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Prachi Sharma
M. Sc Microbiology, B.Ed. Jiwaji University, Gwalior
Ravi Prakash
M.Tech. IITD
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Such a lovely and fabulous teacher i have ever had.She was so thourough with what she is teaching.
She is very easy to get in touch with and very patient when tutoring and will explain the problems multiple times until it is completely understood
She made me feel more confident about my study approach.She is very approachable and made me very comfortable.I got a full breakdown of what areas I needed improvement on
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Al Ghubrah Al Azaiba Al Bousher

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One of the gulf’s rising giants, Oman is a country that boasts a thriving economy, a dynamic population and dramatic landscapes. Professionals from all over the world are making it home, often relocate to the city with their families. Indian parents in often are often concerned about ensuring that their children keep in step with the Indian curricula of ICSE and CBSE. Looking for private tutors to to provide coaching can be a challenge. A home tutor in Oman is difficult to find because of high demand and expensive fees. But Vedantu’s online platform for home tuition in Oman is making quality tutoring more accessible. Here are some highlights.

  1. Vedantu’s online live lessons are personalised to suit the needs of the student
  2. The highly qualified tutors bring experience from some of India’s best institutions 
  3. Vedantu’s home lessons require no transit and are a more secure option for young students
  4. Lessons can be accessed from multiple devices and locations, so they can be accommodated in changing routines
  5. Vedantu’s customised education costs just a fraction of regular home tuition fees in Goa
  6. All the lessons and recordings can be accessed 24/7, making exam revision simpler and organised

Getting a Vedantu home tutor for primary and secondary school has many advantages over a group coaching set-up. In a group, students suffer more distractions and can lag behind the pace of learning. With one-on-one study sessions, they will be engaged and immersed in the topic, and they can also learn at their own pace. Students can ask questions whenever they want and no grey area will be left unattended.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Oman by Expert Teachers

The best schools in Oman are concentrated in the cities of Muscat, Seeb and Salalah and a lot of them cater to the expatriate population. There are public and private schools, and common curriculums followed include CBSE, ICSE, and various international curriculums. Some of the top schools include American International School, Indian School Muscat and American British Academy. School tuition does not necessarily help students cover all their areas of doubts and if not attended to it can harm the grades and long-term academic development. It is a big reason why students are reaching out to online tutors for a more in-depth learning experience. Finding a good tutor for maths & science is paramount to keep students competitive.

Traditionally, home tutors are expensive. It is also difficult from a scheduling perspective, often adding an extra burden on the student’s routine. But with online platforms like Vedantu, a lot of these obstacles are taken out of the picture without compromising on the quality of education and learning experience.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu home teaching programs are available for students of major boards like ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and other international boards. The major highlight of Vedantu’s tuitions in Oman is that they are customised to the specific needs of the student. For this, the participant is carefully evaluated before a personalised study plan is laid out addressing all the strengths and weaknesses.

Vedantu boasts of some of the best tutors, holders of prominent qualifications which include PhDs and MTech degrees. Students will get a chance to learn from alumni of IITs and IIMs. Online tuitions ensure that the student is learning from a comfortable and secure environment.

Vedantu’s excellent home tuitions cover much more than just the curriculums for primary and secondary school students. Students can also enrol for special coaching as they prepare to crack important competitive exams, IIT-JEE being one of them. There are also special learning programs for those who are attending science and math olympiads. Blending the best of interactive live technology with the highest standards of personalised education, Vedantu is helping close to 50,000 students in cities across the world fall in love with their school subjects and get better marks.