Puzzle 2

Crack the Code

Amy forgot her facebook password. Using the clues given, can you help Amy crack her password?

Crack the password using the clues given below:

1. It is a 7 character password.
2. The middle 3 characters is her name.
3. First character is the uppercase of the 3rd alphabet in the English alphabets.
4. Second character is the smallest even natural number.
5. Last 2 letters come from an antonym of  the word "yes".



It is given that the password is 7 characters long.
Three characters in the middle are her name, so the 3rd, 4th and 5th characters are a,m and y respectively.
Uppercase of the 3rd alphabet in english alphabets is ā€œCā€.
So, our first character will be C.
Smallest even natural number is 2 which is our 2nd character.
Antonym of yes is "no" which are our 6th and 7th characters.