Advantages of NCERT Books for NEET 2020 preparations

by Aparajita Das, May 19, 2020

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a competitive exam that tests out aspirants for graduation and post-graduation courses of medical science and dental science. The NEET exams are held annually and all the medical aspirants have to qualify this exam to get admitted in government institutes of medical sciences or medical colleges. Due to a large number of aspirants each year, it is not enough to merely qualify the exam. 

If you are a student aspiring to get admitted to one of the top government colleges you must also be one of the top scorers in NEET 2020. Students often take online or offline coaching and read books referred by the guides of these places to prepare for NEET. However, what many students fail to understand is that the NCERT books are the best companion of the students which can help them ace the NEET exam with ease. Yes, you heard it right! Neither the tuition notes, nor the quick-help crash course books, but thoroughly reading the NCERT Books can help you ace the exams in little time.

What are the Advantages of NCERT for NEET

NCERT books are the best choice for NEET aspirants as they have a lot of advantages over other books. Given below are the advantages analysed taking each important point into account at a time:

  • Syllabus

Other books available for NEET have a lot of excess information. Not only is this extra information load difficult to handle for students of the final year of secondary school but also hard to understand at times. But NCERT books are composed in such a way that they are limited to the CBSE and NEET syllabus. An adequate practice of exercises from these books can help improve one's chances of qualifying NEET.

  • Language

NCERT is composed by the experts of National Council of Educational Research and training. They take special care to compose the books in easy and lucid language. The book is made such that students can easily comprehend the theories and learn the said. The book contains all the important information. 

  • Importance 

It is no secret that a large chunk of questions that are asked in NEET are taken directly from the NCERT textbooks. The questions asked come mostly from the books' examples, in-text questions and theory. Analysing the previous year questions one can estimate 60-70 per cent questions are asked directly from the books.

  • Easy

Practising from NCERT Solutions makes the process of exam preparation easy. Other reference books have a lot of compound information that may end up intimidating the students. NCERT has concrete and easy theories and questions which do not seem much complex to new learners.

  • Diagram Based Questions:

 NCERT books have a number of diagram based questions which helps improve the students and analysing capabilities and also improves the understanding of the subjects. There are a number of diagram based questions given as examples and exercises in the textbook.

Studying from the NCERT books can improve your chances of securing high scores in the NEET exam. However, following your reference books can also be helpful. Studying diligently from the NCERT books alone can help you qualify the NEET exams with flying colours.

Advantages of NCERT Books for NEET 2020 preparations