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He tutored my son in learning the mathematics. He immediately connected with my son and understood how to present the content to him. He is professional, reliable and mature
Always made sure everyone understands the explanations. Helped in better understanding of problems and even showed purpose of exercises and how to relate real world
I was never afraid to ask a question because I knew he would explain it to my understanding and never make me feel stupid. Never has he left a doubt of mine unanswered
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Mullai Nagar Omalur Tharamangalam Valasaiyur

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Salem is a busy city that is also becoming an important education hub. Many students call the city home and study in the many schools located here. To remain competitive and improve on weak areas, students and parents are looking for private tutors who can complete and improve the knowledge gained from school tuition. Vedantu’s online tuitions are helping many students find the best tutors at an affordable cost and using a modern and convenient method. Here are some highlights of this cutting-edge platform for tuitions in Salem.

  • Vedantu’s lessons are customised per the needs of the individual
  • Tutors are highly qualified alumni from some of India’s top institutions
  • Students are not required to leave home for the one-on-one lessons
  • The lessons can be accessed from multiple locations and devices adding flexibility to the student’s (and parent’s) schedule
  • Students get the benefits of a customised education at a cost that is a fraction of regular home tuition fees in Salem
  • The lessons can be accessed 24/7, making revision simpler

The biggest advantage that online home tuition in Salem gives over group classes is the personalised attention that the student receives. Group tutoring cannot ensure that a student’s unique weaknesses can be addressed all the time, and in the long term, this hurts the grades. Vedantu’s lessons also help keep the student engaged and nurture an interest in the core school subjects, compared to the faster-paced group classes where disinterested students get further left behind.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Salem by Expert Teachers

Most of the schools in Salem are affiliated with the ICSE and CBSE boards while many come under state boards. Some schools are also using international curriculums. Some of the top schools in Salem include Emerald Valley and Senthil Public School. To deal with increased competition and higher cut-offs for entrance exams, students are choosing Vedantu’s live and personalised home teaching programs to improve their subject knowledge and grades. Good local tutors may be hard to find. Our expert teachers help students cover the gaps that school teaching does not and improves their core knowledge of science subjects and mathematics, which are key disciplines for their long-term academic growth.

Vedantu’s online classes have made high-quality private lessons accessible to a larger audience. Traditionally, finding a home tutor for maths and science has always been a challenge, often involving high expenses and rigid schedules, which put the student and parents under a lot of stress. With online tutoring from the best teachers, students can now access lessons from the comfort of home and at a much lower fee.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu provides customised education. Students are evaluated carefully before a study plan is drafted for them based on their strengths and weaknesses. This customised approach ensures that students learn about their subjects in an in-depth and targeted manner, resulting in much better grades. Vedantu’s online home tutor for primary and secondary school will also focus on developing the student’s problem-solving skills. Students are also encouraged in taking a personal interest in the school subjects, strengthening their foundation for the future. Getting a home tutor in Salem via Vedantu provides all the perks and advantages from the security of home. Recorded lessons and flexible schedules ensure a hassle-free and enriching experience for the student.

Vedantu features a roster of the best tutors. The faculty is armed with good qualifications like PhDs and MTech degrees, and they are alumni of prestigious institutions such as the IIMs and IITs. Close to 50,000 students are enjoying the multiple benefits and convenience of our excellent home tuitions. Vedantu provides more than just coaching for regular school syllabus. Coaching for entrances like IIT-JEE is also available along with specialised study plans for those who are appearing in science and maths olympiads.