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It was a wonderful Session! She made sure, I enjoyed every part of the session. Thanks a ton for making maths fun maam!
She gave ample practice, and made sure we are exam ready. I am confident about scoring well in my final exam
I finished learning the chapter well in advance. She made sure I had enough time for revision which helped me being confident and fear free for the exam.
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Nunna Gollapudi Edupugallu Mangalagiri

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One of the best cities in India to receive a good education, especially in the science field, is Vijayawada. It is one of the most important education hubs in the state of Andhra Pradesh which is known to be a very education-centric state. A lot of students from Vijayawada end up choosing Engineering as their college major and then pursue a career in the same. Having the right base in science is essential as it will help you work better later on and good tuition classes can aid in the same. Having good home tuition in Vijayawada is always a good option because you're able to study with freedom in the comfort of your home. Our tuitions in Vijayawada provide just that. 

If you're looking for private tutors in Vijayawada, Vedantu is the perfect option because of the many services and facilities that you can tap into and enjoy:

  • While physical tuitions are popular, they do not give your child the necessary attention that they require. School tuition can also be inadequate in educating your child. Vedantu however, will ensure that every child gets proper attention.
  • Our tutoring services are not only affordable, but they're also very good value for money. You do not have to spend on extra fees like travelling, and everything can be done sitting at home.
  • With our home teaching option, you can choose to study multiple subjects based on your interest. 
  • The teaching option allows for more open communication lines, and students can study with the purpose of learning more than gaining just marks.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Vijayawada by Expert Teachers

Schools in Vijayawada follow the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, and Board of Secondary Education Andhra Pradesh, and teachers who can get their students to practice regularly will start seeing results. Our teachers have years of experience in the same, and they will allow students to work in such a manner that they succeed over the long run. Vijayawada has a lot of students who are interested in the science stream, and with our group of expert mentors, they are sure to find themselves succeeding and enjoying their line of study.

The content that we provide for our home tuitions is created in such a manner that students enjoy the process of studying and do not view it as a burden. Science is one subject that requires practice, and our modules will ensure that they are kept engaged with a focus on good learning more than forcing them to remember a lot within a short span of time.

Why Vedantu?

We're a great option for local tutors, and we work based on the preferences of the student and their parents. If they're not comfortable working late in the night, we can make arrangements for the same. Also, our wide range of facilities encompasses not just private tuitions, but also study material, revision notes, syllabus information and sample question papers. Students who are enrolled will be able to access all of this and use the same to succeed in their studies. 

Vedantu is also a great platform for parents to know that their children can study securely without having to worry about bullying/getting the right attention. With this setup, students can clear all their doubts on the spot instead of having to wait for later, and we're more than happy to put in the extra hours to ensure that they succeed. With monthly assessments, parents can keep tabs on their kids' progress and also interact with the teacher regarding any concern that they might have. The common goal is to ensure the academic success of the student through a holistic study program and with all parties involved, achieving it is a matter of when more than why.