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Learn How to Increase and Maintain Concentration and Focus on Studies

By Swagata SarkarAugust 09, 2022
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Ways to Increase Focus and Maintain Concentration in Your Studies

We cannot deny that we all get easily distracted by anything important or unimportant. There are elements around us that distract us easily and make us feel helpless. No matter how much attention you are paying to a topic, a simple sound of your favourite serial or cartoon show can divert it easily. How can you concentrate fully on your studies?

It is not possible for all the students to study late at night. It is also not recommended to stay awake at night to get more peace to study. Here is how to maintain concentration even when you are studying on a bustling day.

What Do You Mean By Concentration?

Before learning how to concentrate, let us first define what concentration is. It is the ability to focus and direct your attention to a particular thing or topic according to your will. This ability is present more or less in everyone.

Your mind becomes aware of the importance of paying attention and concentrating on something. You decide wilfully to concentrate on a topic or watch an informative documentary. The level of concentration is decided by the degree of liking or interest you have in that topic.

When it comes to studies, pupils often feel obligated. It is then their concentration levels start to dwindle. Learning how to concentrate on studies is of utmost importance to achieve success. Practising to maintain your confidence will help you progress throughout your personal and professional life.

A Student Concentrating on Studies

A Student Concentrating on Studies

Factors Affecting Our Concentration

Before learning about the concentration exercises, here is a list of factors that do not let you concentrate properly.

  • Distractions – As mentioned earlier, we have to face a lot of distractions while studying unwillingly. It can be anything depending on the surroundings of your study room.

  • Insufficient Sleep – Due to stress, our minds do not get proper rest. Improper sleep cycles and timing mess with our thinking and learning capabilities. It happens as we cannot concentrate on the topics due to our restless brains.

  • Lack of Physical Activities – Another good reason behind lack of concentration is not spending ample time playing outside. Any kind of activity involving physical exercise will help your brain to unwind, divert from stress, and relax. You will also be able to sleep properly at night.

  • Eating Habits – Proper food habits will ensure your brain gets the right food to work. Good food habits also help you sleep well and maintain your appetite.

Tips to Increase Your Concentration Power

  1. Remove Distractions

Prepare your own study room and make it soundproof. If you are easily distracted then you must eliminate the possibilities of distractions you can think of.

We all are bombarded with a lot of distractions all the time. There is another way of removing distractions even if they are there. Many aspirants train their minds to focus on the topics they are studying or solving a problem even in a crowded place. For this, you can learn how to meditate and practice concentration exercises.

  1. Concentration Exercise and Mindfulness

There are various exercises you can try to build your concentration level to a considerable level. One of the best ways to do so is to stop working on different things at a time. When you are easily distracted, you need to stop trying to multitask.

Focus on a particular job at a time. This is the foundation to improve concentration in the beginning. Multitasking can only be done when you are doing the same things repeatedly. Hence, try to focus on one work at a time.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

The next step is to practice the various methods of mindfulness. Learn how to be aware of all the things happening around you and let them pass. Mindfulness is a state where the common distractions such as sensory feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. will not affect the flow of your mind.

You can learn how to increase your concentration power when you overlook or ignore things around you. It is a way to train your monkey mind from jumping from one thing to the other unnecessarily.

  1. Sleep Is the Key to a Healthy Brain

The best way to develop immense concentration and strength to continue studying for hours without feeling exhausted is proper sleep. When you get proper sleep, your brain rewires and becomes ready for the next day’s hustle.

Your concentration level will always be at its peak when you are well-rested and alert. For this, reduce your screen time and use LED screens as little as possible. Study in warm light and use books or printouts as much as possible. This is how to concentrate on studies for long hours.

  1. Intervals in Studies

Give your mind to handle the information you have been imprinting for hours. Let your brain tackle the stack of information entering continuously. One of the best methods is to follow the Pomodoro method to study in short intervals and take smaller breaks.

Study for 25-30 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes. Repeat this cycle 4 times and take a bigger break of 20 minutes. Take a walk or do something you like to refresh your mind. In this way, you can study longer without feeling tired.

Increase Concentration to Focus More

Follow these tips and learn how to improve focus and concentration at the same time. Prepare your study space and keep it secluded from distractions. Follow the meditation techniques and learn how to focus on mindfulness. It is not a feat that you can achieve in a day. Practise meditating and learn to increase your concentration easily. Don’t forget to take breaks between long hours of study sessions to refresh your brain.