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Here’s Why 1M+ Students have Already Registered for V.O.T.E.

By Asmita KunduApril 07, 2021
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Vedantu brings you an amazing opportunity to get a free trip to NASA and win guaranteed scholarships from a pool of over ₹ 500Cr. All you need to do is take the Vedantu Online Talent Exam and make your learning comeback in 2021. Over 1 Million students have already registered for V.O.T.E., the biggest online talent exam in India, and are all set to win exciting rewards. The best part is that you can register for V.O.T.E. absolutely free of cost. What’s more? You will also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to become Vedantu’s CEO for a day. 

Here’s Why 1M+ Students have Already Registered for V.O.T.E.

Well, that’s not all. There’s a lot more up our sleeves for V.O.T.E. that will make your learning experience even more exciting. It is a mental aptitude test for most grades with questions specially framed to test your logical and analytical reasoning skills. You can use a calculator during this talent exam. The main features of V.O.T.E. are discussed in the following section to help you get a clearer idea.

Features of V.O.T.E.

The main purpose of conducting the Vedantu Online Talent Exam is to help students make their learning comeback. The in-depth analysis of their performance in V.O.T.E. will help them accelerate their learning practices efficiently. V.O.T.E. has been designed in a way that ensures students get to try new puzzles, quizzes, and challenges, thereby engaging them optimally in academics. Read on to know more about the main features of this talent exam.     

Boosting a Healthy Competition

Have you been missing the group-study sessions with your friends or squad lately? You can solve quizzes and puzzles with your squad once again, while you prepare for V.O.T.E. on Vedantu. You can team up with your buddies and participate in the Weekly Challenges that will be rolled out for V.O.T.E. All you have to do is register on V.O.T.E and spread the word among your friends. Once they enrol for the exam, you can all form your own squad and take the challenges. New challenges will be rolled out on Vedantu every week. Your squad can solve them, earn up to 1000 Vcoins, and get ahead in the Leaderboard. There will be Daily Challenges too. You can solve them individually to earn 100 Vcoins per challenge. The individual performances of your squad members will be tallied every Monday. Isn’t that exciting? Participants will be allowed to use calculators, but have to think hard to crack the answer to these questions.

FOMO Factor

Over a million students have already enrolled for V.O.T.E. due to the fear of missing out. The V.O.T.E. format is quite different from that of regular school examinations. With the V.O.T.E. curriculum, we want to ensure students get a chance to learn and enhance their understanding of basic concepts. Our mentors will teach them the fundamentals and assist them in solving problems. Students across India are enrolling for V.O.T.E. as they do not want to miss out on this learning opportunity. 

V.O.T.E. Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of V.O.T.E. is designed to simplify the learning experience of students. The exam will be conducted in two rounds - Round 1 and Round 2. The slots available for both rounds are as follows:

Round 1

Mar 28, Apr 4, Apr 11, Apr 18

Round 2

Apr 25

  • All the questions will be of objective type and every question will have 4 answer choices of which only 1 will be the correct answer 

  • The time duration of V.O.T.E. will vary as per the number of questions for respective grades 

  1. For Grades 5 to 9, there will be a mental aptitude test of 60 minutes.

  2. For Grade 10, there will be two sections in the paper, i.e Mental Aptitude Test and Scholastic Aptitude Test. The duration of V.O.T.E. for Grade 10 students will be 75 minutes

  3. For Grade 11, there will be three sections, based on the choice of subjects opted for. In this category, JEE/NEET aspirants along with Commerce students can take V.O.T.E. The time duration to attempt all the questions will be 90 minutes

  4. For Grade 12, there will be three sections in the V.O.T.E. paper, i.e, Physics,  Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The time duration to attempt all the questions will be 90 minutes

V.O.T.E. Prizes

Though there are a lot of exciting rewards up for grabs in V.O.T.E., the most significant takeaway is the in-depth analysis of your performance. All V.O.T.E. participants will be ranked on an All-India basis, and given a certificate of  participation . Our in-house team of experts will provide every V.O.T.E. participant with a detailed analysis of their performance. The top performers will be given guaranteed scholarships up to 100 percent. Solving the Daily and Weekly Challenges will help them win exciting prizes worth  ₹ 1Cr. What’s more? The toppers of V.O.T.E. will be eligible for a fully sponsored trip to NASA and also get a chance to become Vedantu’s CEOs for a day.  

Experience a  learning comeback with Vedantu and explore your aptitude skills through V.O.T.E. The LIVE classes conducted by our mentors and the daily and weekly quizzes rolled out on our portal, will certainly help students to enhance their logical thinking and improve IQ levels. Register for V.O.T.E. to evaluate your academic potential and win guaranteed scholarships, exciting prizes and a lot more.