Children Confined to House for Coronavirus: List of Productive at-home Activities

by Sagar, March 18, 2020

At present, coronavirus is taking the whole world by storm. In India, the condition has afflicted 110 individuals, among them 93 Indians and 17 foreigners. Due to the rise in cases, most states have decided to shut down schools, colleges and large gatherings. 

This situation has resulted in a large number of young students remaining locked down in their homes. While children will always want to play and spend their time engaging in frivolous activities, you as a parent need to steer your kids in the right direction.

You don’t think your children have anything fruitful to do stuck at home? Well, think again!

How to Prevent Procrastination in Kids under Such a Situation?

While coronavirus infection has effectively limited outings for families, the disease should not prevent your children from being productive, nonetheless. Listed below are some activities that you can encourage your child to participate in while they stay at home.

  1. Art and crafts

School days tend to be extremely busy for children these days. They need to attend classes, tuitions and complete any homework assigned. Therefore, they hardly have any time or energy left to engage in their hobbies.

However, with this on-going coronavirus school shutdown, this is the perfect time to let the artist in your child come out. Does your child show immense interest in painting? Or is he/she an aspiring poet? Whatever their talents, you need to let it bloom. 

Now that they are staying at home, you can fix a specific routine or time of the day which they can devote to their favourite pastimes. Apart from honing their skills, these hobbies also act as refreshment for kids stuck at home throughout the day.

  1. Encourage them to read a book

Books are perfect for letting your child’s imagination run wild. While the propensity to read storybooks has significantly reduced, thanks to the rise of the digital media, it is nonetheless a highly beneficial activity. However, parents need to be careful when introducing books to children, especially moody teenagers.

Ensure that you do not force your book choices upon your son or daughter. Instead, allow them to pick a genre, author and book. You may not like it, but reading will still benefit them, regardless of their choice. 

If you can enforce this habit, it will remain with them throughout their lives, long after the coronavirus disease subsides.

  1. Help with household work

Your child needs to become self-sufficient in life, which not only means earning money but also being self-reliant. Household chores are a crucial part of this process. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between is an essential skillset. With little or no work, this is the apt time for your children to pick up on these skills.

You can start with the simpler tasks, such as cleaning their rooms, washing and cutting vegetables, watering the plants and others. These small initiatives can go a long way when it comes to self-dependency. If your son or daughter is in their teens, you can also let them cook.

Apart from self-sufficiency, these steps can also help your child appreciate what you and your spouse do for them, regularly. 

  1. Let your child use technology on your own terms

Like it or not, when your kids are staying at home, you cannot restrict them from using technology completely. Trying to do so will only escalate tension between you and your child. And, nobody wants to be stuck with a grumpy kid. Instead, what you can do is limit the time when they use technology, such as televisions, video games, smartphones and tablets.

Apart from setting a strict routine, you can also control what and how they utilise such electrical gadgets. For instance, instead of letting your child watch cartoon all day, you can ask them to tune into the various education or trivia related shows on TV. These programmes are both fun to watch and help build general knowledge.

Another example is limiting your child from only browsing video streaming sites on their computer. Instead, they can spend some time attending our live, interactive study sessions here at Vedantu. We can make lessons enjoyable while also ensuring that your child learns something new every day.

  1. Spend quality family time

A teenager is prone to remain cooped up in his/her room for prolonged periods. This can lead to social isolation, procrastination and other adverse effects. While the coronavirus scare has effectively minimised socialising, you can still encourage your child to spend some quality time with family members.

From sharing a meal together to engaging in discussions, such bonding experiences can mean a lot to your kid. Additionally, such activities can significantly aid in building trust, helping your children open up to you.

  1. Continue their studies

Schools are shut down, tuition classes are suspended, and there is no homework. Hence, your kids may think that they can simply avoid academics. However, doing so can leave them behind when the exam time rolls around. Most Indian parents are already looking for alternatives to school classes under the present circumstance. 

At Vedantu, we leverage the latest technology to ensure that education never stops, regardless of the current onslaught of coronavirus. With expert teachers dealing with various subjects, we can replace your child’s school lessons with our own. 

Nevertheless, parents need to be a crucial part of this process. Sign up for these online video classes and ensure that your kid attends each one. Each session includes a query clearing period as well, where teachers address the common questions regarding a particular topic or chapter. 

Therefore, it is never a one-way exchange of information. Vedantu makes learning interactive and interesting. 

Why Choose Vedantu in the Present Scenario?

We are a valued brand in the educational sector, which not only assists students from classes 1 to 12 but also aids in preparation for competitive examinations, such as IIT JEE and NEET. Owing to the coronavirus threat, and the subsequent school closures, we have amped up our efforts to help the community.

With this in mind, we have started offering our interactive video learning sessions for free in the present scenario. Yes, you read that, right! To minimise the effect of this disease on the education of your children, Vedantu has taken the free-for-all initiative. 

To give you a better idea, Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology (PCMB) class package was priced at around Rs.39,600. However, if you decide to sign up now, these classes are absolutely free. We have more than 45 teachers belonging to IIT conducting these classes. Further, each of them has 5+ years of experience, ensuring that they are well-versed with all aspects of the job.

Here is what your kids will need to start learning through Vedantu’s platform – 

  • An internet connection

  • A smartphone or tablet

  • The Vedantu app

How much does the app cost, you ask? Well, it is completely free as well. You can visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to download it for free.

Start the software, create an account in a matter of seconds, choose your kid’s class, course and board, and that’s all! Your children are all set up and ready to attend online classes, while their schools are out for coronavirus.

Therefore, ensure you prevent an academic standstill arising from the school shutdown with Vedantu so that when school resumes, your child does not fall behind the rest of his class. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

Children Confined to House for Coronavirus: List of Productive at-home Activities