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He is amazing! He has tutored me for chemistry and his knowledge/ expertise is unmatched! He is patient, and incredibly comfortable to learn with. I am pretty shy and self-conscious about my lack of skill in the sciences, but he truly helps me grasp and puts forth effort to ensure I truly understand and feel comfortable with the subject matter
He is patient, thoughtful, astute and can quickly identify areas where the student needs additional reinforcement and training.Thanks a ton sir!!!!
He is very knowledgeable, he will make sure that every session has something extra take away for us. He is just fabulous!!!
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Hatwa Naini Jhusi

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One of India’s oldest cities, Allahabad is also an important industrial and business hub. Allahabad is also home to many prominent educational institutions, old and new, and boasts a very competitive academic landscape. Many students of the city are looking beyond the school tuition to be able to improve their knowledge, grades and overall preparation for future academic years. Vedantu’s online platform has brought about a huge improvement in home tuition in Allahabad, as students get to access high-quality education that is unique, yet retains all the impact of regular tuition.

  • Vedantu’s personalised one-on-one study sessions address the student’s specific needs
  • Vedantu’s lessons and recordings are available 24/7 enabling easier revision
  • Live lessons are designed to keep students immersed and interacting. There is no extra time spent in transit
  • Vedantu’s platform allows students to learn at their own pace
  • The online lessons are affordable compared to regular home tuition fees in Allahabad with no compromises on quality and accessibility
  • Our team of tutors are highly-qualified and are alumni from the country’s top institutions
  • Lessons on Vedantu can be accessed from multiple devices and locations, enabling easier accommodation in busy and changing schedules

There are many reasons why a personalised tuition is more impactful than group classes. Students tend to get distracted easily in a group, and teachers cannot continuously pay attention to an individual. In a one-on-one study session like Vedantu’s, the student enjoys a personalised approach to the toughest subjects and is not prone to many distractions, resulting in a better learning experience. Online tuitions in Allahabad allow students to develop at their own pace, as opposed to group studies. Getting a personal tutor for maths & science is extremely beneficial as a bond develops between student and teacher and students remain more engaged in their study material.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Allahabad by Expert Teachers

Most schools in Allahabad follow the CBSE and ICSE curriculums. Some of the top-rated institutions include Bethany Convent School, Tagore Public School and Delhi Public School. Many students get extra help from a home tutor for primary and secondary school to keep up with the ever-growing demands of school academics. Getting a quality home tutor in Allahabad for the core science subjects can prove to be quite challenging. The top local tutors are in high demand and students have to compromise their schedules and attend group classes in many cases. Traditional home teaching is also an expensive affair. Vedantu is providing a new lease of life for those looking for private tutors.

Why Vedantu?

The hallmark feature of Vedanta's online programs is the personalised nature of it all. A student is evaluated before a study plan is drafted. Students’ weak and strong areas are taken into account before the study sessions commence. The lessons have a multi-pronged focus. Getting the student to improve grades is of high priority along with developing his or her problem-solving skills and confidence. Vedantu provides excellent home tuitions that work on holistic academic development, where students can grow to love the subjects that once petrified them.

Vedantu courses reflect the best practices from the top schools and are suited to students of multiple boards – ICSE, CBSE, IGSCE, and various other state boards and international curriculums. Close to 50,000 students are already enjoying better grades with Vedantu’s customised tuitions.

After signing up for Vedantu’s online programs, students will be learning from and be interacting with the best tutors, comprising of teachers with PhDs and MTech degrees, and alumni from institutions like the IIMs and IITs. Vedantu’s online lessons cover the core science subjects, not only from all the major board curriculums, but participants can also enrol in special study plans for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and science and math Olympiads.