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5 Mistakes JEE Droppers Commit and What You Can Do to avoid Them

By Chandni WadhwaniAugust 05, 2022
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5 Mistakes During JEE Preparation Commonly Observed by Droppers

Are you a JEE dropper? Do you want to know common mistakes made by JEE aspirants that affect their IIT ranking? This blog will help because it will tell you 5 mistakes JEE droppers commit and what you can do to avoid them.

Along with the best preparation tips and secret tips to become a topper in IIT JEE, it’s equally important for JEE droppers to pay attention to common mistakes often made during JEE exam preparation. Avoiding a few silly mistakes will immensely help you level your ranking in JEE 2023 exams. Read on to know 5 mistakes to avoid during JEE preparation for JEE droppers and how to reduce silly mistakes in JEE exam.

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5 Mistakes JEE Droppers Commonly Commit
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5 Mistakes to Avoid During JEE Preparation for Droppers

Here are some of the common mistakes done by JEE aspirants during JEE drop year and ways to avoid them:

Don’t Forget to Stick to the JEE Syllabus

Many students are eager to know more exciting things from books, go off track, study topics that are not a part of the JEE syllabus, and forget to learn what is important. Don’t make this mistake. Read the updated syllabus thoroughly and stick to it, as you will never find any questions in the JEE questions paper that are out of the syllabus

Don’t Unnecessarily Complicate Your Study Days with Too Many Reference Books

Avoid referring to too many reference books for the same subject as this will not only make your study days hectic but also confuse you. Sometimes, in our eagerness to learn more from different reference books, we learn nothing important. So, instead of referring to too many books, refer only to NCERT, one theoretical reference book for each subject, and 1-2 books for practising numerical questions and MCQs.

Ignoring the Topic That You Feel Unimportant or Difficult

Questions can be raised from any part of the syllabus in the IIT JEE exam. So, don't even think of leaving out any topic that you feel is unimportant or difficult. If you find any topic difficult, try to understand it from different videos provided by experienced educators or take live classes to solve your doubts instantly. Make other efforts to grasp the topic in a simpler way than running from it, as leaving any topic may result in losing unnecessary marks in the JEE exam.

Don’t Give up on Your Hobbies

Many students eager to score more give up on their hobbies and forget to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t make this silly mistake. Although studying hard is important to clear the JEE exam with a good score, giving up on your hobbies is not the only solution. Try to spend a minimum of 1 hour per day on the things you love the most. This will refresh your mind, and you will be able to focus more on your studies. Also, don’t forget to have healthy and timely meals. Avoiding meals timely may make you sick, costing you a lot.

Prepare Your Study Plan

Many students try to follow their peer's study plans instead of making an effort to prepare their study plans. Don’t make this mistake, as every student is different and has different abilities to grasp the concepts. Following your peer's routine may make you inconsistent with your studies, affecting your performance. So, instead of following your peers' time table, make the one that suits you the best.

How to Reduce Silly Mistakes in the JEE Exam?

Here are some of the ways that help you to reduce silly mistakes in JEE exam:

  • Practice and analyse your self-preparation. Practising the questions repeatedly helps you to avoid silly mistakes.

  • Read the questions twice or thrice before attempting.

  • Twice before choosing the right option. Attempt the questions only if you are 100%. It is because the JEE exam has negative markings for incorrect answers.

  • Avoid making mistakes in simple calculations. This can be done by double-checking everything you calculate to reduce the number of errors.

  • Don’t cram too much before the exam.

  • Ensure not to take exam stress; instead, prepare for the exam with a free mind.

  • Don’t consider the option number as your answer. Sometimes, you get the answers in single digits like 1,2,3, or, or 4. In such a case, make the correct options with the right answer.

  • Don’t lose your focus in between. Instead, study consistently till the exam date confidently and with complete dedication and concentration.

  •  Analyse your paper every time you give mock tests from the answer sheet. Try to answer by yourself what mistakes you are frequently making and why. Practice those questions in which you repeatedly make mistakes to avoid making the same mistakes during the exam.

  • Avoid staying up late the night before an exam. Thi may impact your health and make you feel confused and stressed in the examination hall.

Is Online Coaching Best for JEE Droppers to Prepare Better for Exams and Avoid Silly Mistakes?

JEE online classes are the most convenient option for droppers to avoid silly mistakes and prepare better for IIT JEE exams. Vedantu’s Dropper Course will help droppers and first-timers study appropriately for upcoming tests.

The following are the features that you’ll be guaranteed in this Vedantu’s dropper course for JEE 2023:

  • Classes by our top Master Teachers

  • Live Doubt-Solving by Class Teachers

  • Live Quizzes and Leaderboard

  • Most Exam-appropriate Test Series with Solutions

Considering all these, it is safe to assume that droppers can prepare best for JEE with Vedantu's dropper course.


If you are a dropper, you will get a second opportunity to avoid mistakes and score well in the upcoming JEE exam. This is because you will have some extra time to cover the entire syllabus without having to think of other things like board exams, school projects, or any other kind of preparation. So, if you have planned to take a drop year to prepare for JEE 2023, Vedantu’s Dropper Course will help you achieve your goal of preparing well and avoiding silly mistakes.

FAQs on 5 Mistakes JEE Droppers Commit and What You Can Do to avoid Them

1. What are the common mistakes made during JEE preparation by JEE droppers?

Here is a list of the mistakes made during JEE preparation by JEE droppers:

  • Ignoring mock test, previous year questions, and sample papers

  • Making assumptions like the questions will not come from a particular chapter or topic

  • Omitting difficult questions or chapters

  • Giving less importance to NCERT textbook

  • Not solving doubts instantly but instead leaving them for weekends

  • Overconfidence

  • Not taking interest during Lectures

  • Not taking enough sleep and a healthy diet

2. How important is solving doubts for JEE droppers?

Solving doubts is an important part of JEE droppers’ preparation. Solving doubts will help them to understand the topic in a better way. Once all your doubts are clear, and you gain a firm hold on every concept, you can solve any problem asked in the exam accurately and speedily. Hence, this indirectly helps you in scoring a good rank.

3. What strategy should I apply in my IIT JEE drop year?

The following points can be considered to make your drop year effective.

  • Analyse your mistakes and work on them so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.

  • Prepare your timetable instead of following others. Follow it without fail

  • You have to cover a vast syllabus in a year, so don’t spend too much time on a few topics that carry less weight. This gives you less time to prepare the topics that carry more weight and require more time.

  • Study consistently for a whole year instead of taking long breaks in between.

  • Don’t leave anything to prepare for last month. Leave last month only for revision and mock tests.  

4. Can JEE droppers come in the list of top rankers?

Yes, JEE droppers can come in the list of top rankers. Your JEE ranks entirely depend upon the amount of hard work and dedication you put in your drop year for the preparation for JEE examination.

5. What should JEE droppers stop doing?

JEE droppers are suggested to avoid the following things during JEE preparation:

  • Avoid indulging in rumours and spending too much time online.

  • Stop spending their time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Stop wasting time reading unnecessary books. 

  • Don't run away from the mock test.

  • Do not lose hope, and don’t underestimate yourselves.

  • Avoid hanging out with your friends too frequently during the drop year.