Education at the Time of Corona? 5 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Progress Undeterred

by Sagar Mankar, March 20, 2020

The havoc coronavirus infection has affected lives beyond just physical health. The outbreak is worsening day by day as it registers 2,25,252 cases globally out of which 174 cases are from India itself as on 19th March 2020. The highly contagious virus has created a difficult situation in the society and has caused challenging scenarios for everyone.

The Indian government has implemented several precautionary measures to help prevent further spread of the pandemic disease. The steps taken by the Indian government as of now are as follows – 

  • Government has suggested Indians avoid unessential travel. 

  • Stringent checking of passengers travelling from abroad via flights. 

  • All incoming travellers from foreign countries are quarantined. 

  • Schools in several states are temporarily shut down to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection amongst kids. 

  • Movie theatres, monuments, temples, etc., i.e., places of the social gathering are temporarily closed to keep crowds to a bare minimum. 

  • With 27 new cases reported on 19th March, the threat and the possibility of spreading are high. Considering such statistics, the centre has ordered to allow 50% of government employees work from home while the other 50% to work on staggered working hours. 

The novel coronavirus outbreak hasn’t only affected the students and working individuals but has impacted the share market, manufacturing industries, and the Indian economy significantly. While every industry or every individual is yet to cope up with the losses incurred due to the outbreak, students can still utilise this time for better. 

With the shut down of schools, public tuitions, and home tuitions, education of students is hugely affected. Especially, students who will appear for upcoming board exams and students preparing for NEET or JEE find this time difficult because of the altered situation. 

The situation caused by coronavirus infection can hamper your kids’ educational pace because of the lacking support in understanding lessons. To ensure that isn’t the case anymore, Vedantu has introduced a solution in the form of their live classes where you can register free of cost. You can register for the classes via our website or download our app and prepare for exams meanwhile. 

While parents might be devastated because of two significant concerns, namely – Coronavirus disease outbreak and hampered educational progress, they can still make use of this time and help their children progress during the pandemic outbreak. Here are some tips which you, as a parent, will find productive and noteworthy. 

5 Tips to Help Your Child Progress Academically 

1. Help them Complete the Homework & Assignment 

Schools might burden children with stacks of homework, assignment, and projects. The aim is to keep them engaged so that they necessarily dedicate some time for studies while learning from it. 

But, without school or tuition, children may face difficulty in doing their homework and assignments. You need to make sure your kid doesn’t face the same situation as it will impact their progress. The slow growth will not only affect their educational record but their dedication as a student as well. 

Therefore, in this situation of coronavirus infection, you should help your child with the homework and assignment works so that they don’t invest more time on these than they should. Doing this will ensure they have time for other hobbies and interests, self-study, rest, and necessary precautions, etc.  

2. Register for Online Tutoring Classes 

With the pandemic virus COVID-19 spreading across the globe, most individuals are bound to stay at home to prevent transmission of the disease. In such a scenario, having your kids’ progress undeterred is a priority. To do so, you can register for online tutoring classes and help your child learn the complexities of the topics from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Moreover, these online tutoring classes help kids in more ways as they are exposed to a learning programme which gives them the leisure to learn at their pace. For instance, if your kid isn’t very comfortable with the concepts of Physics, you can register for Physics classes and help them learn the concepts effortlessly. 

Subsequently, Vedantu provides such live classes free of cost to help students stuck at home during the pandemic coronavirus infection. Our professional and experienced tutors explain the complexity of the topics effortlessly to help students learn quickly. Furthermore, you can help your kids by registering to our doubt clearing classes should they have any difficulty with the topics. 

3. Help with Self-Assessment & Tests 

Learning and examining go side by side so that you can assess yourself on how much you have learnt. Therefore, you can help your kid take the assessment and check their progress. You can register them for the self-assessment questionnaire available from the website from where they are learning online. 

Through these assessments, you can make them understand the areas where they lag and where to concentrate more.  Having performed well in these self-assessment tests can boost your kids’ morale significantly, whereas in another scenario you can encourage them to perform well in future. 

4. Help Learn Current Affairs & Quiz Them 

Alongside the academic course of study, it is essential to teach children what’s going on around the world. How can it affect them as an individual? With shut down of schools and people staying at home due to coronavirus infection, this time can be used to educate your child about the current affairs and general knowledge. 

Children have a curious mind and encouraging them to ask questions and help them learn about the current affairs will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Further, ask them questions based on what they have learned so far to ensure they retain the knowledge. 

5. Help Them Boost Other Necessary Skills 

With academics, students also need a few other skills to excel in their studies, such as-

  • Time management skills 

  • Punctuality 

  • Communication skills 

  • Assertive skills 

  • Discipline 

  • Concentration, etc. 

Helping your child develop these skills will ensure they are prepared for a lifestyle which is sure to give them good academic results. Subsequently, spend as much time as possible with your children and help them understand how they can better their academic performance. 

Further, unless the prevailing situation caused by coronavirus infection subsides, schools are likely to remain closed. Therefore, help your children develop healthy study habits for their academic progress in the meantime. 

However, academic progress shouldn’t be the only concern with COVID-19 affecting human lives hugely. You need to make sure your kid is healthy and take the necessary precautionary steps to do so. 

Must-Know Coronavirus Symptoms & Precautions – In a Nutshell 

With an increasing number of coronavirus infection cases every day, it becomes essential for everyone to be aware of the symptoms and the preventive measures that need to be taken. Here, have a look at all you need to know in brief. 

  • Symptoms –

  • Cough 

  • Fever 

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Precautions – 

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap, liquid hand wash, or alcohol-based sanitizer for 20 seconds to ensure they are disinfected and clean. 

  • Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, or nose with unwashed hands. 

  • Stay at home in case you feel ill or any of the symptoms as mentioned above. 

  • In case your body shows symptoms, make sure to consult a healthcare professional. 

  • Try not to travel. 

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is coughing or sneezing, at least a metre’s distance. 

  • Wear a mask in case you have a cough to avoid the spread of any viruses. 

These symptoms and coronavirus prevention tips are crucial for keeping yourself as well as your child safe at this pandemic situation. Make sure your kid doesn’t come in contact with any stranger or goes out of the house unnecessarily. This will allow you to keep them protected and help prevent the spread as well. 

Further, these tips mentioned above will help your kid perform well in their studies. With the online live classes and masterclasses provided by us, your kid will learn the concepts efficiently and quickly. 

With our scheduled live and interactive classes taken by professional and experienced tutors, learn new concepts or clear doubts if any. Your child can also participate in quizzes and write tests to assess their learning. The best part is that it is economical as you can register for the classes free of cost. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

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Education at the Time of Corona? 5 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Progress Undeterred