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Happy Mother’s Day 2022: 8 Thoughtful and Creative Ideas for Kids

By Manasvi GuptaMay 07, 2022
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Mother's Day 2022: Date, History, Significance, and Ways to Celebrate

When you get injured, you call your mom, or when you come home from school, the first thing is to look for your mother, right? Mother’s love is always unconditional. But have you ever tried to do something special for her or expressed your love to her in some ways? Well, there is a special day for your mother when you can pamper her - ‘Mother's Day’.

When is Mother's Day 2022?

To celebrate the beautiful and selfless bond of love between mothers and their children, the second Sunday of May every year is dedicated to mothers and motherly figures in everyone’s lives. So, Mother's Day 2022 falls on May 8.

Do you know that Mother’s Day is also known as ‘Mothering Sunday’ as per old Christians, since it is celebrated on a Sunday?

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Mother's Day History and Significance

You must be wondering that mothers are always with us, so why do we need a particular day to honour her love! Or why only the second Sunday of May is chosen to celebrate maternal bonding and the powerful impact of mothers on society?

Well, Mother’s Day was first observed in 1907 in the US when Anna Jarvis (whose Jarvis Foundation helps underprivileged children and provides financial aid to women) hosted the first Mother’s Day worship service in memory of her late mother, Ann Jarvis.

Her plea to observe the day as Mother’s Day was denied then. But in 1941, a proclamation was issued stating that every second Sunday in May would be observed as National Mother’s Day in the US.

So, now that you have a lot of information on Mother’s Day 2022, how are you planning to make it special for your mom this year? If you’re out of Mother's Day celebration ideas or looking for some inspiration, scroll down. We’ve got plenty of unique creative and meaningful things that you can do easily and your mother would absolutely love them without a doubt!

Mother’s Day Creative Ideas for Kids

  1. Make a Scrapbook

Go crafty this Mother’s Day 2022 and level up from those same old brunches and Mother’s Day handmade cards. Kids, take your mom on a trip down memory lane by creating a beautiful handmade commemorative scrapbook from all the old and new photos. This will strengthen your bond, and you will cherish the scrapbook forever.

  1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt if you’re getting goodies at the end? It’s even more fun when the whole family is involved. So, kids, set up a scavenger hunt in your homes this Sunday and keep your mom on her toes! Leave hints in the places that mean something special to her. In the end, gift her a basket full of her favourite skincare products and plan a surprise party with your family!

  1. Showcase Toddlers’ Doodles

Fathers or other family members can help their toddlers and little ones create something special for their mothers. Gather all the crafty things like buttons, paper hangings, crayons, dried flowers, paints and guide your children whatever they want to make. For toddlers, you can make their hand, foot or finger print cards and gift it to the moms. They will surely appreciate the big efforts of the little ones!

  1. Handmade Things that Matter

If your mom’s a reading buff, make her special handmade bookmarks and write beautiful quotes or your feelings for her on them. Mention ‘special words for my mother’ on the bookmarks so that she thinks of you whenever she’s reading.

If your mother is a fitness freak, get her cutomised yoga mats, or if she loves cooking, you can make her work easy by labelling all the boxes with your hands. For working moms, you can gift them handmade files or folders or handmade paperweights, or even customised handbags.

Some Amazing and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas for All

  1. Movie/ Series Marathon

Your mom deserves care and a lot of rest - both physically and mentally. So, this mothers day, plan a movie marathon for her with all her favourite movies and shows and enjoy them with her, no matter if you don’t like them, just do it for her! Arrange popcorn or whatever she loves to eat beforehand and don’t let her move an inch!

  1. Grant Her a Wish

Turn into a genie (no, not literally!) and grant your mom three wishes like in Aladdin, we bet she’ll love it! The rule says that you have to do what she wants without hesitation. She wants you to get your haircut? Do it. Mow the lawn? Clean the entire house? Sing her poetry? Just do it child, it's her day. It’ll be fun seeing how the tables turn.

  1. Take Her for Health Checkup

If she’s been procrastinating that visit to the doctor due to work or other reasons, Mother’s Day 2022 is the perfect chance for you as a family to check on her health. Arrange a full body checkup special package for her. Accompany her to the doctor this time  and she will definitely feel loved and cared for.

  1. Arrange a Spa Session

Remember how your mother often complains of back aches or body aches? A day cannot cure it all, but you can definitely help her relieve some of her pain and stress by setting up a special spa session for her this Mother’s Day.


So which Mother's Day celebration ideas have you chosen? Well, it really doesn’t matter because it is your sincere expression of affection to demonstrate your love for your mother that matters. However, remember that going all extravagant is not the only way to express your gratitude and love towards your loved ones; even giving a simple list of ‘special words for my mother’ to your mom every day or on alternate days will make her very happy, we promise!