How to Get NCERT Solutions on Your Phones

by Sagar Mankar, May 19, 2020

The times have changed and so has the pattern of education. The conventional method of teaching-learning has taken a back seat. In the digital era, the world of education is also experiencing disruption and the online learning apps are just the end result of it. But have your aim of becoming an engineer or doctor in life changed? No. Your aim is still to get the best rank in JEE Main and JEE Advanced, NEET and other engineering and medical entrances so that you can fulfil your dream. To do that, all you need is to follow the NCERT books and solutions, either on your phone or in hard-copy format. 

NCERT books are considered to be the most important books if you are preparing for board exams or competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, UPSC, etc. Even in lower classes too, they are the best books to learn from. 

NCERT books ensure that you properly understand all the concepts of a particular subject. The contents are created scientifically and arranged in a self-explanatory manner so that you face no problem studying on your own. 

However, due to the digitisation of the education system, you will find NCERT textbooks and solutions, not just online, but even on the latest adaptations of phone apps. Does that make learning easy? You bet. 

Following are Some Ways How NCERT Solutions On Phone Make Your Preparations Easier and More Effective:

  • When the exam season is at a peak, you can simply open the app and download the NCERT books online. The PDF formats of the books take not more than a few seconds to get downloaded. 

  • The chapter-wise videos are available along with NCERT solutions and discussions. And the best part that it is available for English, Hindi & Urdu medium with all the PDFs of the books which you can learn online as well as offline.

  • Suppose you are a boarder in a hostel and you are on a vacation at home and haven't got your books yet, the NCERT book app will be helpful for you. On clicking this app you get access to the syllabus without the burden of books. You will be happy to see that, the graphics of the books are similar to the hardcover. Moreover, the reading experience will be exceptional. 

  • The phone apps are updated frequently and with each update, the convenience of downloading the NCERT books increases manifold. 

How Do You Get NCERT Solutions On Your Phones?

By downloading an authentic online learning app like Vedantu on your phone from Google Playstore. Sign up by creating an account on the app. This would require you to fill up a simple online form. Now, every time you need to download an NCERT solution, simply open the app; if you have not already chosen your class, choose it; go to the subject the solution of which you are looking for; finally, download the NCERT solution pre-uploaded in its PDF format. The NCERT solution will be now saved on your phone. You can close the app and read the solution at your own convenience, even when you are offline. 

Isn’t the process easy? So, from now on don’t panic if you don’t find an NCERT solution of a particular subject. Download the app of your choice and get the NCERT solutions on your phone. 

How to Get NCERT Solutions on Your Phones