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Global Day of Parents 2023: Surprise Your Parents in Most Innovative Ways

By AiswaryaMay 30, 2023
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Global Day of Parents 2023: Date, History, Traditions, Importance, and How to Celebrate?

Parents — whenever we hear this word, our heart fills with love and respect, and the image of our own parents comes in front of our eyes. Parents are the strong pillars of love, support and guidance for any child(ren). No matter what the age of an individual is, everyone finds comfort in their parent’s lap. In 2012, the U.N. General Assembly decided to dedicate a day globally to the parents. 

Since then, June 1 is celebrated as the “Global Day of Parents”. However, dedicating only one day to our parents is nothing compared to the love they shower on us. Still, this day remains significant to showcase due respect to all the parents. So, along with the history and significance of the Global Day of Parents, we will share a few interesting ideas to surprise your parents and how to pamper them as well.

Global Day of Parents 2022

When is Global Day of Parents?

Global parents day is on June 1, 2023, Thursday. Since 2012, it has been celebrated on June 1 of every year. Though we show our gratitude to our parents every day, this is a day when you can do something special for your parents. But, do you ever wonder where it all started? How did this idea of dedicating a day to parents come into existence? Let’s have a look at the history of the Global Day of Parents 2023.

History of Global Parents Day 2023

During the 1980s, the United Nations began to focus on family issues and how a child's emotional and mental well-being affects other areas of development on a large scale. On December 9, 1989, the General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 1994 as the International Year of the Family. Another resolution passed in 1993 established May 15 as the annual date for commemorating the International Day of Families.

The United Nations declared June 1 as Global Day of Parents on September 17, 2012. The day's goal is to raise awareness about the importance of parenthood and its role in providing children with the protection and tools they need for positive development. After all, parents are a child's first teachers and source of human interaction. Community leaders, parents, children, teachers, and family organisations join forces to commemorate the occasion and promote effective parenting.

Global Day of Parents 2022: 5 Surprise Ideas for Your Parents

Campaigns and educational programmes for parents are also widely promoted in order to promote stability within nuclear families. This day is also used by related organisations to promote the model of a two-parent nuclear family.

Different countries observe Parent's Day on different dates. For example, India will celebrate parents day 2023 on July 23 2023; it is observed on the fourth Sunday of July in the United States and on the eighth of May in South Korea. 

Global Day of Parents 2023: Theme

Every year, the celebration of Global Day of Parents is centred on a specific theme to ensure a unified discussion on the subject and a festival along similar lines worldwide. The theme of Global Day of Parents 2023 is "Appreciate All Parents Throughout the World." This theme focuses on ensuring that we are all aware of our families' emotional, physical, and mental health, particularly our parents, who are frequently neglected. Last year, i.e. in 2021, the theme of the Global Day of Parents was 'appreciate all parents throughout the world'. 

How to Observe Global Day of Parents?

The Global Day of Parents is observed both privately and publicly worldwide. The first step in celebrating a day dedicated to parents, however, and wherever it is observed, is to honour them with the utmost respect and heartfelt regards. Children, whether young or old, can plan surprises and gifts for their parents, cook for them, and spend the entire day spending quality time and making joyful memories with them. 

Most schools celebrate Global Day of Parents in their schools. It is a day when students' parents are invited to the school. The schools organise fun contests, games, art exhibitions to display students' creations for this particular day, sweet treats, and other fun activities for parents and their children to enjoy together. 

On this day, parents can be made to feel loved and appreciated through grand gestures or the simplest of efforts, which strengthens and sweetens the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

What are the Traditions of Global Day of Parents?

There are numerous holidays throughout the year when we appreciate, thank, and love our parents and grandparents. While the traditions for Global Day of Parents are similar to those for other holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day, people nowadays go beyond simple ideas of giving gifts or flowers. It is a known fact that how parenting could be difficult and challenging and yet they give their best. Hence to recognise their selfless efforts, children give back the love and support to their parents with the same amount of love that they received from their parents.

Since the Global Day of Parents is an official United Nations observance, many special announcements, rallies, proclamations, and events are organised. Besides, the community hosts various programmes and entertainment nights.

Importance of Global Day of Parents 2023

The celebration of the Global Day of Parents is extremely important. It should be more widely recognised and observed because it addresses such an important topic as Parenting and Parent-Child Bond Enhancement. The day is important because it draws attention to a variety of issues. It emphasises the significance of honouring one's parents. It also recognises parents' unending efforts for their children, as well as their devotion and sacrifices for their children, and discusses the importance of healthy and responsible parenting.

The day also focuses on critical issues such as raising awareness about one's family's mental and physical well-being. It teaches us to reach out to each other during difficult times, offering support and assisting in the improvement of health and well-being.

How to Surprise Your Parents on this Global Day of Parents (2023)?

Though there are various ways of surprising your parents on this Global Day of Parents, we are sharing a few interesting ideas that may help you in bringing a smile to their faces.

1. Make a personalised card for them

Nothing can beat a gift that is handmade, especially for someone. You can make a personalised card for them with your old pictures or by writing a message to them. 

2. Cook something for them

Parents will always love it when their children prepare something for them. Whether you know cooking or not, you can prepare anything for them and they will definitely love it.

3. Take them for a surprise tour

You can always arrange for a surprise tour and your parents will definitely like it.

4. Frame old photographs and gift them to them

Parents always love old memories. You can gift them an old photo framed nicely to cherish the memories.

5. Know about their wish that they couldn’t fulfil and make it happen

Every parent must have some wish that they wanted to fulfil but couldn’t somehow. Try to find out any such wish and fulfil that wish. We are very sure that they are definitely going to love it.   

So, before concluding, we want to remind you that Global Day of Parents 2023 is not the only day to celebrate your parents. Nothing can be compared with the love they shower on us and the sacrifices that they make for us. But, try to celebrate every single moment with them. Doing small things for them will make them happy. As they put their best effort to give you the best life, you can also recognise their efforts and be their best companion.

Happy Global Day of Parents Day to all!