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Difference Between Tuition and Coaching you Should Know

By Shiwani PandeyApril 25, 2023
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Learn How Tuition Differs From Coaching to Make the Right Decision

One of the daunting tasks a student must do during his academic years is to choose the right tutors or a coaching institute. The outcomes of his academic effort will majorly depend on the guidance and assistance a tutor or coaching institute offers. This is why knowing the difference between tuition and coaching is crucial.

Knowing the differences lets you decide what to choose for your academic development. The differences will help you identify what is ideal for you and how to use the provisions according to your academic requirements. To understand the difference, let us first define tuition and coaching.

What is Tuition?

Tuition is the academic process where a tutor attends to an individual student or a small group to deliver knowledge. The group is generally smaller, and the tutor is not associated with other tutors. On the other hand, students approach a tutor to learn one or more subjects in a tuition class. A tutor can have his tuition arrangements done or can conduct the classes in a student’s home.

What is Coaching Centre?

Coaching, on the contrary, is teamwork of more than one tutor under a commercial roof. It acts as an institution where students flock in larger groups to seek knowledge from a group of tutors or subject experts. Coaching classes are generally bigger than tuition classes. A coaching institute generally offers a one-stop solution for specific or all class subjects.

Difference between Tuition and Coaching Centre

Now that we know the definitions let us find out their differences.

Batch Size

As discussed earlier, a tuition class comprises one or a handful of students. The batch size of a tuition class is smaller than a coaching institute. Tuition can offer one-to-one sessions, whereas a coaching centre will always focus on delivering knowledge in a bigger batch.


A tutor charges more than a coaching class due to the smaller batch size and considering the resources he offers. On the other hand, a coaching class will charge less regarding the number of resources. In this aspect, a tutor teaching a larger group of students can be considered a coaching class. It is done on a commercial premise, not in someone’s house.


Another big tuition and coaching difference is the location. Personal or private tuition is generally given at a student’s house. A student might go to a tutor’s house to receive knowledge and academic guidance.

Coaching classes, on the contrary, are conducted on a commercial platform. Non-residential premises are preferred for conducting coaching classes. We call it a tutoring academy or a coaching centre.

Target Audience

Another distinct difference between coaching and tuition is the target audience. Tuition refers to the students as a target audience. They study in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Coaching refers to an elaborate term that covers teaching and training. It can be related to sports, education, and exam preparation.


The above term perfectly explains why some students attend tuition classes, whereas others prefer coaching. Tuition offers flexible options in terms of class timings. A student can also choose a tutor based on experience and academic needs.

Coaching is less flexible when compared to tuition. A student will have to stick to the tutors provided by the authority. He will also have to abide by the coaching class timings and cannot make changes according to his needs. This difference between tuition and coaching shows one of the biggest drawbacks of the latter.

Subject and Topic Choices

A student can choose a subject or two to study under the guidance of a tutor. He can hire a tutor for specific topics or even a subject per his study needs.

Coaching classes, on the contrary, will offer a package that a student has to choose for an entire subject or syllabus. Some even offer packages that include mandatory subjects to study at the centres.

Hence, tuition is more flexible in terms of coaching classes. Students who need specific guidance opt for tuition. Those who need a one-stop solution go to coaching centres.

Personal Attention

The batch size difference between tuition and coaching centre clearly explains how tutors better provide personal attention to a student. Due to the smaller batch size, a tutor will pay individual attention to a student. A tutor can't do the same in a coaching centre.

A coaching centre is a more-commercialized platform for academics and education.

Learning Terms

Tutoring focuses on personal grooming. Coaching focuses on making students better at something. Tuition is the best way to develop a strong foundation of concepts, whereas coaching is ideal for sharpening your skills and strengthening an existing subject foundation.

Academic Boundaries and Goals

Tuition is restricted to academic boundaries such as textbooks followed by an education board. A tutor will follow the academic goals set by the school and the student. Such boundaries do not limit coaching. It improvises the available resources and creates a more feasible ground for the academic grooming of the students. The authority of a coaching centre will deliver exclusive resources apart from the textbooks to follow and learn.

What is Better? Tuition or Coaching?

From the above discussion, it all depends on what a student considers suitable. The difference between tuition and a coaching centre will help you make the right decision. It is better to choose an online tutorial portal like Vedantu that simultaneously offers the advantages of a coaching centre and tuition.

FAQs on Difference Between Tuition and Coaching you Should Know

1. Is home tuition ideal for me?

If you want personal attention and a peaceful environment to study and learn, then home tuition is ideal.

2. Will I be able to change tutors in a coaching centre?

Coaching centres are not flexible all the time to meet this request. You can ask the authority or can change a batch to get a better tutor.

3. Is it easier to change the tuition sessions?

Of course, it is easier to customize tuition sessions as the batch size is small and more flexible. One-to-one tuition classes offer the highest flexibility and help you choose a better time.