Does JEE Main Repeat Questions?

by Sagar Mankar, July 8, 2020

JEE Main is one of the toughest entry-level examinations clearing of which will take you to an advanced part of the test. The ranking you get on the second, advanced exam determines your chances of getting into a college and course of your choice. This can open doors to IITs, NITs, CFTIs, etc. Such an opportunity is very hard to miss. According to the 2020 statistics, only the 2.5 top contestants can be eligible to apply for the JEE Advanced examination, and the competition only gets tighter as the years go by. You can take the exam in online mode only from 2020.

There are almost 10 lakh participants every year and the question paper pattern stays as tough as always, and hence any tips you may want to use on cracking this exam would benefit you. One of the ways of doing that for every examination of this kind is to take a look at all the previous years’ questions to identify any pattern where the same type of questions is repeated. The pattern of the question paper varies every year and you can’t rely completely on this information but it is also worth taking a look at as any tip is still a tip that can help you clear this easily.

Probability of Repetition 

According to a rough calculation, the probability of the previous question repeating in the question papers to come would be around a solid 20% and maybe in some cases, it can even be pushed up to 25%. To hit these rates, you have to put in a good amount of work from your side. You have to go through every single question paper that has been there since these examinations commenced and solved them. It would become quite easy to identify any inner patterns to these questions from each subject. It would also give you a rough idea of which topic from a particular subject to concentrate on while studying. Instead of solving mock tests, you can also solve these old question papers.

Realistically speaking, it is always not a sure thing that you could get the same questions that were asked the years before as there are wide changes in the pattern every year. But there are also possibilities of the values or limits changing with the kind of question remaining the same. This can also be of huge help to you once you have mastered the trick to solving that particular question.

Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers is one way to hack this entrance exam. They are available to download in PDF format on the internet. There are also solved versions of these uploaded by experts for free online. You are greatly benefited from this too.

It is indeed true that predictability is not something JEE Main question papers come with, but solving the previous year’s question papers will help you not just identify recurring patterns in questions but also improve your timing and identify which questions you can attempt to your capabilities. You would also get a hang on how long it takes for you to solve all the questions on the test and thus improve your performance accordingly.

While taking into account the case of questions repeating, there is also the same question being presented in different ways; you can tackle different approaches, making you see different angles to solve a single problem. Having an idea of how to even approach them can greatly aid you in JEE Main questions.

You would also not be freaked out or scared over any unfamiliar questions this way as most of the surprises JEE Main can throw at you would have been already learned by you by going through the previous year question booklets. Solving at least 40-60 questions per topic in a day is what a student should try every day, but you also have to take care of your health and stay hydrated. 

Tips to Identify Repeating Questions

Go through some useful methods you can follow to identify all the previous year exam questions and make it easy for you. These are just friendly suggestions which you can follow or go through your own methods of study if that is how you follow easily.

  • Go through solved question paper guides available in bookstores for a clearer idea. They may have already mapped out the repeated questions for your convenience and only need to go through them. They may also have previous year question papers attached to some of them so that you can have full experience in attending the examination. This is the easiest method as it can save you time and also makes surfing through questions easier.

  • Another method is to download all the previous year questions and to go through the tediously. If you want to make use of your time and not waste it too much, you can follow the advice given above in this article, and instead of working on sample questions, you can always go through the previous year’s ones, which are quite efficient. They let you get identified with the pattern and also would allow you to blow off some tension regarding this matter as you get familiar.

  • There are also experts running coaching centers who have years of experience with these things, and you can always join for some crash courses and follow their advice on learning smartly and quickly. They have many materials, tips, and techniques you simply need to follow to ensure you a good rank if you follow through with it. But if you do not want to spend more cash on preparing self-study is an equally profiting method.

  • Even without coaching centers, you can do all the work by yourself. All the textbooks you have had in high school contains every bit of relevant information you need. And by allotting slots to learn a particular subject per day, and keeping to it will always aid your preparation in case you are the kind of person with whom only self-study works out. You get lots of answers to repetitive questions straight from this too.

Final Verdict

Studying for JEE Main is very difficult and you need all the help you can get to ace the test with a good rank. Having previous years’ questions right within your hand can be really helpful, and the repeating question patterns will always help you tackle JEE Main more simply. Even though it is not quite always that the patterns repeat, having the information in hand about it can assist you either way in your exam as they are all information. We have tried our best in providing the relevant information you need about the availability and statistics of the JEE Main repeated questions and as for the rest, it is up to you guys.

Do a good job preparing for your JEE Main and all the best of luck to all aspirants participating this year!

Does JEE Main Repeat Questions?