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Devendra Devatwal
Vimal Rana maths, MGM college Itarsi
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Her ability to complete cover many difficult topics in limited time is commendable. I have confidence that I will do well in my exam because of her
He keeps you on your toes by throwing questions at you, which helps me great deal to understand the subject
The best part about her is she explains you where you went wrong and how not to make the same mistake in the future!
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A strong Mathematics base will help students flourish in their future studies and build successful career paths in a diverse range of industries. But it all comes down to the simple basics. Weaker students who find mathematics intimidating need proper guidance and a structured study plan. The NCERT and CBSE syllabuses are extensive and require an in-depth approach to master. Getting a grade 9 mathematics teacher can be an expensive affair if you are looking for a customised study experience. However, at Vedantu our online model makes such an arrangement very affordable and effective.

Why Vedantu?

A customised tuition program, Vedantu’s maths lessons are geared towards the specific needs of the student. Students’ strength and weaknesses are evaluated, and during the class, they can raise queries and have doubts cleared by an experienced tutor at same time. Apart from the important focus on improving grades, long-term development is also a focus area. Vedantu’s maths tutoring are aimed at getting students to be more interested in the larger applications of the various concepts they learn. Assessments keep their newly learnt skills sharp. The good guidance also helps the student increase his or her confidence levels, a very important factor especially the weak students who are not fond of the subject. Problem-solving skills and capacity building for tougher assignments in the future are long-term areas of improvement. With online tutoring for class 9 maths and lessons that are available 24/7, all this can happen in total convenience. There is no travel time and no hectic schedules to balance school and coaching classes. Vedantu’s maths lessons are based on the best and most relevant course materials. They are designed to keep students engaged. Students will also learn additional tips, tricks and shortcuts to be able to crack their exams and get high marks. 

By choosing class 9th maths tuition online from Vedantu, students will have access to a faculty that comprises of PhD holders, MTech graduates, and alumni of prestigious institutions like IIMs and IITs. Close to 50,000 students are enjoying a modern and enjoyable learning experience where they are discovering the joy of mathematics. Our competitive pricing also ensures that this useful platform is accessible to a majority of students. Getting better grades and improving a student’s maths fundamentals is now just a few clicks away with Vedantu.