How to Revise Physics for JEE Main 2020 at Home

by Sagar Mankar, August 21, 2020

Do you find Physics challenging? Are you worried about how to prepare for Physics JEE Mains at home? With JEE Mains date declared, there are thousands of queries bouncing in your head.  Here is a few tips to help you prepare Physics efficiently.

Understanding the JEE Main Physics Exam Pattern

Before following the tips on how to revise for JEE Mains 2020 Physics, it is essential to understand the marks division and question pattern. Being familiar with the mark division will help you during revision to decide the chapters needing attention. Moreover, it will keep you focused on the types of questions expected in the exams. 

There are a total of 25 questions asked in JEE Mains Physics Exam with 20 objective and five numerical types questions. Each correct answer rewards four marks while negative one marks are given for incorrect answers. Try understanding the value of each topic to decide how to prepare for Physics JEE Mains and start revising accordingly.

Given Below is The Table Indicating Weightage of Marks and Questions As Per The Chapters in Physics. 

Topic Name

Marks Division

Number of Questions Asked




Modern Physics






Current Electricity






Heat and Thermodynamics






Work, Power and Energy









Simple Harmonic Motion



Electromagnetic Induction



Differential Equation






Centre of Mass, Impulse and Momentum



Laws of Motion



Units, Dimension and Vector



Solids and Fluids



Tips on How to Prepare Physics for JEE Main at Home

The subject of Physics has given many students nightmare due to the presence of complex theories. For a JEE Main aspirant, preparing the subject becomes stringent and time-consuming as the theories require much greater analysis. 

Worrying about how to prepare for Physics JEE Mains is not a solution. To crack the toughest paper with ease, try making Physics your best friend. The candidates need to follow a routine, plan their study materials referring to the quality books and study wisely.  

Here are some tips to help you know how to revise for NTA JEE Mains 2020 and secure a seat in the prominent colleges. 

  • Preparing a Study Routine

Timetables are the best way for a JEE Main aspirant to divide chapters according to the number of days remaining. Try adding a variety of Physics topics throughout the day to make the learning less dreary. Moreover, allowing time for revisions, test paper solving, and breaks must be given equal importance. 

Following a well-planned schedule will help you to complete the syllabus without any hassle. Here is a sample timetable to help you prepare a schedule of your requirement and timing.

Time Allotment


7-7:15 am

Marking the Physics topic needed to cover that particular day.

7:15- 9:15 am

Studying the decided topic




Continuation of studying



1:30- 4:30pm

Solving mock test papers and related questions.




Evaluating the solved questions and marking the mistakes.

7-7:30 pm

Exercise or break






Final revision and planning for the next day.



  • Studying in an Organised Method

Studying haphazardly without a proper flow will again push you to the worry zone. One must start preparing for Physics by starting from the first chapter and then proceed accordingly. It is better to understand the concepts first and study the theories. Trying to grasp two or three topics simultaneously will be confusing. 

For studying systematically, a student can follow a timetable prepared according to the requirements. They can use sticky notes or highlighters to mark the necessary sections for easy reference during revisions. It will enable you to make the more efficient revision plan for JEE Mains 2020.

  • Referring to Study Materials

Smart is the new trend! Studying from scratch can be a task equal to climbing mountains, but choosing the right study materials can ease out the worries.  There are thousands of books available in the market. So a JEE aspirant must refer to the prominent ones. 

Physics book by H.C Verma and D.C Pandey are regarded as the guide to ace JEE Mains Physics. Moreover, there are different online portals which provide solutions and practice questions regarding Physics. Vedantu is one such platform which gives live classes to students appearing for JEE Mains. 

There are other sources of acquiring guide for Physics in both online and offline modes as well. Following proper study resources will answer the query of how to prepare for Physics JEE Mains.

  • Practice Solving Mock Test Papers

Apart from practising questions from the Physics textbook, a student should try solving mock test papers. The practice papers like model question papers, past papers, sample papers are helpful in terms of understanding question pattern. 

Moreover, there are online mock tests which are an efficient way to make the exam taker practice the time management during the exam. Therefore, mock test practice is one of the ways of how to prepare for Physics JEE Mains.

  • Allot Time for Revision

While studying from home, a JEE Main aspirant needs to focus on revision as well. The best way to start your revision JEE Mains 2020 is by making a list of the chapters completed and are yet to complete.

Revision is a must in last-minute preparation. Moreover, it is important to avoid learning new topics, instead focus on the topics that have been prepared so far. Physics includes equations and formulas, so it is better to note them in a separate notebook or use sticky notes for the ease of reading. It must be kept in mind by candidates that revision can make or break the performance in the day of the exam. 

  • Get Rid of Diversions

Distractions can create hindrance in maintaining the study schedule. Devices like mobile and tablets or streaming networks can easily divert a JEE Main aspirant from the target. 

Some may regard using these devices as relaxing, which is crucial, but addiction to these devices can become the cause of bad results. Therefore, it is better to avoid these source for the time being and remain focused on the JEE Main preparations. 

  • Make Time for Breaks

Investing sufficient time for studying is vital to clear JEE Main Physics 2020, but relaxation is crucial as well. A student should take short breaks to feel relaxed and focused throughout the day.

Activities like meditation, exercise, listening to soothing music can ease your brain. Rather than utilising the time for watching videos or movies, a student can take a brisk walk or a nap. Moreover, the aspirant should take nutritional homemade meals to keep themselves healthy and active.

A Word of Advice

JEE Main is a gateway to India’s prominent engineering colleges, which demand a high ranking. Therefore, a student should be well prepared in Physics which needs more attention and logical understanding. 

If you have not secured a good score in Physics, then there is no need to panic. Rather, start preparing for the next phase. You can follow the tips on how to prepare for physics JEE Mains and the study schedule mentioned above and prepare accordingly. 

How to Revise Physics for JEE Main 2020 at Home