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There is so much learning happening in such less time. I can see my daughter getting excited about her new found interest for Maths
He is the best maths teacher I have ever got! Its so much fun learning now
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Al Zeina Al Karamah Al Reem Island Khalifa City Mohammed Bin Zayed City

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A city that is known for being one of the most important economic hubs of the world, Abu Dhabi is a great place for a lot of expatriates and their families. With a significant Indian population studying, the ICSE and CBSE boards are prominently utilised by them. Having a strong foundation while studying subjects in these boards is vital if you want your child to have a great academic and subsequently, working career. 

Vedantu offers many advantages for your child/student:

  • Our home tuition facilities consist of a wide array of services and tools that students can use - including recorded sessions, personal training for core science subjects, revision notes and many more. 
  • As parents, you can also breathe easy knowing that they're receiving a quality education, without having to spend on travel or offline tuition facilities.
  • Our home teaching courses source the best tutors to ensure your child feels comfortable and grasps their concepts better. 
  • All the sessions are planned in such a way that they enable the students to begin thinking on their own while being up to date with the latest syllabus.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Abu Dhabi by Expert Teachers

If you're looking for private tutors, then we at Vedantu perfectly fit the bill. With Abu Dhabi having a massive Indian population, many of them fly to India for their college. It is important that they grasp the concepts of science and mathematics to be able to cope up with their subsequent college years.

Also, we want our students to enjoy the process of learning, and our tuitions in Abu Dhabi are interactive and very engaging. We provide online tuition for primary and secondary schools and based on your requirement, and on payment of a small fee, we assign a mentor for your child.  

As parents, it is important that you're able to allow your kids the freedom to study at their own pace. With us, they can study at a pace that works for them, sitting in Abu Dhabi. Our tutors can be accessed remotely, and based on their preferences, we can set up a schedule that works for the student. 

Why Vedantu?

With advancements in technology, it has become easier for students to enjoy these tuitions as they are more or less similar to a traditional setup. However, the comfort of being at one's own home cannot be replicated, and this is what we have set out to do. By staying at home and studying, you will be able to access these excellent home tuitions online while not worrying about their absence.

Also, for those crucial higher secondary years, there are a lot of free resources that we provide, including revision notes, sample papers, personalised tuitions, syllabus and much more. The ease of communication and the interactive application will put your child at ease, and they will be able to figure out all the services and facilities on their own. 

If you've just relocated to Abu Dhabi with your child studying in the Indian board, it is important that they get acquainted with the syllabus. We will provide the tutor for Maths and science. The tutors have many years of teaching experience and can guide your child to perform better.

Another advantage that you can enjoy with us is the ability to interact with your child's tutors directly. They will provide feedback on their progress, and this will allow you to be involved in their studies with complete transparency. The necessary parties can sit together and devise a plan for the year which will guarantee success in their examinations if followed properly and regularly.