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Gratitude Can Change Your Life: Learn How!

By Puja RoyAugust 09, 2022
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Make a Gratitude List and Find Real Happiness

Most of the people we see around us are unhappy. There can be various reasons to be unhappy and ungrateful but mostly the reason is us only. It is we who decide when we need to feel happy. It is us who often forget to see the bigger picture and tend to incline on something we don’t have and crave. This is why making a grateful list can be a great help to stay happy.

Our vision and attitude towards life define who we are. It also tells a lot about our personality. Our perception controls the outcomes too and also decides whether we can be happy with smaller things or not. Life is complex for us and we often neglect the need for happiness, gratitude, and solace. Hence, making a list of things that we should be thankful for can do miracles.

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a practice that makes us rich with happiness. We get a broader vision of life where the simplest things do not get ignored. Even the smallest happiness counts. The smallest gestures to help someone or to thank someone for helping us bring joy and peace.

This practice also makes us happy about the current lifestyle we live. It tells us how lucky we are to have so many things around us. It explains how mindful we can be to enjoy what we have. It is a practice that can be merely seen among others these days.

Improvement of Mental Health with Gratitude

When we start making a grateful sentence with something we have with us, we make a significant change in our attitude. It makes us internally happy and that is rare. People can be seen happy. It is just wearing a happy mask to hide the reality.

Gratitude makes us consider the goodness of everything we have in our lives. It can be a person or food on your plate. It can be a bicycle you ride to your school or a friend who accompanies you on the way. There is no limitation to being happy and feeling grateful for your life.

Practising mindful gratitude will make you stronger. Your emotions will remain in your control and you can make significant progress in improving your mental health. Mindfulness is a beautiful practice taught by Buddhist monks. You need to be aware of things happening around you and simply let them pass.

Don’t let anything irritate, annoy, or instigate any kind of negative emotions in you. In this way, your mind will be free from a lot of distractions and you will also learn to be grateful. So, make sentences and focus on the good things more.

How Can You Make a Grateful List?

Look around you and find out why you feel lucky today. Observe your surroundings and consider almost everything you have. Find the things and people that are part and parcel of your life.

A Gratitude List

A Gratitude List

Start making a list of those people, objects, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc that make you feel special and grateful. Once you start doing this, you will be entirely different from the next moment. To commemorate this, start making a list of gratitude. Here is a start. Check out what things you are grateful to have.

  • Your sense of vision makes you see the colourful world around you. You can see people happy and joyous around you. You can also see the birds with beautiful colours flying. The sky changes its colour and gets adorned with clouds. There are so many things you could not have understood if you were unable to see.

  • Your sense of hearing, taste, and touch is also important. The beautiful sounds made by rain and thunder and the smell of wet soil make us thrilled. You are blessed to have all these senses working to give you the perfect view of life.

  • Your parents are there with you to love you, support you, and fulfil your basic needs. You are here in this wonderful world due to them.

  • You are surrounded by people who love you to the core. You must feel blessed as you have so many admirers and well-wishers.

  • You have a home to stay safe and rest. You can spend quality time with your family inside.

  • You have a school to go to and enjoy studying with your friends. You make friends and share your lunch with them.

These are the few gratitude sentence examples you can be grateful about. Be true to yourself and find out the things you should be grateful to have.

5 Benefits of Maintaining a Gratitude List

  • A list of things to be grateful for makes you happier and satisfied with your life.

  • The happier you are the better person you become. Your personality will change overnight.

  • Improve your sleep quality when you are grateful and satisfied with your life.

  • Regulate your emotions better and manage your stress. You will become more capable of warding off stress as very things will start affecting your day-to-day life.

  • You will also become more resilient and handle trauma in life. When you are thankful to have so many things in life, you will also learn to let go.

Gratitude Makes Us Stronger

When you are emotionally fulfilled with gratitude, you become much stronger. Your power to handle earthly stress will increase considerably. Jealousy, pride, negativity, dishonesty, etc. will vanish from your life and you will feel content.

The moment your brain feels peace, it rewires your thought process. There will be changes so significant you will feel the difference immediately. It helps you study better, perform well, and enjoy every day of your life. Make your list of gratitude and observe how it changes your life.