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Mindset and its Importance for Online Learning!

By FathimaAugust 16, 2023
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What are the Two Mindsets?: An Introduction

We often see examples of people who excel in every field they choose to work in, but this might not be possible for others. Despite their talent, some people lack this ability. It is because of the mindset of an individual. Researches show that our achievements are the outcome of our thinking. Thus, when we train our brains to accept and think a certain way, other things change.

Growth Mindset For Online Learning: Why Is It Important?

Majorly there are two kinds of mindsets; one is fixed mindset. An individual with a fixed mindset tends to believe that they are born with only a specific ability, and it is impossible to change that, whereas the other mindset is a growth mindset herein, the individual believes that it is possible to develop new abilities through hard work and effort.

How Can We Change Our Mindsets?

It is possible to change our mindset and expectations about online learning. It can help improve the online learning experience. Some possible ways to change our mindset from a fixed to a learning mindset are:

1. Awareness of Negative Expectations:

What we say to ourselves defines the reality we will live in. Thus, our words spoken to ourselves hold great power. Pausing our expectations and shifting them toward positive is the first step towards changing our mindset.

2. Mistakes are a Step Towards Growth:

Mastering any subject or skill demands mistakes and failures. It is essential to understand that focusing on the process and concepts is more helpful than focusing on grades. You might even come across your liking for learning in the process.

3. Challenges and Obstacles are Milestones of Learning:

Challenges and obstacles give us the freedom to stretch ourselves out of the space we confide ourselves in. Instead of finding ways to escape the upcoming challenges, it is beneficial to embrace them and find new and creative ways for growing in the journey. 

These tips can help an individual to understand the importance of mindset and its value in online learning.

Response of Mindset

People with these mindsets respond differently to the situations. A person with a fixed mindset will be active and satisfied when they will be complimented about a task they’ve finished and told: “how well they’ve performed” whereas a person with a growth mindset would be interested in finding ways to improve and would be convinced when they would receive feedback about “how they can do better”. This difference in mindsets defines how the two kinds of people and their mindsets define their interest in learning.

Reaction to Setbacks

Setbacks are also a part of life. When we are learning, we come across different phases, and one of those phases is a setback. Individuals with a fixed mindset are discouraged by setbacks. They tend to become uninterested and give up midway. A person with a growth mindset sees a setback as an opportunity to learn. They tend to put in extra effort to learn and find ways to overcome the problem.

Some Ways to Grow Your Mindset

1. View Failures Differently:

A change in perspective for failures can change a lot for an individual. Once you start finding your learnings from each of your failures, there is a possibility of tremendous growth for an individual. Finding positives in the negatives can change a lot for a person over time.

2. Introspection:

Introspection is a way to know more about yourself. When one finds a way to focus on their strengths and weaknesses while finding ways to grow out of them, a growth mindset follows.

3. Be a Curious Learner:

Continue to keep the child in you alive. A kid that questions and remains curious to learn about new things actively is a better person than all others. This choice of learning and discovering new things opens doors for vast opportunities for individuals. It is beneficial to remain a curious learner in life.

4. Love What You are Doing:

When we love what we are doing, we start enjoying the process of learning. It is essential to surround yourself with positive people and positive things when you have a desire to grow as this environment allows you to enjoy your learnings and love what you do.

5. Forget Quitting:

Forget that quitting is an option after you’ve found your interest. This interest will be your internal drive of growing and doing better. This desire and this choice of growth will be helpful to grow your mindset.


Mindset is an essential tool for learning, especially in online mediums. In online learning, mindset plays a crucial role in defining the choices and ways of thinking of an individual. A growth mindset can help open horizons, and it allows students to be more adaptable to new technological changes. A student with a learning mindset can grow and learn new things efficiently in online learning. It is essential to realise the importance of mindset in the new emerging learning world to be able to grow better.

FAQs on Mindset and its Importance for Online Learning!

1. What are the two mindsets?

There are two mindsets: 

(i) Fixed mindset  

(ii) Growth mindset

2. What is the importance of online learning?

Online learning is flexible and convenient. It saves time and money while allowing students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

3. Is it possible to re-train our brains?

Yes, it is possible to re-train our brains. When we teach our brain about the possibilities of acceptance and learning, it adapts to new changes.