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Exam Motivation: How to Stay Motivated During Examinations

By Puja RoyAugust 10, 2022
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How Can You Motivate Yourself to Study During Exam Times and Before

So you have your exam coming near and you are finding it a bit difficult to concentrate on your studies? Well, this is a problem that most students tend to have. During exam time, it is really hard to remain focused and motivated since there is so much syllabus left to complete and you think that there isn’t enough time. The initial panic plus the huge amount of studying can get a bit too much for some students. However, in order to excel in the exams, students have to get exam motivation so that they can prepare and score high marks. 

A Girl Studying

A Girl Studying

Why is Exam Motivation So Important for Students? 

Students these days tend to have very hectic lives. Throw in the pressure of exams and things can get a bit demotivating. After all, there is so much to do from preparing and completing the syllabus to proper revision of all the chapters. Sometimes, the whole thing can be a little overwhelming for the students. With proper motivation, they will be able to focus more on their studies and prepare for the exams well. 

When students are motivated to study for exams, they will not only complete the syllabus but will also gather enough time to revise the chapters that they are weak at. They can study previous years' questions papers, solve different mock tests and conquer every single subject before time. All of that is possible through motivation. But how to stay motivated during exams? Well, we will talk about it in the next section so keep on reading. 

How to Get Motivated to Study During Exam Time? Here is Some Help

Now that your exams are near, there is no reason to procrastinate anymore. You need to lay down some ground rules and start your preparation. However, when things get too difficult to handle, there are some things you can keep in your mind to bring that motivation back into your study routine. 

  1. Just Start with Your Preparation 

The toughest thing to do would be to probably make a start. But you have to do it sometime, right? So, why not today? Whether it is with maths or history, no matter how much you hate those subjects, go ahead and get started. Pick a fixed timetable for different subjects and make sure that you are all full before starting so that you don’t have to get up in the middle. This might break your concentration and you surely don’t want that. Also, make sure that your phone is disconnected and there is nothing to distract you. This is all the motivation you need, students. Just begin with the preparation process and you can keep on making advancements in your study routine. Pretty soon, you will be all done with your syllabus. 

  1. Tackle the Easier Tasks First 

We understand that you have a pretty huge syllabus to cover and sometimes it might get a bit overwhelming. The best way to deal with that is to focus on the easy tasks and complete them faster. When you do that, you will undoubtedly get a boost of confidence to focus on the more complicated tasks next. Seeing how you can cover up certain portions of your syllabus easily, you will get the confidence and strength to go for the chapter that is a little tougher. Even though you might face some challenges on the way, there is no doubt that you will have enough motivation to power through and complete your syllabus in time for the exam. 

  1. Try Managing Your Time Well 

Now that your exams are near, time motivation is something that you need to focus on. Yes, dividing certain sections of the syllabus into slots of time will help you go through your content quicker and more efficiently. When you have a game plan for covering the entire syllabus, you’ll find that things have become much simpler. This is also another important key to staying motivated during your preparation for the examination. 

  1. Set Goals for Studying 

Setting SMART goals for yourself is definitely an easy and effective way to boost your motivation. Setting short-term and long-term goals during exam times will help you keep the end sight near. All you have to do is make sure that your goals are realistic yet challenging. You need to ensure that you’re about to meet all your goals and get the best benefit out of them. A pro tip for students: Post the goals in a place where you can see them regularly. That’s truly one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and focus on achieving what you want. 

  1. Have Your Own Study Space 

Believe it or not, having your very own study space without any distraction plays a key role in improving your motivation to prepare for the exams. It is fascinating to see what your study environment can actually do for you as well as your state of mind. Keep the things on your desk in an organized manner. You want to minimize cluttering in your desk and keep everything minimalistic. If you have your own peaceful and comfortable study location, it will do wonders for your preparation and keep you motivated. 

  1. Try Listening to Some Music 

Are you wondering "how to motivate myself to study"? Well, here is a tip that can help. Try sticking your earphones into your ears and listening to some good tunes. Do you notice how people in gyms always tend to plug in music to boost up their motivation? If you understand the connection between music and motivation, then you can surely find some songs or music that can motivate you to begin your exam study prep. 

  1. A Pep Talk Might Work 

While it might seem a bit silly in the beginning, giving yourself a simple pep talk can sometimes do wonders for your motivation. Talk yourself up regarding the tasks that you have on your exam preparation list. Make yourself believe that you can handle all the pressure and stress that comes along with exams. Believe us when we say it is going to work for sure.


The following tips can help you achieve the perfect exam motivation that you need. If you are ever feeling in a rut and need some help to snap back into your exam preparation, follow these helpful pieces of advice and see the results on your own.