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Roopa Ma'am sessions are absolutely brilliant with tricky questions and interactive learning! Thank you sir for making learning fun for my child
Priyanka Mam is always punctual, and resolves my daughter's doubts patiently. She also teaches additional concepts for better explanation.
Fabulous session! Parul Ma'am taught me in such a way that I could grasp everything very easily.Thank a ton Ma'am. Now the tough topics have become easier.
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Mantola shahganj Khandari Sikandra Kamla Nagar Rakabganj

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It may be difficult to find the right tutor to provide home tuitions in Agra? Vedantu looks to solve that problem by providing high quality and comprehensive online tuitions on a range of subjects. With ever rising competition to perform better, students choose to take up tuitions in Agra to have a competitive edge. Local tutors are a preferred option among the general school going population who hope to get personalized coaching in the subjects of their choice. Finding the best tutor can make all the difference between average and great grades. The lucky students who happen to find a good Home tutor in Agra who can attend to them without much commute are few. Majority of them have to spend much time traveling to a good tutor. The advent of technology has transformed the modes and methodologies of education and one such example for that would be online tuition for students. Online tutoring platforms like Vedantu offer Excellent home tuitions at the comfort of the student’s home and the best subject teachers to handle them. Vedantu’s popularity in Agra has risen among those Looking for private tutors due to factors such as:

  • Highly personalized pedagogy and lesson planning that is done based on the student’s capability
  • Providing the right tutor who is experienced enough to match the student’s learning curve
  • Affordable Home tuition fees in Agra that competes with the regular coaching classes
  • Tuition sessions that can be undertaken across multiple smart devices, with revisions and assessment
  • Coaching catering to CBSE and ICSE syllabus with special focus on JEE mains.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Agra by Expert Teachers

Education in Agra

Known for the world famous Taj Mahal, Agra is a tourist hotspot and a bustling metropolitan city. Being a center of education since the Mughal era, Agra has a robust educational foundation with thousands of school and college students. The city has major ICSE/CBSE/IGCSE and state board schools such as Mahi International School, Shemford Futuristic School, Mount Litera Zee School, Holman Institute, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Public School Agra, and Army Public School to name a few that produce some of the best minds in the state. With the curriculum being constantly updated and expanded, the students have to learn larger volumes every year and not all the students can keep up. This makes home teaching popular as school tuition is often insufficient. A one-to one coaching is often the best way to make sure every student grasps the fundamental concepts that are being taught. Classroom settings that have one teacher for more than 40 students cannot accomplish that, especially for subjects such as math and science. This is where Vedantu’s advantage becomes clear.

Why Vedantu?

With over 48,474 student enrolments and 2,42,234 hours of live learning sessions, Vedantu offers an extensive learning platform for students of all range of academic performance. The Live learning sessions are proven to be more effective than classroom teaching and recorded lectures. Vedantu’s focus on personalized Live online teaching that combine innovative teaching technologies with the best tutors ensures that the student gets individual attention that help them learn at their own pace. While making learning fun, Vedantu’s platform also makes it engaging for the student with the use of the virtual whiteboard which is a shared live learning environment. Vedantu provides Home tutor for primary and secondary school including subjects from grades 6 to 12 of education boards CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and the Uttar Pradesh state board. Specialized coaching is also given for students taking up the IIT-JEE entrance exams. Students from all kinds of schools ranging from Private, convent and government schools study at Vedantu as we offer top notch coaching with our highly qualified staffs that have background in IIT, IIM and hold degrees such as M-tech and PhDOur expert Tutor for maths & science break down complicated concepts into easily understandable bits to be absorbed by the students. Whether the student is a topper, an average or a poor performer, our coaching makes them better through well customized study plans based on their individual requirements. Online learning platforms like Vedantu offer all the students a chance to excel in their academic studies by offering them the right tutor for the right subject who teach in just the right method that makes all the difference.