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Child Safety First: 7 Ways How Vedantu has Ensured Child Safety in Online Education

By Isha BholaNovember 11, 2022
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Online Education- Building a Safe Space for a Child

This Children’s day, let’s raise awareness about child safety on online platforms. Here at Vedantu, we welcome future intellectuals and ensure their growth process is safe and healthy. Many educational platforms offer the best study guides, however, Vedantu aims to provide the best education along with pioneering child safety online. Vedantu is a safe space for everyone to learn, grow and soar high. Read along to know how Vedantu is excelling in providing child safety at home.

Why is Child Online Safety Important?

Child Safety First

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The young age is the most crucial phase to building one’s personality, learning ethics and attaining healthy traits. This is a very sensitive age where the smallest things can affect the child. If a child is exposed to cyberbullying or behaviour such as bullying, harassing or using curse words, it can easily influence the child’s personality. To guard students from these unethical behaviours, educational platforms must ensure that child safety sessions are conducted regularly for students and teachers. 

7 Ways How Vedantu has Ensured Child Safety in Online Education

While Covid brought online education to almost every home, child safety online has become the prime concern of most people. We understand both sides of cyberbullying- the victim and the abuser; our team promises to resolve every cyberbullying-related incident with care and provide safety at home for kids. If you are willing to entrust your time to Vedantu, then you must read these child safety measures we implement.

  • Profanity Filter

Our resources have a profanity filter that automatically checks if there are any inappropriate texts, pictures or recordings and instantly removes them before anyone sees them. This filter is designed to keep students from distractions and unethical information. Children lose concentration easily and get triggered whenever a piece of off-setting information is displayed. To prevent this, our technology has come up with a profanity filter.

  • Teacher-moderated Classrooms

The classes conducted at Vedantu are closely monitored. Class teachers have their keen observation on the chats, and if any inappropriate texts or pictures are posted, then they are instantly blocked. It is our responsibility to guard students from every possible distraction. Every student is individually observed and focused upon to ensure their safety and growth.

  • Child Safety Team

We have prepared a team of childcare experts. They work to verify, investigate and provide solutions for any incidents that happen. This team is responsible for keeping the studying environment healthy and positive. There is zero tolerance for any inappropriate behaviour; if there is the enactment of any bad behaviour, then you can report it here.

  • Child Psychologist

Our psychologist is always available for the help of students. They perform every necessary action to support and help students manage any problems they face. As we take responsibility for a child’s education, we consider child safety our foremost priority. To implement this aim, our psychologist always evaluates the learning process and provides a way forward.

  • Child Safety Workshops

We consider cyberbullying one of the most dangerous aspects of modern-day society. Our team organises sessions to talk about cyberbullying and its prevention. The session includes the steps to recognise cyberbullying and teaches the ways to tackle it smartly. These sessions are supervised by the respective subject experts and psychologists, making them the best source of key information.

  • Policymaking

Our issued policies reflect the promises that we make. Our Data Privacy and Child Safety policy always abide by the purpose of protecting the student’s interest. Our values and technology come together to create a safe space for anyone and everyone. These policies are regularly updated with every necessary intervention that is required. We ensure that there is immediate action taken for leaking someone’s data.

  • Training sessions 

We organise child safety training sessions regularly for students, their parents, teachers and all employees of Vedantu. These training sessions are conducted to establish best practices for online behaviour. Interactive training helps everyone to visualise a healthy environment and then take steps to create the same.

Vedantu: A Safe Space For Children to Share

  • Friendly atmosphere: Students are encouraged to share their learning experiences, new achievements and best moments with the teachers. Everyone here has nice and friendly behaviour towards each other.

  • Good Listeners: Teachers and childcare experts are always available to listen to our students. Every student is welcome to consult us whenever they face a problem.

  • Making students brave: We encourage students to raise their voices whenever they feel uncomfortable and immediately report any unethical behaviour that they observe within Vedantu.

Child Safety Crucial for Edtech

Child safety online is a prominent concern, and we are committed to maintaining Vedantu as the safest educational platform. Various workshops, training sessions and many more measures are implemented to protect students from cyberbullying and encourage students to attain good morale ethics. Implementing the child safety policy at Vedantu makes it the best choice and the only Edtech platform for students to grow academically and personally. Adding further giving child safety the centre stage is also crucial for Edtech.

FAQs on Child Safety First: 7 Ways How Vedantu has Ensured Child Safety in Online Education

1. What are the harmful effects of cyberbullying?

There are many harmful effects of cyberbullying, such as stress, anxiety and adaptation of bad behaviours. These problems may lead to bigger problems, such as unethical behaviour towards others and low productivity. The victims of cyberbullying can experience poor academic performance, mental health issues and loss of ideation from life.

2. How does Vedantu provide child safety?

Vedantu has a strict child safety policy that protects the student’s interests and offers psychologists consultation to every student of Vedantu. We make sure that regular sessions are conducted to encourage appropriate behaviour. The class teachers of Vedantu make child safety a priority during online classes. There is help available for everyone within Vedantu who faces any uncomfortable behaviour.

3. How to talk to your children about online safety?

Here are a few points that you can share with your child about online safety:

  • Sharing personal information online without consulting the parents can lead to losing important information.

  • Viruses and hacks are inevitable in today's age, so staying conscious about internet surfing is very important.

  • Bad influences are available on the internet that can heavily affect the child’s mental health.

  • Children can be targeted by cyberbullies, including real-life ones. This can cause heavy stress on a child, affecting their overall health.

  • Internet risk limits the child's growth potential as they are prone to inappropriate content available on the internet.

  • It is very important to practise internet safety precautions to stay protected from potentially harmful content.