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How to Score Good Marks in Maths Exam?

By Puja RoyAugust 10, 2022
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Learn Maths Effectively and Score Good Marks in Your Exam

Do you want to know how to get full marks in maths? You are not the only one on the list. Mathematics is considered to be one of the highest-scoring subjects and yet there are some students that don’t like maths that much. Mathematics can be a bit intimidating for some and on the other hand, it is fun for others. In mathematics, one will either be completely right or completely wrong. That is the main reason why maths seems to be the subject where one can score more. 

How to Learn Maths Easily? What Should One Do?

Well, mastering the subject of mathematics can be a challenge but it is certainly doable. Although the struggle is pretty genuine, you will have to tackle complex maths calculations at one point in your life. For students of Class 9-12, mathematics is a challenging subject that requires more focus and attention than anything else. But what if we told you that you could actually be good at maths? Just like any other subject, you too can learn how to solve maths problems easily.

A Child Thinking while Looking at Maths Equations.

A Child Thinking while Looking at Maths Equations.

Most students tend to struggle while doing maths because they aren’t able to master the techniques of the subject. Here we have provided some full-proof strategies to help you be good at maths.

How to be Good in Maths: Helpful Advice and Important Tips 

Most of us think that in order to score high in a subject like Maths, one needs an extraordinary brain. However, that is not the case. Maths is basically a subject that can help in developing rational thinking in students. While you might not fall in love with mathematics in one night, these important tips for maths will help you master the subject gradually. 

  1. Focus on Your Weak Points 

This is the most important thing that you should definitely do. Knowing the gaps in your knowledge about maths will help you find out topics that you need to dive into. For instance, if you are struggling with calculus or integration, focus more on that topic and practice as much as you can. Eventually, you will start to get the hang of it.

  1. Prioritise the Key Topics

Talk to your teachers or tutors to find out the more important or key topics in the syllabus. Now set yourself a goal that you will complete at least one topic every single week. Prioritizing the important topics will not only teach you how to be good in maths but will also help you get on track with your curriculum.

  1. Identify the Patterns of Your Mistakes 

As a student, it is pretty common to make mistakes, especially for a subject like maths. However, if you want to get something from the whole situation, try and figure out any pattern with your mistakes. Are these mistakes conceptual, procedural, or comprehension-related? Whatever your issues are, try to focus on them and solve them. This way, you will be able to understand how to study maths to make yourself better at it.

  1. Time Management 

Are you not able to complete your maths papers on time during exams? The best way to solve this problem is through time management. When you delve deeper into your problems, you will notice that reaching the end of the paper is impossible if you don’t manage your time accordingly. Allot certain time periods of different questions and stick to that plan to save yourself some time for revision.

Mistakes One Should Avoid to Score Full Marks in Maths 

As we have mentioned before, scoring good marks in maths is not that difficult, provided you do everything correctly. Maths is one of those subjects where scoring is very easy if you answer the question correctly. Yet, some students aren’t able to do that. As a general rule, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid if you want to score full marks in maths.

  • Not Making a Study Plan 

If you truly want to learn how to practice maths, making a study plan is the first step. Some students randomly start preparing for their exams without any plan in mind. However, in the end, they aren’t able to revise certain topics that are actually crucial. So, the best way to score full marks in a subject like maths is to start your preparation early and devise a study routine to stick to.

  • Not Practising from Previous Years’ Question Papers 

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with maths is to solve the question papers from previous years. Doing that will enable students to know the exam pattern, marking scheme, and important topics from their syllabus. These days, previous years’ question papers are easily available on the internet. Download them and try solving the questions again and again to get an understanding of the pattern.

  • Lack of Practice 

Failing to practice is a problem that most students have. With proper practice, one will get used to the tactics used for different questions and hence can save extra time during the examination. If you don’t practice enough, you will not be able to quickly solve the questions and hence end up losing marks. Hence, get as much practice as you can to clear your maths examination and score full marks. Regular practice will not only help you retain information but will also ensure that you understand the topics better.

  • Not Understanding Questions Properly 

Both standard maths and basic maths have simple as well as complicated questions. While simple questions are easy to understand, students tend to struggle with complex questions. This is due to the fact that they aren’t able to understand what the question demands. Reading the question properly will help you understand what it is trying to ask. Read the questions correctly and then attempt to analyse them before you make a choice of the answer.


For students who want to know how to learn maths easily, this guide will prove to be helpful. If you are having trouble solving math problems and scoring high marks in your mathematics exam, follow these helpful tips and see the progress on your own.