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Avinash Billa
M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur
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Ph.D,IIT Kanpur
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He is the best teacher i have ever had! He is so humble when he teaches and doesnt make you feel silly, even if you dont understand a concept.
She clears your doubt, no matter how many times you ask her. She is so patient when it comes to doubt clearing.
Hands down to this awesome teacher!! He cracks jokes which makes the session really lively!
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Class 8 is considered a most important platform year, as it is the beginning of a learning journey which completes when a student completes the class 12 boards. It is when simple subjects that they have learnt all their lives grow into different disciplines and advanced theories and problems replace the lessons of old. Maths home tuition for class 8 aims to help students overcome the fear associated with the subject, as it can become an insurmountable psychological block if not taken care of. It also happens to be the most important science subject so students cannot afford to lag behind. This is why high-quality math tuitions are the need of the hour, a solution that will augment the learning at school with a customised approach. Many students are choosing Vedantu’s online platform, a modern tech-driven approach that preserves the all-important teacher-student dynamics. There are many reasons why Vedantu is a wise choice.

  • Vedantu’s lessons are personalised according to the student’s specific needs and areas of improvement and strength.
  • The online modules are accessed from the comfort and safety of the student’s home. The online modules also allow great mobility as students and tutors do not have to meet in person.
  • Live lessons ensure that there is no compromise on interactivity.
  • Students (and parents too) save a lot of time as there is no time wasted on transit.
  • The one-on-one customised approach helps students learn at their own pace.
  • Online lessons are much more affordable than a personal maths tutor for class 8 and offer more privacy and focus than coaching classes.
  • Our students get to learn from some of the best faculty members.
  • Assessments and recorded lessons make revision easier and keep those new skills sharp.
  • 24/7 accessibility from multiple devices add to the convenience of accessing lessons.

Personalized, Live Online for Class 8 Maths tuition by Expert Teachers

Class 8 Maths covers many important fundamentals that students will have to hold on to and build on as they progress to the next few years. Therefore it is of paramount importance that a strong foundation is laid in Class 8. Finding a good grade 8 mathematics teacher can be quite a task as such individuals are always in high demand. Online platforms like Vedantu, however, have bridged the gap between quality home tuition and aspiring students. Those who choose Vedantu for maths home tuition for class 8 students are reaping multiple benefits.

Why Vedantu?

At Vedantu our hallmark feature is the customised nature of the learning program. This online tutoring for class 8 maths is based on the syllabus that the student follows, keeping in mind his or her weaknesses and strengths (which are evaluated). The expert tutors ensure that students get time to grasp the concepts – there are no hurried lessons. Apart from solving problems, our class 8th maths tuition online also helps students enjoy and get more interested in the subject. This is a big factor for long-term success. Weak students need to gain confidence and improve their capacity for understanding maths. Our classes are organised on a platform which ensures that the student and teacher connect without any distractions and the student can raise doubts and queries at any time of the lessons. Exam techniques and maths shortcuts are also taught so that students are better prepared for crunch tests and final examinations. 

Distance is no longer a barrier to learning with our state-of-the-art learning model. Students get access to some of the best teachers around. Vedantu faculty includes teachers with PhDs, MTechs and alumni from highly regarded institutions like IIMs and IITs. The best course material based on NCERT and CBSE syllabuses is used for maximum effectiveness. Students can also request special attention in areas of weakness or they can get coached for maths Olympiads. With close to 50000 happy students, Vedantu is providing a unique and memorable learning experience, helping grades improve and spreading the love for Mathematics.