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Easy-to-Make Cardboard Crafts for Kids

By Swagata SarkarJuly 07, 2022
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DIY Cardboard Crafts for Children

Ever wondered what could keep those naughty little hands at your home engaged? Why not try something experimental that would keep your kids busy and at the same time enhance their motor skills? Crafting is a great activity that helps these little ones experiment with various new materials, learn different colours and increase concentration. This activity could be fun and also bring the parents close to their children.

Whether you are thinking of recycling or making some DIY games that could help your children in nurturing various skills, any spare piece of cardboard could be used for preparing various useful easy crafts. It is a  very commonly used material for crafting and is easily available. You can always find some spare ones at your home, so just grab some and make good use of them. In case you are looking for some great fun filled easy cardboard crafts, read through the rest of the article to get hold of cardboard craft ideas.

How to Make Cardboard Craft?

Are there too many cardboard boxes getting stacked up in some corner of your house from all the shopping that you did, and you’re irritated by the look of it? Well, no more worries, because here are some exciting cardboard craft ideas that will let you engage your kids in this fun activity and improve their hand and eye coordination skills.


Cardboard Car for Kids

Kids are big fans of toy cars. If earlier you have ordered something big online and received it in a large-sized rectangular cardboard box big enough for your child to sit inside, find it out from the storage. 

  • Use some masking tape to fix one end of the box firmly. 

  • Let your child paint the outside of the box, be assured that he would love it. 

  • You may use some paper to draw the wheels and then fix each of those on the four ends with some glue. 

  • Use a permanent marker to outline borders for doors and windows, and then cut out portions from the cardboard box. 

  • To give it a more realistic appearance, draw headlights and a number plate. 

Ask your child to get inside it and let him enjoy the ride of his dream. You would be pleased to see that happy glowing face.

Cardboard car for kids

Cardboard car for kids

Dollhouse Using Shoe Boxes

Dolls play an important role in the life of your little princess. You too would remember getting into the characters while playing with the dolls. A beautiful house for the dolls is the dream of every little girl in her childhood. So, why not help her in making one? You might have some spare shoe boxes left at your home and were thinking of getting rid of them. Instead, use those to build your daughter her favourite doll house. This is one of the easy cardboard crafts that could make your child the happiest.

  • Collect all the shoe boxes together and separate the lids from each.

  • Now let your child fix the boxes on top of another using some glue with your help. Make sure that the open sides of the boxes face the front.

  • Do not paste the boxes randomly. Paste it in the order that they take the shape of a house.

  • Take two lids and fix them on the top in the form of a slanting roof.

  • Let your child paint the entire piece using some colour of her choice. Ask her to paint the outside with one colour and the interior of each room with some other colours. This will enhance her sense of colour. 

  • You may cut out portions from the leftover lids to make some small furniture and then paste those inside each room to make it real. 

  • Now ask her to place her dolls inside to give the final look.

Shoe box dollhouse

Shoe box dollhouse

Colour or Number Sorting Game

One of the useful easy cardboard crafts is making a sorting game. This would nurture your kids' skills of differentiating one thing from another. Shoe boxes can be used to create such homemade easy cardboard crafts.

  • Take a shoe box and remove the lid. 

  • Cut the lid into a long panel-shaped feature of about 2 to 3 inches in width.

  • Take a bottle cap and then place it on the top of the lid, cut out 5 to 6 round shapes. Circle each round using permanent markers of different colours.

  • Place the lid inside one corner of the box. You may even use some glue to fix it.

  • Take a lot of balls and colour them using watercolour. Use those shades of colours which you used to colour the circles.  

  • Fill up the rest of the empty portion of the box with these colourful cotton balls.

  • Now give the box to your child and let him or her sort the cotton balls and place each inside the holes based on the colour of the circle. This is a great way to improve their visual perception.

You may also ask them to count the number of balls in each hole, thus making them practice their numbers at the same time. This crafting idea will also enhance your child’s organisational skills.

Months and Days Craft

Parents who have younger kids at home might face issues to make them memorise the month names of a year and the days of a week. Well, some spare cardboards can do the needful. These useful easy cardboard crafts can make learning a fun activity for your children.

  • Take a piece of cardboard and cut it into the form of a long panel of 2 to 3 inches. Cut two such panels.

  • Now cut small pieces of different shapes, like squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, pentagons, etc., such that they fit on the panels. Also, make sure that you cut enough pieces to write the months and days' names on each.

  • Ask your child to fill each kind of shape with a particular colour of his or her choice. 

  • Help him or her to write the names of days and months on those shapes. Spell them out if required.

  • Next, paste each piece with month names one after another in one panel and day names in another. Stick these two panels on the wall above the study table using tape. 

This will help your child remember the month and day names easily along with their correct spellings.


Parents being too busy nowadays, take the help offered by modern technologies to keep their children engaged. But such methods do not work well in the long run. Homemade easy cardboard crafts are an excellent way of nurturing your child’s brain and helping them think critically. 

These easy cardboard craft ideas will bring fun and enlightenment to your child’s life, as well as make the parent-child relationship strong. This article will provide you with many amazing ideas about how to make cardboard craft along with their benefits.