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How to Take Part in V.O.T.E. 2023-24 from Home

By Aparajita DasApril 07, 2021
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V.O.T.E. or the Vedantu Online Talent Exam, is a comprehensive test to evaluate the academic potential of students. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the year 2020 was a challenging one for all students. Here’s an opportunity for them to make a learning comeback. That’s not all - participants will get a Guaranteed Scholarship from a pool of over ₹ 500Cr., a trip to NASA and a lot more. V.O.T.E. is an all-India level LIVE free exam and will be conducted online. Thus, students can take V.O.T.E. 2021 from the comfort of their homes and get an in-depth analysis of their mental aptitude. 

This online admission exam is scheduled to be conducted in two rounds. All candidates who clear the first round will be eligible for the second round. Here’s a thorough walk through of the V.O.T.E. 2021 registration and participation process:    

How to Take Part in V.O.T.E. 2021 from Home

Register + Select your Slot + Attend V.O.T.E.

The very first step to take the Vedantu Online Talent Exam is to register for it. After registering on V.O.T.E, you can generate a V.O.T.E.R. Card with your details. V.O.T.E. is a free test. Yes, you read that right. There is no registration fee for this exam to ensure all children get a fair chance to evaluate their academic potential and make a learning comeback this year.

The next step is to select your slot for taking V.O.T.E. Round 1 of this online talent exam will be conducted on March 28, April 4, April 11, and April 18 and Round 2 will be conducted on 25th April. In case you miss the booked slot, you can register for the next available slot. You can also re-attempt V.O.T.E. on the later dates and slots (as per availability), if you are not satisfied with your performance. You can select your preferred dates and time for V.O.T.E. and access any information regarding this online talent exam, on your laptop, smartphone, or tab.     

V.O.T.E. Syllabus

Since V.O.T.E. is one of the newest online scholarship exams, our in-house team of subject experts and mentors, will assist students to prepare for the types of questions to be expected in this free test. With our LIVE Classes, they can learn and revise the fundamentals of all concepts covered in the syllabus for this online talent exam. Though there is no specific syllabus outlined for students of Grades 5 to 9, it is imperative to revise all the theories and concepts covered in the school curriculum. Grade 10 students can refer to the NCERT curriculum for General Math, SST, and General Science to prepare for V.O.T.E. The V.O.T.E. syllabus for Grades 11 and 12 covers the topics of the NEET or JEE syllabus. Students pursuing Commerce in their +2 can also take V.O.T.E. Their syllabus will be based on topics from Accounting, Economics, and Business Studies. In the Vedantu Online Talent Exam, there will also be a section dedicated to Mental Aptitude.    

Tips to Prepare for V.O.T.E.

Apart from a rigorous study regime of the topics covered in your syllabus, you should attend the LIVE classes on Vedantu and follow these tips for effective exam preparation:

Invest Time in Solving Daily Mental Aptitude Quizzes 

As stated above, there will be a section in the Vedantu Online Talent Exam to test the mental aptitude of students. This is perhaps the most interesting and challenging section of V.O.T.E. In order to solve the questions covered in this section, students need to practice rigorously. Ideally, they should solve and practice mental aptitude quizzes on a daily basis. This will not only help them to have conceptual clarity on the academic fundamentals, but also enhance their approach towards problem-solving. These mental aptitude quizzes are aimed to improve the IQ levels of the students. With an optimized problem-solving approach, they can perform well in V.O.T.E. and win scholarships.

Take Daily and Weekly Challenges

During the V.O.T.E. season, Daily and Weekly Challenges will be released on Vedantu.  Students can solve these challenges from Monday to Saturday to win exciting rewards and earn Vcoins. Attempting these challenges will help them improve their IQ levels and sail through the competition to get ahead in the V.O.T.E. Leaderboards. 

What are the Daily and Weekly Challenges? Two aptitude challenges will be released every day and students can earn up to 100 Vcoins by solving them. However, there will be only one aptitude challenge releasing per week and a bumper prize of 1000 Vcoins can be earned by attempting it. The Daily Challenges will be rolled out between 9 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM. The Daily Challenge winners will be announced at 10 PM every day and those for the weekly challenges will be announced every Monday at 9 AM.

Students can take up the Daily and Weekly Challenges to prepare for V.O.T.E. These challenges are nothing but trick questions that can be solved only by attending the LIVE classes on Vedantu with utmost concentration. Students have to be on time for every LIVE class that they plan to attend on Vedantu, or else they will miss out on tips for the Daily or Weekly Challenges.   

Create Your Squad for a Better Learning Experience

One of the most interesting features of V.O.T.E. is that you can prepare for it with your friends. Once your V.O.T.E.R. Card is generated, you will be able to form your own squad or join any other squad. There can be 2 to 20 members in a squad, but you can join only one squad at a time. Though it is not mandatory to join a squad, it will make you more competent and enhance your performance in V.O.T.E. You can attempt the Weekly Challenges and earn VCoins through these squads. If you decide to leave a squad you must remember that your Vcoins cannot be carried forward to another squad. 


There will be two types of challenges: individual challenges and team challenges. Individuals can attempt the Daily Challenges and earn Vcoins accordingly. However, the weekly challenges can only be attempted by the squads and the scores of the squad members will be tallied every Monday at 9 in the morning. Individuals can also earn Vcoins and win amazing rewards by attending LIVE Classes on Vedantu.   

A detailed analysis of your performance in V.O.T.E. will be provided along with your Report Card. An All India Rank will be provided to all the students and the participants will get an opportunity to win a fully paid trip to NASA along with many other exciting rewards. Register for V.O.T.E. Now and be ready to make a learning comeback.