How to Give your Kids Stability When Coronavirus Closes Schools

by Sagar, March 17, 2020

In the wake of coronavirus, many countries across the world are gripped with panic. The primary reason for the same is the lack of knowledge of the disease and how to tackle the same. With constant efforts and research being made endlessly, a cure is bound to be found for the newfound virus which is taking the world by fear. 

The biggest dilemma in the current scenario is regarding the kids whose schools are being shut down. India has a total population of over 150 million kids under the age group of 6. Around 35.3% of the population is under the age of 14 years accounting to having one of the largest youth populations in the world. With schools shutting down due to the fear of the virus, the parent is completely clueless on how to entertain and educate the kids.

As a routine and practise, kids are used to being occupied with tasks for over 8 hours in a day. With the schools not functioning, the kids are equally clueless and blank on how to deal with the situation. However, alls not lost. There are so many ways in which kids can be kept occupied without boring them and also continue educating them. 

Don’t panic

There might be two-fold reasons for your panic. One is the whole idea of the new virus that is spreading panic and is apparently quite severe for young kids. And the second reason would be the idea of having kids at home for an indefinite period of time due to the closing of schools. 

The fact that your kids are also equally panicking should be taken into serious consideration. The kids are suddenly filled with an immense amount of free time which they would have easily spent with tier kids. But with schools closing down, children would be filled with a sense of frustration for being isolated with their friends. You need to take time and explain to them the seriousness of the situation. Explain to them as to why the schools are being shut down for the benefits of the students. To help protect them from the disease and to keep them safe. And always remember, this is not a one time process. Kids tend to be difficult and restless. Ensure you educate them about the scenario multiple times. This will ensure that they understand the scenario well and cooperate with you in your scheme of plans. 

Tell them they are not alone

Being separated from their friends would obviously put them in a sense of panic. They would be used to spending time constantly with their friends. Now, asking them to be separated from their friends for an indefinite period of time would definitely make them panic. These are times you need to understand their mind as well. Instead of panicking along with them, make sure you communicate with them and understand their fears. Educate them about the scenario and explain the situation. Tell them that you understand their fears and empathise with them. Tell them that they are not alone and plan your day according to their comfort as well.  Encourage them to develop and pursue activities that they would otherwise not have time to do. This will make them spend their time more qualitatively instead of feeling bored.      


Set specific routines

Most students in India have the habit of spending the maximum amount of time in a day at school. With schools being closed for an indefinite amount of time, kids are suddenly filled with a lot of free time. Kids will find this fun and relaxing, for the first few days. But eventually, all this excitement will be lost after a few days. Therefore it is very important to make a routine for them to follow on a daily basis. However, be lenient in doing the same. Allow them to have long sleeping hours. There is no harm in allowing your kids to sleep for a longer time when it permits. Getting a good amount of sleep will improve psychological, physical, and academic functioning along with improving their motor skills. Make them a study plan to ensure they do not lose touch with the whole idea of studying. Give them small assignments to work on a regular small basis. Divide the subjects in an equal manner. Pick out their favourite subjects and start the week by giving assignments in the same. Ensure your study plan consists of all the subjects. This way they do not lose touch with any of the subjects. 

Opt for online education 

With the evolving times, the space of online education has also developed by leaps and bounds. The internet is a fast-expanding space which provides us with each and everything that we need. The facility of learning online is no more related only to fancy courses or higher classes. With numerous online platforms available in abundance today, students in school can also avail quality online education for the regular school syllabus. Students can avail LIVE online learning classes. These classes help students to cope up with the syllabus. Also, there will be live doubt solving sessions, to help students cope up with their queries. The LIVE online learning space has become very effective and efficient due to modern technology. This makes learning online more fun and engaging. Vedantu is always there to teach online to all the students in India & abroad.

Also, not to forget that the study material available online for school students is very vast and highly reliable. Students can obtain study materials for both CBSE as well as ICSE syllabus. One of the most recommended study materials for CBSE syllabus is NCERT books. All the answers for NCERT books exercises are also available on these platforms as NCERT Solutions. These solutions have all the answers written as per the latest updated CBSE guidelines. This makes the answers more reliable. Also, for more practise numerous sample papers, mock tests and solved previous years question papers are easily available along with solutions to help you improve your preparation levels. 


Socializing is very important in difficult times like this. It is necessary to find time and space to accommodate other people who are going through the same situation. Ensure you connect with the parents of all your kids’ friends. This will give you a broader perspective on how everyone is dealing with their kids in times of crisis like these. Also, it will help you to get more creative with the ways to keep your kids entertained. Plan small meetups with them. Plan activities or homework sessions with them. Plan study time with them. You can also plan indoor and outdoor activities with the kids and their parents. This will make this time more bearable and enjoyable. 

Encourage healthy habits

Stress to your kids the importance of developing and maintaining good habits. Following are a few tips you can inculcate in your daily life: 

  • Sterilize you home to make it free from pests

  • Develop the habit of washing hands before and after food cleanly with a hand-wash.

  • Get a hand sanitizer at home with high alcohol content and use it at regular intervals.

  • Ensure to eat only freshly cooked food. 

  • Avoid meat as much as possible. 

  • Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing.

  • Wear a mask while travelling outside.

  • Maintain a minimum of 2 feet from people.

  • Avoid attending public places like malls, cinema theaters or mass gatherings.

  • Ensure to get a thorough checkup done in case of cold or fever just to be precautions.

How to Give your Kids Stability When Coronavirus Closes Schools