How To Prepare For NEET 2020 Without Coaching

by Asmita Kundu, April 28, 2020

It is not possible for everyone aspiring to crack NEET 2020 to enroll in a reputed coaching institute for a variety of constraints such as time, distance, availability and affordability. This does not mean you cannot crack NEET 2020. You can prepare for NEET 2020 at home. However, successful NEET preparation at home requires tremendous hard work and dedication. NEET is a highly competitive national level exam. Rigorous self-study is an essential part of the preparation phase. Successful NEET preparation at home requires you to be absolutely disciplined and focused. If you want to crack the NEET 2020 Exam, then these NEET 2020 preparation tips are just what you need right now.

Preparation for NEET 2020

For successful preparation for NEET 2020 at home, there are certain NEET 2020 preparation tips that you must diligently follow. This section of the article will tell you about a variety of useful and game-changing exam tips strategies. Read through for a comprehensive understanding of how to prepare for NEET 2020 without coaching at home.

Know The Exam Anatomy

 In order to crack any exam, it is only wise to understand the complete anatomy of that exam. For successful NEET preparation 2020, it is essential that you know your exam well. The NEET Exam comprises 45 questions from Chemistry, 45 Questions from Physics and 90 Questions from Biology. National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts NEET offline. From the anatomy of the exam, it is very evident that biology plays the most significant role in your NEET preparation 2020. However, Physics and Chemistry also play a critical role in your preparation. Knowing the exam pattern is the key to efficient NEET 2020 preparation.  Proper understanding of the various question types, exam duration, and scheme of marking is extremely crucial to attain maximum marks in the exam.

Know Your Full Syllabus

If you want to crack the NEET exam, it is imperative that you take a long and thorough look at your exam syllabus. If you are thorough with your syllabus, it will be easy for you to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything included in the syllabus while preparing for your exam. It is always advisable to formulate a handy mind map of the syllabus not only to keep your NEET preparation 2020 on track but also to determine which topics your strength lies and what topics you are weak in. This way you can not only perfect the topics in which your strengths lie but also contribute more effort towards strengthening your hold on topics you are weak in.

Design An Effective Time Table

This is one of the most crucial answers to your question ‘How to prepare for NEET 2020 at home?’. This point of your preparation will practically differentiate you from all other applicants and contribute to your success. A well designed time table ensures efficient time management. Different people have different study capacity and habits. Determine your capacity and then fix a time table. Here are a few NEET 2020 preparation tips that you must remember while crafting an effective time table.

  • You must take into consideration your school hours so that you can determine the actual duration left to prepare for NEET 2020.

  • Set aside a particular time period for indulging in leisure activities in order to avoid being overburdened with studies. If you avoid indulging in leisure or recreational activities altogether, it is detrimental to your efficiency.

  • Ensure that you take out enough time each day to revise and practice the topics you have covered already. Practicing is quintessential for increasing your overall efficiency and speed. You can practice mock tests to get a good feel of the actual test.

  • Prepare a time table in a manner to cover maximum questions from topics you find difficult so that you can enhance your grip over them eventually.

  • You can categorize various topics based on the level of difficulty and then assign time for each topic accordingly. This will help you make the best of your time and maximize your performance.

  • Set small daily, weekly and monthly study goals for adhering to your timetable and accomplishing your tasks in a disciplined manner.

Go Beyond the Basics

When the question ‘how to prepare for NEET 2020?’ comes to your mind, it is a no brainer to guess that you have to begin with strengthening your basics with NCERT books and NCERT Solutions.  This will help you get a smooth start and a solid foundation for your NEET 2020 preparation.  Once you have mastered the NCERT Textbooks, you can expand your knowledge by exploring authentic good study material outside the NCERT textbooks. Expanding your knowledge essentially never goes in vain.

Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests

One of the hardest challenges, while you prepare for NEET at home, is to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes. A very important part of the answer to the question ‘how to prepare for NEET?’ is to practice full-length NEET mock tests in order to learn to deal with the time constraint. Taking a mock test on a regular basis will boost your confidence level and help you figure out the best paper attempting strategy so that you can maximize your NEET score. Every time you take a mock test, take it in one go to get used to the time constraint. If you attempt mock tests frequently, you will be able to evaluate your performance and spot your weaknesses.

Frequent Self Evaluation 

Honest and frequent self-evaluation will help you gain a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you take corrective action towards improving your weaknesses.  If you follow this practice, you will overcome your weaknesses eventually and ace your examination.

Stay Focused 

NEET Preparation at home requires a hell lot of focus. No matter what happens, you should never lose your focus and keep your eyes on your goal throughout your self-study journey if you really want to be successful. Staying focused does not mean that you push yourself too hard or do not allow yourself to take a break. Staying focused essentially means staying true, dedicated and committed towards your goal. Remember only a healthy body and a motivated mind can stay focused and succeed.

How To Prepare For NEET 2020 Without Coaching