How to Involve Kids in Productive Work During The Summer Holidays Courtesy The Covid- 19?

by Anusha Lal, March 24, 2020

As per updates, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in India touched the 400-mark recently and might witness a manifold increase in the coming days if proper steps aren't taken. In this regard, state governments across India have already declared schools to remain closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic disease amongst kids. 

Further, we have reached a situation wherein the government has called for lockdown in several states to -

  1. Prevent the spread of coronavirus from infected bodies or contaminated surfaces. 

  2. Keep individuals quarantined in the shelter of their homes. 

This lockdown and closure of schools have restricted individuals to remain inside their houses for the time being. In such a scenario, parents are worrying themselves all the more thinking about their child's physical health and academic progress. 

While physical health can be looked after by adhering to the coronavirus prevention steps, the need to keep them productive and utilise their time effectively is of utmost importance. 

Here's how parents can help their child utilise the time efficiently. 

Why Is It Necessary to Keep Your Kids Engaged in Productive Tasks 

With this early summer break as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, students are restricted to stay at home. But, this may affect their physical as well as mental health because of the lack of social interaction, physical activities, etc. In this dire situation, you must keep a tab on your kid for their overall protection and growth. 

Amidst the coronavirus situation, many kids have started evading their academic lessons as there is a lack of guidance or study support. Moreover, the evolution of technology and increasing use of mobile phones and laptops have exposed kids to a different world which includes gaming and social media. 

Hence, kids now have more options that can keep them engaged, but not all are productive and may have a negative impact on them. Therefore, it becomes essential to help your kid indulge in activities that can keep them engaged and contribute to their overall progress. 

How To Keep Children Indulge In Productive Work 

  1. Academic progress 

Academic progress at this hour is of the essence. Since students rarely get time for self-study and assessment with their busy schedule of school and tuitions, this time can be used wisely for academic progress. It will help them improve on the results even at this epidemic coronavirus scare situation. 

The things you need to ensure on your part are:

  1. Help with homework/assignment 

With the closure of schools till 31st March or even beyond, numerous schools have assigned students with different tasks to indulge them in studies instead of misusing this time. In such a scenario, you can help your kids complete the assignment and homework and help clear the doubts if they have any. 

  1. Help complete project works 

Project works are the practical implication of a concept and students can learn a topic intricately as they prepare a project on it. Even if your children have not been assigned any project from school, you can ask them to prepare one on a topic they find interesting or difficult. This way, they would gain an in-depth knowledge of that particular subject or topic. You can help your children with the resources to do a project and help them develop one as well. 

  1. Register for online tuition classes 

Since home tuitions and public tuitions aren't really an option, and you need to keep your kids' academic progress undeterred, online tuition classes seem to be an ideal choice. There can be topics where you need the assistance of an experienced and professional teacher to help your kid understand the issues and such circumstances call for online tuitions. 

To help such parents, we have made our online classes free. Now you can register to our live courses without having to pay any fee and help your child learn the intricate concepts with ease from our experienced, skilled, and professional tutors. 

You can register for scheduled live classes through our website or by downloading the app and have your kid participate in interactive study sessions. 

  1. Help take self-assessment tests 

It is essential to evaluate your kids' learning by taking assessments and examinations. You will be able to determine if their recent learnings have contributed to your child's progress or not. You can register for self-assessment tests via our site and help your kid take them to evaluate their progress. Or, you can make sure to prepare an assessment or test questionnaire of your own and ask your kid to take the test to find out their extent of learning. 

  1. Physical Activities 

Physical activities are almost non-existent at this coronavirus pandemic situation because students, as well as parents, have to stay quarantined. Consequently, the lack of physical activity can

  • Make your kid lethargic 

  • Kids may gain weight due to less physical activity 

  • May have digestive problems, etc. 

These problems can arise as your kids are restricted from going out in this coronavirus outbreak situation. Hence, you should be careful enough to include a decent amount of physical activities in your kid's daily routine alongside their academics. 

For instance, you can arrange for some games at your terrace which require physical activity, teach them to exercise and do yoga. In essence, all of these ensure that there is an adequate proportion of physical activity in your kid's regime. 

Moreover, you can ask them to help in small household chores with you to help them become more responsible and self-sufficient.

  1. Indoor Games or Hobbies 

If you keep asking your kid to study all the time, it is likely to irk them, and they may not listen to you. Instead, befriend your kid and understand where their hobbies and interests lie. You can help them take up a hobby or interest of their choice while staying indoors. Help them draw, paint, sketch, sing, dance, or whatever piques their interest. 

Meanwhile, make sure they don't invest too much time on the aforementioned than they should. Keeping these things in mind will help you guide your child toward a productive path during this lockdown. 

Here's a list of things you can participate in with your kid amidst coronavirus lockdown. 

  • Indoor games like Ludo, carom, chess, etc. 

  • Indulge in solving puzzles. 

  • Participate in Quiz. 

  • Learn art. 

  • Prepare crafts, etc. 

While useful utilisation of your kids' time is essential, the seriousness of coronavirus pandemic can't be ignored. To ensure they stay healthy and safe, you need to ensure that your child and your family members adhere to the precautionary measures recommended by WHO. 

Safety Measures to Be Taken  

  • Wash your hands frequently and teach your child to do the same, especially before/ after having food, playing, or coming from outside. Clean your hand thoroughly by using soap, hand wash, or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

  • Make sure to keep at least 1-metre distance with anyone who is ill or having a cough or sneezes. 

  • Don't touch your face, mouth, nose, or eyes with unwashed hands. 

  • In case you have cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or tissue paper and dispose of the same immediately. 

  • Wear a mask in case you have a cough, or are developing coronavirus symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) 

  • Don't travel or come in close contact with anyone infected. 

  • Clean the frequently touched objects or places thoroughly using a disinfectant. 

Adhering to these safety measures will ensure that you as well as your children are safe from the pandemic coronavirus disease. These tips are crucial for one's health, and you must know about them. 

Meanwhile, your child's academic progress and overall development are crucial as well, and the tips mentioned above will help you in productive utilisation of their time. However, you need to keep a balance between the various activities so that you can ensure your kid learns effectively while not stressing themselves out more. 

For the academic part, you can enrol your children in our live online classes to fill the gap in their lessons due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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How to Involve Kids in Productive Work During The Summer Holidays Courtesy The Covid- 19?