plan out an effective work strategy with your team so that nobody feels overwhelmed with too much work. Talk to your boss if there is a need to question the expectation they have from you. One must understand that the law that asks you to work from home is for the good of everyone and is not a give-away. While you must work to the best of your potential, do not overcompensate for anything. 

Stay Connected: Nothing is better than being connected via social channels at the time of physical distancing. Remind your colleagues, friends, parents, kids or partners that you are there for them at the time of such global distress. Do not forward unauthorized information to them that may worsen the fear. Use social media solutions wisely and voice your concerns both for work and for your personal life. 

Make Wise Use of the Technology: As the government has declared shutdowns of schools and coaching centres, students are getting affected big time. We understand that your concern for your kid’s studies getting hampered is natural. However, you need not panic in the time of technology. Today, there are so many ed-tech solutions that cater to the same quality of education. Get your kids registered with good online tuition and be rest assured that your child’s education will not suffer. 

Understand the Situation Well: They say little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The virus is new to the world and hence, it is not surprising that so many false news and rumours have spread around the world regarding this. When it comes to such a severe problem, always refer to the genuine sources, government websites, healthcare organizations’ journals and articles rather than any random videos or news that spreads online. Remember, misinformation creates unnecessary panic.

Take Care of Your Health First: Health is the most important thing, more important than your job. Hydrate yourself enough, take proper sleep, and take care of personal hygiene and especially hand hygiene. Consult a doctor if you are not feeling well. Make sure that your health is not compromised. Remember, you need to be healthy first in order to take care of your family or kids. First and foremost, take care of your closest surroundings. Remember charity begins at home!

Be Socially Responsible: Always keep in mind that we, humans, are a social animal and what differentiates us from other living beings is that we care for each other. The least you can do for society right now is always cover your mouth with tissue or handkerchief while coughing or sneezing. Keep a small good-quality sanitizer with yourself so that you can sanitize your hands in case washing hands is not feasible that time. If you are capable of it, make donations to the World Health Organization (WHO) or hospitals working to deal with the menace. Keep your kids engaged at home so that they do not go out unnecessarily. They might have better immunity to fight the virus off, they can easily be a carrier to those who are more vulnerable like elderly people. Encourage your kids to follow good hand hygiene and refrain them from touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Keep your kids under your guidance all the time. This sounds difficult, especially when you are working and we cannot agree more. Well, your real parenting skills are put to test amid all this corona heck!

We are no experts in this matter and we are on the same page as you are about this whole situation. Obviously, the coming days are going to be a roller coaster ride for all you working parents. However, we at Vedantu, want to share your responsibilities. Our excellent technology and engaging content would be a great help to keep your kids occupied. While you have some many things to look after, you can take this off your shoulders right now! That’s a promise. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our CBSE study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on the Vedantu site.

How Working Parents Can Deal with the Menace of the Novel Coronavirus