How to Crack the SOF Olympiad 2020?

by Gowthamy Alagiri, March 24, 2020

The Science Olympiad Foundation or SOF is most commonly known as an educational foundation as well as a non-profit organization that came into being in the year 1996. The organization is located in Delhi and has been working upon providing skills related to science, mathematics, computers, general knowledge as well as English to students all around the country by organizing Olympiad Examinations in the different schools. The main aim of this exam is to equip students to think out of the box and ensure that they make use of the different sample papers as well as books that are provided by the institution to improve their overall knowledge about whichever subject you choose. The idea is to provide a better platform for the students through SOF Olympiads 2020.

Importance of SOF Olympiad

The main aim of the exam is to ensure that the students can get a much bigger platform than what they are getting in schools to showcase their skills and talents in terms of the different subjects. The main issue with school education is that students are not able to get a lot of exposure to the subjects that they like. There is a rat race that all the students have to follow which is why they have to give proper attention to each and every subject that is taught in school. However, it is through the SOF Olympiad 2020 that the students can choose the subject on their own and then study the same and appear for its exam. This would help them in increasing their overall knowledge in that particular subject which is why it would be fruitful for the students in the long term. This is why the SOF Olympiad is given so much importance in comparison to the other exams. 

Why should you take the SOF Olympiad?

 As mentioned above as well, schools are not able to provide the students with adequate knowledge about a particular subject because they have other subjects to focus on as well. This is why, if a student is interested in excelling in a particular subject, then he or she must register for the exam through which they would be able to ensure a greater platform for the subject that they want to master. Some of the major reasons as to why students must take the SOF Olympiad 2020 are as follows:

  1. Brings out the best in the Child: 

           The aim of the exam is not only to enhance the knowledge of the students about a particular subject; rather it also helps in the overall development of the child. Once a student is challenged and can overcome that hurdle with hard work then he or she can get out the best of his or her qualities because of which the child becomes all the more confident in their abilities.  

  1. Helps in enhancing conceptual knowledge:

          The next big thing that is achieved by the students while giving and preparing for Olympiads is that they get to learn so much about the different concepts because of which they eventually start understanding things rather than simply cramming them. This way they can improve their marks in school.  

  1. Establishes logical thinking:

           It is one of the biggest factors that are required in students of today’s time. The school system is such that the children don’t get a lot of exposure and opportunities to think things through. They are fed all the information on a platter because of which their logical thinking goes for a toss. In this case, while preparing for the SOF Olympiad 2020, the students would have to work their brains and would eventually develop logical skills which they were missing on earlier.  

  1. Provides better Exposure:

The problem with students in India is that whenever they have to compete at an international level, they are not able to do so. This happens because students are not given too much exposure here and when they are put on an international platform they automatically feel extremely overwhelmed. Therefore, to avoid this situation among the students, they must be given the right kind of exposure by giving the exam.  

  1. Facilitates Better Understanding:

While preparing for the Olympiad exams the students can gain the ability to think about things in a much better and systematic manner. This way they can get a better hold upon the different subjects and their marks eventually improve because of the same.  

How to Crack SOF Olympiad 

It is a fact that the Olympiad exam provides the students with several benefits that can prove to be highly beneficial for them in the long run. However, to give your best in the exam, you must know all about the SOF Olympiad preparation tips which are as follows:

  1. Know the Pattern Well:

The first step in ensuring that you give the best in the Olympiad exam that you have opted for, it is very important that you know the pattern of the paper well so that you can prepare for the same in that particular format. This will help you manage your time and resources well and you would be able to gain a good score in the exam due to the same. This is undoubtedly one of the most important SOF Olympiad preparation tips that you must follow.  

  1. Use Appropriate Resources:

In order to ace the exam, it is also important that you consult experts and then refer to the right kind of resources so that you can fully proof your preparation and can give your best on the day of the exam.  

  1. Manage Time:

Students often tend to overestimate themselves when it comes to timing an exam. Therefore, to avoid any shocks on the day of the exam, you should time yourself well while doing your mock exams so that the same can be done on the day of the actual exam.  

Adhering to the school, the syllabus is extremely important but what is also very important is the fact that you step out of your comfort zone and ensure that you get the right kind of exposure so that it enhances not only your present but your future as well. In such a case, therefore, you must give exams like the SOF Olympiad 2020 for a brighter and more knowledgeable future. 

How to Crack the SOF Olympiad 2020?