Top Reasons to Choose Commerce Courses After 10th

by Archana Rao D, April 14, 2020

Commerce is among the most widely chosen subjects for students after their Class 10th examinations. Owing to the fact that the subjects in commerce stream after 10th offer a wide range of future scopes from higher studies to a professional course that is directly related to the world economy, students opt for this subject.

However, students should be aware of the future scopes and opportunities as well as the obligations they are likely to encounter while studying the same. 

Having prior knowledge of the same will help students work in line right from the beginning. They should be aware of the multiple options in commerce after 10th that will guide them in choosing the one which fits their interest areas. This, in turn, will assist them in scoring better in the exams as well, thereby shaping the path towards success in the long run.

What does Commerce Cover in the Curriculum?

Commerce is that branch of study that deals with the financial aspects of the trading industries and businesses. For instance, the cost of importing or exporting the goods into and from a specific industry is essential to understand in the courses after 10th Commerce.

Besides, in a broader aspect, students are also taught about the total goods and services imported and exported with respect to a nation, for instance, India is the largest producer of rice, and exports it to other countries and earns revenue on the same.

In addition, there is an account that has to be maintained to record such trading activities. One should be aware of assets and liabilities in this regard. While assets help in generating income, liabilities, on the other hand, are expenses that an organisation must bear. 

So, if the fields in commerce after 10th class is categorised, a student has to study the following three subjects in whole -

Therefore, it is the diversity in the curriculum that is evident in every part of Commerce course. It has both theory and mathematical calculations in equal measures. A student, thus, has to be dynamic and ready for challenges at every moment to ace the commerce courses after 10th successfully. 

What are the Opportunities Associated with Studying Commerce?

Commerce is a diverse subject which makes it convenient for students to take up a profession that suits their knowledge and understanding. The courses are divided into multiple sections which enable students to go into the business prospects, taxation, accountancy, and many others.

The subjects in commerce stream after 10th are designed in such a way that students can have an overall knowledge of all these three streams. Once you pass 12th grade, you can then choose your desired subject and pursue higher studies in the same.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the professions that you can take up once you complete your study of commerce stream after 10th.

  • Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant works with various accounting systems and is responsible for implementing those processes into charting out financial reports of a company. He is also responsible to ensure that taxes are paid on time.

  • Business Analyst

It is the popular scope in Commerce after 10th where the expert is responsible for analysing the processes and evaluate the requirements of a business or a company. After that, he or she will provide solutions based on the collected data and report the same to the executives.

  • Cost Accountant

 Being a cost accountant is one of the toughest jobs as it is solely based on the performance of the person. He is responsible for minimising the financial wastage of an organisation. He has to be dynamic and continually make efforts for enhancing the profits of the company.

  • Company Secretary

Among the most lucrative commerce options after 10th is the job of a company secretary. He or she is vested with the obligations to ensure an effective administration within the organisation. A company secretary has to look into the statutory and regulatory norms of the business and keep a check on whether they are followed appropriately or not.

  • Business Manager

The task of a business manager is to keep a watch over the activities of the resources. He is entrusted with responsibilities of hiring, training and managing the resources as well. In addition, he is also responsible to make sure that the activities in the company are aligned to achieve a specific financial goal.

Altogether, a commerce background candidate learn to perform both managerial as well as accounts related works. Therefore, to ensure the smooth functioning of the organisation as a whole in unison, you should strengthen your roots right from the school level.

For more information and deeper insights into the courses in commerce after Class 10th, look into our online learning programmes. You can also get access to top-class study materials for a holistic approach towards Commerce subjects.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are Career Options After 10th in Commerce Stream?

There are multiple career options after Class 10 Commerce studies such as Cost Accountant, Business Administrator, Company Secretary. Besides all these, Chartered Accountant is one of the lucrative career opportunities for Commerce students it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

2. What is The Best Course in Commerce After 10th?

The best in Commerce course after 10th class is likely to depend on the student’s area of interest. Every course has its unique features and respective future scopes. Therefore, it is wise to identify the interest and then choose the subject for making a career out of it.

3. What is The Fastest Way to Ace the Commerce Courses?

The fastest way to ace the subjects in commerce stream after 10th Class is to practice regularly and revise the lessons soon after it is taught in the classrooms. Besides, taking a short test at the end of every week can be beneficial in tracking the learning progress.

Top Reasons to Choose Commerce Courses After 10th