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Goals in Life: How to Set and Achieve Them

By Shreya PatroAugust 09, 2022
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How to Set Goals and Achieve them

Most of us fail to even recognize our goals. Some do recognize but give up in the middle. We do set goals but feel reluctant to stick to them. There may be circumstances that lead to such endings but we can still manage to achieve our goals, no matter what.

Goal setting is an art and we can easily become an artist. All we need to do is to identify the goals that are feasible and set the right achievable aim. It will not sound easy the first time but following the tips mentioned below will help you do so. Before checking the tips, let us find out what a goal means in your life.

What is My Goal in Life?

A goal can be defined as a milestone one wants to achieve during his lifetime. It can be buying a house, becoming a professional, establishing a strong career, visiting a country or anything that can be achievable.

Importance of Goals in Life

Importance of Goals in Life

The identification of goals can only be done by you. Sometimes, people tend to get influenced by the achievements done by others. There is nothing wrong with setting goals similar to a successful person but make sure the aim you have set matches your definition. Following someone to success is good but copying is not.

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Goals that are Achievable

As mentioned earlier, choose goals that are worthy. Choose aims that can be fulfilled. Setting a goal that sounds implausible will not do well for your mental health. Don’t forget the purpose of setting a goal. It is done to move forward with an achievable dream.

It is you who can define which dream is achievable. Setting a goal will, thus, help you to identify the path and follow it no matter what. A positive change will be spurred when realising that you can achieve that goal and that is important. Define what’s your goal and proceed accordingly.

  1. Goals that are Worthy

On the contrary, setting a goal can be a confusing task when you cannot identify whether it is worthy or not. Your future goals should be worthy enough to give your hard work. They should define what you want to achieve and become in life.

Set a goal that is worthy of your hard work and time. It can be accomplished if you define the path and make it a fruitful journey. Similarly, if the definition of the goal is not engaging enough, you will not feel the drive to continue. It should trigger your urge and enthusiasm to continue and complete.

  1. Define and Specify Goals

The goals in life should be well-defined and specific. When you can specify your goals, they are not vague. When you can define your goals, you will also be able to define the journey to success.

For example, if you want to complete the syllabus of a subject within seven days, it is achievable. If you want to complete the entire syllabus of your class in a week, it will be extremely strenuous and practically impossible to achieve. This example shows that you need to specifically set your goals that can define your action plan.

  1. Smaller Aims for a Bigger Goal

One of the best ways to achieve a bigger goal is to segregate it into small aims. A bigger goal might seem to be intimidating but segmenting it into smaller achievable tasks will add hope. Achieving smaller aims every day will keep your hopes up. You will also find confidence in yourself and will surely accomplish your goals.

The successful candidates do the same thing. They define how to achieve goals by setting smaller aims and focusing on accomplishing them without failure. These smaller achievements drive their enthusiasm to the highest level. Eventually, the outcome is much bigger.

  1. Prioritisation of Your Goals

Now that we have defined what is goal and how to set it, we need to prioritise our goals according to their importance in our lives. The immediate goals need to be fulfilled earlier than the long-term ones. Hence, prioritise them according to your motive and achieve them one after the other.

The best way to prioritise and segment your goals is by setting deadlines. In this way, you can make these goals real and will do whatever it takes to achieve them. Visualise your goals and achieve them one after the other. Stay motivated, prioritise them, and do the needful.

Importance of Goal Setting

Setting goals will trigger focus and you will certainly develop new constructive behavioural traits. The goals will guide you to a better path. It will also add momentum to sustain in any phase of life.

If a student learns to set goals, they will become much better at constructing their future. Their supervision will be redefined and his management skills will touch a great point. It is also needed to give a purpose to your day-to-day life.

Achieving goals also enable you to measure your outcomes. Following the path to achieving them will guide you to align your activities accordingly. Every day, you will achieve something more constructive resulting in a greater picture.


Now that you know how to set goals and achieve them, start working on the list. Your life goals list will give you the right path to make your hard work more constructive. It will give you more clarity and a new perspective on life.

The sense of achievement will deliver exceptional motivation and encouragement to achieve higher aims. You will also get a clearer view of your potential and will make every action accountable. This is what setting goals do to you.