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ICSE Syllabus for Class 8 Biology

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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ICSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus 2023-24 Examination - Free PDF Download

ICSE is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts it and is a private board created for providing an examination for general education.  At Vedantu, we provide the syllabus structure for the Biology part of Class 8th. CISCE itself designs this syllabus. ICSE is a well-known board in the nation. 

With a complete understanding of the syllabus structure of Biology for ICSE Class 8, the student can create a well-planned timetable to understand and cover the complex concepts necessary for the exams. With the tips, advice, sample papers, and solutions, Vedantu provides all the essential study material for the student that is required. 

Learn about different biological concepts occurring in our lives with elaborate diagrams and helpful explanations and secure excellent marks in mock tests and objective-type questions provided by Vedantu Experts. Our study material is not only accessible online but available for download as PDFs, which will help you ace your biology exams.

Biology Syllabus for Class 8

The Syllabus of ICSE Class 8 Biology is given right here at Vedantu. Some of the essential topics that are taught to students and are included in the syllabus are: 

  • Transport of Food and Minerals in Plants where students learn different topics like Diffusion, Osmosis, Transpiration, Structure, and function of Xylem and Phloem in detail. 

  • Reproduction in Plant and Animals teaches about Sexual Reproduction in Plants by reviewing parts of a typical flower, their structure, and their function, Pollination, Agents of Pollination like insects, water, wind and Fertilisation process in brief by a flow chart. 

  • Then there's Sexual Reproduction in Humans, where they learn about the male and female reproductive systems and their main organs. 

  • Next up, we learn about Ecosystems, including their understanding, Biotic Components consisting of producers, consumers, decomposers, the meaning of food chain, food web, and pyramid of numbers. Interdependence between organisms like symbiosis, parasitism, and predation and how the forest ecosystem with its flora and fauna is taught. 

  • After this, the Human Body consists of Endocrine, Circulatory and Nervous System concepts. Also, exocrine, endocrine (basic concept and difference, Hormone, its glands.

  • Another chapter is called Adolescence and Accompanying changes, where concepts like Physical and Emotional changes in the body during adolescence, the Importance of personal hygiene, stress management. 

  • Then, we learn the Circulatory System and Nervous System in-depth.

Free PDF download of ICSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus as per ICSE guidelines. To register online ICSE tuitions on to clear doubts and download the complete Syllabus for ICSE Class 8 Biology to prepare for your Examinations.

FAQs on ICSE Syllabus for Class 8 Biology

1. What are the benefits of knowing the syllabus structure?

The most important benefit is that students can see the syllabus and understand which areas they have to cover. This will help them maintain a proper schedule and timetable where they can figure out these concepts in the amount of time that they plan. This will boost their confidence before going into the actual examination. 

Another thing that it will do is create an understanding between the educators and the students on knowing which chapters they have to cover so that both the people can follow a similar pace of teaching and learning. 

It also teaches students the importance of self-reliance and prioritization, where they can see which chapters they have to work more on understanding and which ones to them are relatively easier. Of course, this depends from one student to another. By doing this students become self-reliant and start to study outside of the classrooms too, which is extremely important for an ICSE student, where the syllabus is usually said to be more complex than other boards. 

2. How should a student start preparing for Biology Class 8 ICSE?

Before starting the chapters a student should have a full understanding of the syllabus structure and the courses they cover. Once a student learns the concepts based on the syllabus structure, it is advised to start a practice of habit.

Through Vedantu’s Syllabus Introduction and other useful and downloadable study material, a student can very easily understand the Biology concepts they have to cover in Class 8 which will also be the fundamentals on which Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 will rely.

3. What are the chapters in Class 8 Biology ICSE?

All the chapters are there according to the prescribed syllabus for Class 8 Biology for ICSE and usually, this syllabus is based on the NCERT curriculum. At Vedantu we provide you with the syllabus and also other important points related to the syllabus so that students can plan ahead and create a timetable based on their own paces. ICSE Class 8 Biology syllabus will give you a concrete idea of all the chapters in the course that are needed to be covered.

4. How can a student secure great marks in Class 8 ICSE Biology?

To score great marks in ICSE, a student needs to have a better understanding of the concepts and be aware of those concepts when solving problems and giving answers to questions that might seem complex, but are just based on these basic topics. This makes a student motivated to learn even more and explore more about these ideas, this lets them know about their strengths and weak areas, their pace of learning, and how much more subject material they should explore to get their concepts understood. 

Writing answers is another good way of scoring great marks because as the student is writing them, they are also trying to figure out what they are writing about and it also gets stored in their muscle memory, this keeps a check on their answers and how they can write about the same concept from different fresh takes while answering complex questions that are most of the times about the same topic. Biology is a scoring subject in most of the examinations where the understanding of core concepts is the most important part. 

5. Are the notes for Class 8 ICSE Biology provided by Vedantu enough for the preparation for exams?

A student should definitely clear their concepts by reading the book prescribed to them and once that is finished, approach the notes provided by us as they are great for brushing up your concepts and revise the pointers right before the exam starts. To test their understanding of the concept, students can also solve mock/sample papers provided by Vedantu that are also easily downloadable as PDFs for offline usage. So no, the notes are just a cherry on top of the understanding of core concepts that a student should have, so that they can come back and read these notes to get a quick revised version of those concepts.