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Can an Average Student Crack the IIT JEE Advanced Exam?

By Asmita KunduSeptember 25, 2020
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Can an Average Student Crack IIT-JEE Advanced in the First Attempt?

It is quite common to have questions like can an average student crack IIT-JEE advanced in the first attempt? Well, clearing IIT (or JEE Advanced) isn't a simple assignment and it can't be estimated on any size of intellectual power. It is something that requires tons of assurance, devotion, hypothetical knowledge, your distinct fascination for subjects and learning smartly and productively. 

It isn't like your school days when you memorised a piece of information from your book, flat questions appeared from there and you wrote the answer and got full marks. Eventually, you became the topper. Here things are surprisingly unpredictable. The saying goes "All the individuals in this world have an equivalent attitude". You just need to characterize and inculcate your capacities or abilities in a legitimate way. The rest will follow if you choose to do proper time management.

Can an Average Student Crack the IIT JEE Advanced Exam?

Can an average student crack JEE advanced with a decent rank? Can an average student crack IIT-JEE advanced? Will I be able to crack IIT-JEE? All these questions must have crossed your mind numerous times. It is okay to be sceptical as every year lakhs of students appear in this exam and only a handful crack it. Thus, you may think it takes extra smartness or some extra genius to make a place among the qualified ones.  

While attempting to respond to this question, we should recollect that IIT-JEE is only an exam and is not the last thing. Breaking through IIT-JEE guarantees you a seat in a recognized national engineering college consequently giving you a decent beginning to a vocation in engineering. Thus, cracking the exam is just like passing in any other exam and not anything alien that so-called average students find it difficult to crack. 

Let us consider that you are keen on IIT-JEE for quite a few reasons and proceed in investigating the question Can an average student crack JEE advanced with a decent rank? The appropriate response is - it depends. With the emotional idea of this question, you could state that the 'average' tag may simply be a sign of your exhibition before and may not genuinely be a sign of your actual potential. Moreover, persistence trumps ability. 

Throughout the years there have been examples of success stories of students with average results and students from various backgrounds doing well in the IIT-JEE test. Any guidance from any individual who has not experienced this involvement in a positive outcome might be misdirecting. So, it is ideal to disregard all the generalizations related to IIT-JEE and legitimately converse with the individuals who have cleared this test. In any case, regardless of where you remain, this is what will give you a battling chance: 

  • Knowing that cracking the exam will not be a cakewalk 

  • Joining a decent IIT-JEE coaching institute 

  • Creating self-control and sticking to a daily routine

  • Eliminating whatever could negate the advances of your work

It does not matter where you started. It only matters where you have to stop. You can always take help of online learning portals to improve your performance in JEE 2022 main exam so that you do not have to ask yourself can an average student crack the IIT JEE advanced exam. Smart planning, hard work, and execution of the plan will define your chance of clearing it. 

Hope you find these tips and tricks helpful!

FAQs on Can an Average Student Crack the IIT JEE Advanced Exam?

1. Can I Crack the IIT JEE Main Exam Without Coaching Classes?

Ans: Most students choose to join coaching classes to get ready for the JEE advanced test. Notwithstanding, students who cleared the IIT JEE advanced test shows that over half of the candidates had studied themselves, and not joined any training classes. 

Relatively few students are sure about cracking the IIT JEE Exam without the assistance of extravagant coaching classes. Peer pressure plays a pivotal role here. At the point when a student sees the majority of his companions hurrying off to coaching, a sentiment of missing out something may crawl up. Yet, what they don't understand is that not every person who is going to these classes is getting an extraordinary score in the IIT JEE Exam. 

Toward the day's end, a great deal relies upon your ability and hard work. The teachers at schools, coaching can just guide you and give you the right resources. If you are attending regular classes and studying tenaciously, you can score considerably higher than the best student in some random coaching class.

2. How to Crack IIT JEE through Self-Study?

Ans: The important things to do while you are doing self-study for JEE preparation are:

  • You need to manage your time properly.

  • You should give free online mock tests to assess your preparation

  • You need to solve previous year IIT JEE papers.

  • You have to understand the topics thoroughly rather than opting for a learn-by-heart method.

  • You must not skip any topic.

3. Is JEE tougher than NEET?

Ans: To be very truthful no comparison can be drawn between these two as both belong to a different genre of study. Syllabus-wise NEET has a huge syllabus but on the other hand, JEE aspirants have to face a greater amount of assessment and thorough understanding of the syllabus content. They cannot be measured on a scale of difficulty. It takes hard work, immense concentration and learning wholeheartedly to crack both.